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AquariusParadigm: Julie Miller - El Morya: Waken the Springtime that is Within your Being

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    http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/05/14/julie-miller-el-morya-waken-the-springtime-that-is-within-your-being/ Julie Miller – El Morya: Waken the Springtime
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      Julie Miller – El Morya: Waken the Springtime that is Within your Being

      Posted by Wes Annac
      Waken the Springtime that is Within your Being
      Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 14 – 21, 2013
      Received by Julie Miller
      May 14, 2013  
      On the surface dear ones, there are many dear souls that reflect and present imperfect images that demonstrate a lack of harmony, limitations, belief and faith among other things.
      It is well understood that some of these discovered imperfections that often carry dis-ease are the overlays from past experiences from various circumstances and from conditioned beliefs that have been accepted as truth. Many dear souls are waking from conditioned illusions that were thought as truth and from false images and consciously making changes in their life that will replace the old ways of being and doing with new essential and real ways that resonate with not only the heart but with the soul as well. Remember dear ones, underneath all conditioned beliefs and what you have carried from previous experiences is where you find your true Divine Beautiful Inner Being and this being has always been with you.  
      When you take the time to remove your conditioned beliefs and old ways of doing things and living, you will come home to your true self and nature and from what you discover you will be able to define your WHOLE Self…a self that is not created by other people’s perceptions but from what you discover on your own. Often we observe the opinions of other dear souls making an impact on an individual life when in fact each of you must walk your own journey. No matter what the wisdom is being spoken, even if this wisdom is sound and true, you must find understanding from your own experiences.
      The more you allow others to define your life, the less likely you will discover your true Divine Self and you will in time dear ones become a victim to the views and opinions of others. When you allow this to occur dear ones, it is then you often feel yourself as small and insignificant when we know this is not true at all and deep down so do you.   Waking from this state is similar to waking from hibernation. It is as if you have been in a long sleep, functioning through routine. You manage to accomplish your mundane tasks but your Inner Power remains in deep slumber until a circumstance brings you into wakefulness. Your hibernation from discovering your True Divine Self is a temporary condition that will inhibit the expansion of your beliefs and hinder your Self from becoming unlimited in ALL ways until you finally wake. Once you learn how to fully think, then dear ones you will begin to learn how to truly live.
      It is essential to your spiritual growth and development on all levels to understand the Divine Power that flows within you. Just as there are seasons upon Earth, there are seasons within your being and it is you that must waken the Springtime within your Self and rise to the Inner Sun that has never gone out because this beautiful Divine Light is our connection to the Great Spirit of God.   Knowing and accepting the Spirit of God being within you, in the Light of your Being will help bring your Inner Power into His glorious Light which He will infuse with Great Love and direct your journey as you renew your Hope, Faith and Love with your Self, with God and every other dear soul that shares this beautiful Earth you call home in this lifetime.
      Understand dear ones within your precious mind is where your discover your Creative Processes and all the personal experiences you have had is where your own Inner Power rests, yet it is here dear ones where you explore how to constructively and positively make use of this creative energy for the betterment of your own journey that inspires Light and Love in all. When your own Truth starts to make the upward climb from the Inner Depths of your Whole being, you find yourself being propelled by the creative force that you have made from your own applied effort. The outcome of your efforts will bring you much delight and satisfaction that will inspire you to apply this healthy and love-filled energy in all areas of your life.  
      Through your personal experiences you learn the importance of constructive thinking. It is your own constructive thinking that will provide you with the opportunity to dissolve all negative thought patterns. It is through your Creative energy dear ones that you learn to direct and control your journey and the life you live. Through your mindful thinking, you explore how and what you need to fulfill your life, what areas need to be changed, how you can bring total improvement one step-at-a-time. Each process and method you apply also provides healing dear ones. Nothing is ever one-sided. When you are applying a certain method that brings optimal results you are also healing those areas that you have let go, you are changing the way you think and feel and through this important healing you are evolving into a new You.
      There is great Inner Power at work during your growth period and you will experience more than one growth period along your journey and each one is worthy of being celebrated because it demonstrates to you on a soul level that you have increased your level of awareness and you REALIZE what is truly important in your life. This is power dear ones and it is yours.   As you proceed along your current path it is important to make time to reflect and question your goals, examine the steps you have chosen to reach them and discern if changes are necessary. This is your journey, you are the one who must be in control of your thoughts and really understand where you are going. Many will guide and support you, but they cannot walk your journey for you.
      Comprehend dear ones your efforts will either positively or negatively influence your progress. Don’t be overcome by greed, allow your heart to guide you to what is best for you and trust in its guidance.   Even though you do have your own Individual Personal Inner Power, there is also a Universal Power that is felt by all as you are all interconnected and this power is infinite. The source of this infinite power stems from the Spirit of God and it is there for you to use when you learn how to fully locate this power and how to incorporate it into your life. When you are able to embrace the largeness of the source of this great Universal Power, you will open yourself to the potential and opportunity of understanding what is true at a deeper and more profound level.   The journey before you dear ones is a great one.
      There is much to learn and to understand. Each of you will discover many new truths and let go of old truths. It is important dear ones to be respectful of what others consider to be true. Not all truths that are found through personal experiences will necessarily be exactly the same for another. Yet this does not make individual truths wrong, just different. And there is nothing wrong at being different. Through your differences you have the potential of learning, and loving more. Each interaction you have provides you both with the opportunity to be teacher and student – as I have already mentioned; nothing is ever one-sided. How you proceed on your path is of your own choice based on your own thoughts and what you want to achieve. Understand dear ones we are here with you and will guide, love and support you when you ask through your beautiful hearts.  
      And so it is…  
      I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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