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Aluna Joy: Solar Flares Assist in our Ascension

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      THANK YOU for your support and kindness! . Help support us with a HEART DONATION If you are feeling appreciation for our work please consider sending us a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2013

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!
      Help support us with a HEART DONATION
      If you are feeling appreciation for our work please consider sending us a heart donation, or better yet, send an easy re-occurring donation. This is not required . . . but donations help keep our newsletter and web site going. We appreciate your support in our work. Use this link to donate.
      Aluna Joy Yaxk'in with the Star Elders
      May 15, 2013
      We have had four Class X solar flares in a couple of short days. These are powerful very flares. (for the basics about solar flares, google it, or go to www.spaceweather.com) We feel solar flares just as they burst from the sun. Our technology feels the magnetic pulse about 48 hours after the solar explosion. This is so, because humanity is connected to everyone and everything in the universe, and our technology is not. As above, so is below. Humanity is ONE.

      Today my heart is racing, my head is aching, and I am writing this from my cozy, pillow filled bed with my iPad. Many of you out there are having a huge range of odd symptoms, that by now I am sure you are all painfully aware of. But read on.... There is a reason for these events and our reactions to them. Remember . . . you are a spiritual being in an all too HUMAN body that is evolving and ascending.

      The Star Elders say that these pulses of light (that we feel instantly), which are also infused with magnetic energy (that we feel 48 hours later), are part of the divine plan. With these multiple, layered flares, we are being infused and saturated with new light from a new paradigm. At least for now, we are not getting a break as this is the final stretch of a very long journey. These solar pulses stretch us beyond the form we are familiar or comfortable with. This is a part of the ascension process. When we can hold no more light, we feel like we are pushed to the very edge and feel like we could explode. These pulses of light are the framework for the new world we building. Only then, the following magnetic pulse helps us release all that is not needed for our future. The magnetic pulses bring up to the surface everything that does not fit within the collective divine plan. We purge, detox, and let go and surrender from our body, mind and spirit. This purging creates more space for more light.
      Read the rest of this article at http://www.alunajoy.com/2013-may15.html
      This is the ONLY event ALUNA JOY will offer in the USA in 2013. So if you are considering joining this event please sign up now. We know it is hard to get clear and make decisions these days. To be honest we need 60 sign ups to break even. So please SHARE and NETWORK this event if it feels right for you. If we don't sign up 60 by May 20th, we will be forced to cancel this event. (This is a first for us!) The presenters do not want to cancel as we all had visions about this weekend, and saw the event sold out, and the presence of the Masters over lighting this gathering. If we do cancel, all those still registered will be getting a full refund from us. No worries. We are placing this in God's hands and know that God has our best interest in mind.
      Join the Ascended Masters and Star Elders for a
      Spiritual Acceleration in the Timeless
      Sacred Pilgrimage Site of Mount Shasta.
      Renaissance of the Divine Earth
      A gathering inspired by the purity and core of high frequency teachings through Ascended Masters, Mother Mary, Jeshua, the Star Elders...
      June 22 & 23, 2013 - Mt. Shasta, California
      Our Facilitators are ... Aluna Joy, Peter Mt. Shasta,
      Robin Rose and Denise Hagan
      Sandwiched between the energies of the Solstice Sun, and the largest and deeply intuitive full moon of 2013, light workers on Earth will be assisting in giving birth to a new world and a new humanity. During this weekend, we will focus on initiating the new Divine Power of Creation that is now available to us. Our focus will be to unveil and gain clarity regarding the new energies that washed across the Earth on 12/21/2012. We intend to attune and acclimatize and anchor to these new frequencies and begin our emergence from the current incubation period, so as to be of the highest service to humanity and a new emerging world.
      We intend to unleash a new beginning and initiate the beginning stages of manifesting a new world into reality. We understand that this is a step by step process and that each step is vitally important and necessary. We invite you to join our like-minded family, and remember to come with your arms and hearts wide open and ready for magic and miracles!
      Find out more here...
      Aluna Joy will be on 2
      radio shows on May 16th
      Aluna Joy will be interviewed on…
      The Art of Living Well
      with Charlotte McGinnis and Lindsay Babich
      Date:  May 16  
      Time:  7AM PST , 8AM MDT, 9AM CST and 10am EST
      BY WEBLINK: 
      To Ask Questions: 
      You may listen by phone at 805-292-0349 or online via the link above.
      If you listen via phone you can ask questions by "raising your hand"
      by pressing #1 when prompted at connection. 
      If you listen online, we have an interactive chat room.
      You can also click on the above web page link in advance to set up reminders.
      Aluna Joy will be interviewed on…
      The Angel and Shamanic Healing Hour
      with Elsa and Carey
      Date: May 16, 2013   
      Time: 4PM PST,  6PM CST, 7PM EST
      BY PHONE call 1-424-222-5222.
      Questions taken starting at the ½ hour. If you want to ask questions,
      you do not need to register ahead of time.  
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