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Weave the Web Newsletter: A Prayer for World Peace

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  • Ash
    Weave the Web May 18, 2013  www.whitewolfjourneys.com A Prayer for World Peace Doorways continued to open and  we found our journey was changing day by
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      Weave the Web
      A Prayer for World Peace
      Doorways continued to open and  we found our journey was changing day by day.   I had learned long ago to trust the chance encounter as it always led to the path of magick and wisdom.   One chance encounter was leading to another chance encounter as though this journey was woven like the ancient art of embroidery. We seemed to all be joined by a golden thread that was weaving us together at the heart.   As we began to have these magickal encounters, we would be led to the right person who had the next piece of the puzzle and the connection to open the next door.
      The intention that I placed that day in the Temple of Heaven at the time of the Solar Eclipse was to be aligned with the right individuals and the right resources that would support me in manifesting the dream.  My dream was coming true.  The dream to have the strength and the guidance to heal the land, to heal the past both within myself but also for our global community and to imprint the new dream in the dragon lines.   What was about to unfold was beyond anything I could have imagined.

      Our journey had led us now to Hong Kong where we were blessed this day to have the opportunity to meet Jing Kong, a high spiritual master residing in Hong Kong.  What was now becoming a reoccurring theme for me, when I stepped into the home of this gentle and compassionate man a wave of emotion filled my heart. 

      I looked around the room at the pictures on the wall and soon realized that this spiritual teacher had been with the world leaders from every nation.  He had worked effortlessly all of his life to pray for peace and to teach a path of compassion, love and forgiveness.  This beautiful soul was now 87.   We would spend the next three hours sharing stories.  He shared with us that when we are born we are all expressions of pure love.  We must become love again, as it was love that would bring all of humanity to a place of peace and harmony.  This is what we needed to strive for in our spiritual practice.

      When Jing Kong learned of the andara crystal and EB, the obsidian stone being, he agreed to bless the crystal of love as well as EB.  I had shared with him my journey since 1999 that had taken me to every continent to pray for peace, to heal the lands where blood had been spilt.  I shared with him the story of being guided to Ground Zero in New York, the chance encounter that led me to Galipoli Beach in Turkey on AnZac Day and my encounter with a Buddhist nun in Cambodia that had changed my life forever as I had been guided to the killing fields to pray to heal the land.    He quietly lowered his head and placed his hands on the obsidian skull.  As he held EB he seemed to speak directly to my heart when he said, “Go and heal China, go and pray for peace.  We have five years to do this”.

      As we took his picture I had to smile as I thought to myself, now this beautiful soul has been also with EB, where would he hang EB’s picture.    In some way EB, the obsidian stone being, was holding a vision for the world leaders.  We just needed to reach them.  Through love I knew without a doubt that we would find away.  Jing Kong was going to speak at the World Peace Conference.  His message was love.  He showed us his speech.  It was that simple we needed love.  We placed the andara crystal on the word love and held the prayer for love to return.  We left that day very clear that Tibet was truly calling us.  The source of great spiritual wisdom.  There was healing that needed to take place in these lands as well.  We must heal the past to raise the energy to create the new dream.

      The golden thread continued to weave us now to Nanjing where I had learned that in a temple only  recently in 2008, archeologist had rediscovered the crown bone of the Buddha which had disappeared over a thousand years ago.  In April 2008, Chinese archaeologists discovered unexpectedly an underground palace in the ruins of the Changgan Temple which was built in Song Dynasty (960-1279).
      In July that same year, they found a stele in the crypt. The inscription on it says the palace preserves a "Seven-Treasure Pagoda of King Asoka" containing gold and silver coffins with Sakyamuni's parietal bone (crown chakra bone).  The shape and form of the unearthed sarira matched perfectly with what has been recorded in history.   It is said that 2,500 years ago, Sakyamuni's disciples recovered one parietal bone, four teeth, two bladebones and 84,000 pearl-shaped sariras from the cremated ashes of Sakyamuni Buddha.  The Buddha's relics, usually well hidden in ancient temples and kept away from the public, are being highly venerated by Buddhist followers and regarded as national treasure in many Buddhist countries and regions.  As the golden thread continued to weave us with other chance encounters we would meet another very gentle and wise individual who now arranged for us to go the Temple to be with the crown bone.
      I also learned that day while sitting with the spiritual leader, of the horrific acts of violence that had occurred in Nanjing during the war.  I knew we had been guided to come to heal the land.  300,000 Chinese had been murdered during the invasion from Japan.   First we would go to the temple holding the crown chakra bone of the Buddha and then we would be taken to heal the land.
      As we walked through the airport to board our plane to Nanjing we soon learned our flight was now delayed for two hours.  What I didn’t know was that fate was about to set many things in motion as we continued to be prepared for the journey to the West that would lead us to Tibet for the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse at the time of the WESAK celebration.
      Join us tomorrow as this amazing journey of praying for peace and healing the lands of China continues.
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      White Wolf Journeys

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