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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Wisdom Guide ~ Cosmos of the Heart ~ Doves

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  • Ash
     The Doves card speaks cycling from the old to the new. That in no way infers that we do not honor and carry with us the teachings of Our Mother Earth nor of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2013
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       The Doves card speaks cycling from the old to the new. That in no way infers that we do not honor and carry with us the teachings of Our Mother Earth nor of our ancestors. Those seeds are carried within us and that is a testimony to them, to their wisdom and to the wisdom that we embrace by taking those seeds and planting them in fresh new soil. Each new generation, individually and collectively, we are expanding upon what was before. Wisdom guides and teaches in how to honor the past without living in the past. We are receiving that knowledge and through the honing of our intuition and discernment we transform that knowledge into wisdom.

      Remembering as well that the wisdom our ancestors received came from their standing within their Passion, their Conviction, their Truth. Their wisdom is not a ruler saying "do this my way and no other way". They were the way showers of their generations. The Path of their Heart. That deep reverent connection to Source, to the Earth, to their Highest Divine Self. They were not dismayed nor swayed by the strong reactions they received. Instead of being discouraged by these they had that love and commitment to follow their Heart and Guidance to take that use it as a tool to further empower themselves and to see their Vision grow and manifest. As Cosmos of the Heart affirms "Send those individuals loving energy and continue on letting your Heart direct your way" and this card appearing for the second week in a row reinforces and supports these choices we have made.

      Doves compliments this also reminding us that it is fine to call upon assistance for this does not indicate in the least bit a weakening in our resolve. Rather this too is a testimony of our wisdom, our love and our strength. For as we lovingly release those, as Cosmos of the Heart guides, we are embracing those who are also standing within their Heart Path; they are our wise counsel, confidant and family. We being patient with one another and ourselves we are creating a New Paradigm with Our Beloved Earth as we tap into that Divine Source with ourselves and within Her. Keep to our Heart and Soul that we are Loved and We Are Love fully supported by all of our beloved souls in our lives. Those around us and within us both physically and spiritually present.

      Tune into your Heart and that will never lead you astray for it is within our Heart, Our Soul that we find all of the Divine Fruits of Love: Wisdom, Compassion, Peace, Wholeness and so much more. *:x lovestruck


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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