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Expect Wonderful: We Are in a New Situation!

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  • Ash
    opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world          news from the ideafrontier may 17, 2013        Hello Dear One,   How are you faring? 
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      opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world 
      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth  
      news from the ideafrontier
      may 17, 2013
      Hello Dear One,
      How are you faring? 
      The energy is abundant and elevated. 
      The strongest solar flares, the eclipses, the elevated energy of the Earth, and our own increasing embodiment are creating an entirely new situation.  
      I'm writing to you from Florida, my new space at this moment. :) 
      This photo is near St. Augustine on the Atlantic, a beautiful day in which I met other soul family members and received great nourishment in this connection.
      I say "my new space at this moment," because I knew when I got to Florida in late April, that the reason I was here had little to do with present-day Sarasota/Siesta Key and a lot to do with the multidimensional energies here and my own energy here from other aspects of my being. I am filling up with more and more of me and then know I'll be moving elsewhere, and amazingly, possibly soon. 
      Such is the fluidity of life when we allow ourselves to answer the inner call. I am feeling very supported in all this, so it's mostly the mind and the familiarity with living in a more "settled" way that makes noise about it all at times. That in and of itself is telling, isn't it? And I've experienced a lot of openings as a result of leaving the past entirely and coming into something so new and without patterns and with no familiarity having not been here before.
      I'm also noticing that time and space are not what they used to be. Our relationship to both are increasingly informed by our multidimensionality. I feel we're dancing to layers of energy and being called from within to unify all aspects of our being. Each of us does this differently based on what we are still opening to. But within this path is a new way of feeling deeply connected, regardless of time and space, meaning how often we see people, where they live and where and how our lives are unfolding. It's magical and amazing!
      New Channeled Messages
      It's been a big month of channeling! I love it. Between the 17 messages from the Soar Fest, the Legion of Michael, the Lightworker Event and many Oracle Readings, I'm getting in the high-vibe juice regularly and wow! Can I vouch for it's benefit? Oh yes!
      I'd like to share with you two of the messages which have come out of the Daily Soar-fest lately, which give us some wonderful insight and transmit this juicy vibe:
      from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
      from the Council of Light
      Throughout the daily channeling and especially during Oracle Readings lately, we're encouraged to invite the assistance to open up old patterns release long held limiting beliefs by collaborating with our Higher Levels of being. Self-love is also deeply supported in these connections with higher aspects and our family of light. As we embody more of our own fullness--this fullness which feels no ambivalence in it's love of self and all--we expand into this love of self in ways that are really amazing.
      Upcoming Eclipse: the One You've Been Waiting For.
      We're approaching the last and most powerful Eclipse in this tri-eclipse cycle ... and this week between now and this final eclipse is one of integration and also physical rest. The body is really working full time coming into alignment with what we've opened to embody. Support yourself fully and rest and live as you feel gives you the greatest comfort. Also know that those who are not consciously participating in this awakening and evolution process yet, and especially anyone who resists their inner nudges, may be feeling very conflicted and overwhelmed by all this high energy. A warm smile, a kind encouraging way of talking and listening can go far right now in transmitting and amplifying the harmonics of peace and unity. Your light is so supportive and calming to so many. Don't feel you have to do a lot these days, and know that by being present and awake and willing, you are accomplishing so very much.
      Eclipse Passage
      May 24/25 Full Moon and
      Partial Lunar Eclipse

      Next Lightworker Collective Event 
      I am very excited to share in this upcoming event: 
      Sunday, May 26 at 2:00 pm eastern time/11:00 am pacific time.
      These events are 90-minutes long and take us through an orientation to current energies which I am very curious to experience as we emerge from the Eclipse Cycle! There will also be a guided meditation to experience more of our own Cosmic Presence which has come in during the past few months and to begin to relate to physical reality, through this meditation with more telepath and accessing direct knowing in new ways to empower both physical well being and radiance, as well as to open to new ways of creating. We'll open to live channeling as summoned collectively by all of us present, and also create a Body of Light Transmission to support our Human Family integrating the new energies. For information on this and the other upcoming events, visit the Event Page.
      Oracle Readings 
      Readings and connecting with our Soul Presence has yielded some amazing and unexpected results! I am now booking for the last week in May/beginning of June and then will be taking a break from readings until July. If you'd like one during this time frame, please let me know soon. 
      A Soar-fest Encore? Okay, yes!
      Lastly, I know many people are enjoying the soar fest! We've got a huge group participating and I am so grateful for this collective focus and the energy that has been summoned by this coming together. The regular connection with the non-physical energies of Archangel Michael, the Council of Light the Pleiadian Emissaries and others is like an in-depth training program building energy in our bodies and helping us cultivate a more consistent ride on the ascending energies.
      You asked and I reflected .., and the answer is YES! We will do something like this again soon. The next 21-Day Practicum feels that it be focused on Opening to Abundance, and with a specific focus upon financial and physical well being. I am not sure when this will begin, probably July, but I will keep you posted.
      You Can Still Join the 21-Day Soar-fest Party...
      In the meanwhile, you can still access the existing 21-Day Festival. The recordings through Day 17 are complete and ready for instant download and the remaining daily messages and Ask Michael sessions will be available both live and through audio recordings. If you'd like to jump in, click HERE to do so.
      Wishing you a beautiful week ...
      Loads of love and newness on all fronts!

      Expect Wonderful Community: Legion of Michael
      Expect Wonderful Oracle Readings
      For more information, visit Expect Wonderful.
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