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One World Rising: There Is No Running Away… by Visionkeeper

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    New post on One World Rising There Is No Running Away…by Visionkeeper http://www.favim.com Music to read by below: I think one of the biggest lessons we are
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      New post on One World Rising

      There Is No Running Away…

      by Visionkeeper
      Music to read by below:
      I think one of the biggest lessons we are learning beyond our oneness, is the lesson we cannot run away from our problems. We must face life head on and fully accept responsibility for what we have done and correct it. A great deal of what we see as wrong in the world has occurred because we were all asleep at the wheel and allowed things to happen. Okay. We were wrong, now it is time to correct that mistake by waking up and participating in our daily lives minute by minute. It is time at long last to begin to question everything! It is time to stop just accepting what we are told as truth and do our homework to find out. Laziness gets us nowhere except in trouble. Remaining ignorant to the truth gets us deeper in the hole. In order to fix the problems of the world we have to face them and take responsibility and admit our failures. We seem to have a big problem with that and end up playing the blame game. This disconnection with life and its significance has allowed us to run it into the ground.
      It is not just the planet we have run into the ground but we have run ourselves into the ground as well. We have been stripped of our significance and molded into a mass, we have lost our individuality and awareness of who we truly are. In order to correct this problem we must go within ourselves deeply and begin our search for self. Who are you? What matters to me? What are my values? How does the rest of the world relate to my life? These questions scream for answers and until we do our work within and find ourselves again, we will continue to be herded along not thinking for ourselves. It is urgent we find ourselves again. The our survival is dependent upon it.
      We cannot run away from the problems we have created. They can only be alleviated by facing them head on. We have run and dodged long enough. We seem to have forgotten that there is great gratification and dignity to be found by facing our issues. It builds our self-esteem and self-worth, all of which we seem to be lacking as a society. It has been beaten out of us, and just as a battered woman must find her self-worth again in order to move forward in her life, so must society. It is time to go within and find what makes us worth it, what makes us unique and valuable. We all are, we just have to realize it.
      Please, let us all stop the running. Please stop waiting for someone else to fix our problems or the world's problems. It is each of us who must do their part in reclaiming our greatness and make the changes. We must dig deep and find out who we are and allow that person to be free again. We all have morals and values if we just allow them to come forth rather than being destroyed by those who wish us to remain as slaves. Reclaim your dignity and stand strong for who and what you are. Let nobody take that away from you. If you care about yourself you will care about others and if you care about others, you will care about saving this planet we all live on.
      Blessings to us all,
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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