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Judy Satori ~ The Sound Of Light: First Light Audios - EARTH and AIR - New Zealand Events

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  • Ash
        New Zealand First Light Symposium Earth and Air Audios  and  Coming Events in New Zealand Listening to these audio tracks will shift you immeasurably
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      New Zealand First Light Symposium Earth and Air Audios 
      Coming Events in New Zealand

      Listening to these audio tracks will shift you immeasurably and help to empower you in the living of your life.
      EARTH:  Our story of the stars.  Working to open the heart.  Grounding energy grids of new creation.  Joy, love, grace, beauty.
      AIR: The final stage of the Water, Fire, Earth and Air creation sequence.  The coming forth into manifestation of all that has been created.  A 'Capstone of Light' from Spirit.  
      Both audios come as a set for $11.00  Listen in sequence.  
       The New Zealand First Light Symposium held in mid-April brought through from Spirit to Helen Barnes and Judy Satori four specific sequences of energy transmission related to WATER, FIRE, EARTH and AIR, the ancient Egyptian sequence of New Creation. 
      Coming Events in New Zealand
      with Judy Satori and Spirit

      AUCKLAND - 'Speaking the Languages of Light'
      Tuesday 28 May, 7 pm
       The Lotus Room, Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Lane,
      Albany, (off Oteha Valley Road).
      Suggested Fee: $70 (no one will be turned away)
      Participants will receive the audio recordings of this event.
      Please register with Diane Wilkins at diane@... 
      When you come to this event, be prepared for many changes. The Lords of Light, spiritual beings who hold the pulse rhythms for the Earth and for the galaxy will activate you to remember your soul's truth and reconnect you with the spiritual languages of the stars, the Languages of Light that at one time you could speak. When you came here to Earth you were able to speak and understand these sacred spiritual languages and now this time of remembrance and advancement has come. When babies learn to talk they practice saying certain words and from this beginning a complete alphabet and vocabulary of communication springs forth.
      This event is to trigger you to begin to speak these languages to understand how these spiritual languages can be used to help mankind.
      As a preliminary to this class it is recommended that you listen to 'Exploring the Languages of Light', a $10 audio Mp3 download from ONLINE SHOPPING at www.TheSoundOfLight.com  
      This event will be recorded and available for sale at a
      later date through the website.  

      WELLINGTON - 'You Are the Sunshine at the Dawn of the New Light on a New Earth'
      Thursday 23 May, 7 pm
       Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frank Moore Avenue, Johnsonville
      Koha.  A donation from the heart
      Hear the story of how in the time of 'Zep Tepi', the beginning of a new phase of evolutionary advancement for Earth around 100,000 years ago, many souls decided to come from other star civilizations to Earth and begin a cycle of incarnation on this planet.  Discover why the unique contribution of each of us is so important RIGHT NOW as part of a divine plan for the Earth and her people.
      The 21st of December was a gift in earth's consciousness and vibration to what is now known as the 5th dimension.  This time marks the beginning of a new cycle of life and light on earth.  A new time on earth has begun, a time of peace, planetary love and joy.  You are now called by mother/ father god to receive energy transmissions that help you be as the son or daughter, ' the 'sunshine' at the dawn of this new time on earth so that you might play your part in god's divine plan for humanity.
      This event will activate soul memory to help you do what you have come to do in this lifetime on Earth.  You will be empowered by Spirit to remember your soul's truth and bring your soul gifts and talents out into the world.

      Upcoming Mary Magdalene Retreats 
      This event will be the focal point of these 
      three teachings of Mary Magdalene 'The Way' 
      held in New Zealand and Australia.  
      Recordings from Sydney will be made available to you all.   
      For Information about future events, please see Coming Events at
               'Love is the Key and the Way'

      Judy Satori | PO Box 339 | Naples | NY | 14512

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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