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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Earth Angel ~ Cosmos of the Heart

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  • Ash
    As we continue to consciously walk the Path of the Heart we are opening and stepping into levels of acceptance and awareness. These, while we can and do
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2013
      As we continue to consciously walk the Path of the Heart we are opening and stepping into levels of acceptance and awareness. These, while we can and do encourage, support and stand beside one another, are paths that are uniquely our own. These accentuate the Oneness that we all embody together: A microcosm and macrocosm with neither separate from the other. The inner guidance which we receive will not lead us astray for that is apart of our Deepest, Highest and most Divine Self. We will see the synchronicities that occur around us as well as inside of us; these are apart of that very encouragement which that very inner guidance gives. Balancing our inner Sight to where we are not forgetting that our outer Sight also is apart of that same Divine Service we grow into. Where the Path of our Heart takes us may well surprise us in some of the most enlightening of ways. Be of comfort Knowing that the choices you are the signs that show the depth of your growth, your strength, your passion, your love.

      There will be a variety of souls which we will intersect with. Some who will not understand the choices you make and likely voice their opinion; yet there will also be those souls who applaud the choices you make and show themselves to be true souls, true brethren, true friends, true mates, that give love and support without attempting to "do it for you". Keep our focus and be of good courage knowing that the path which unfolds before you is a path not only that you are choosing but also the one that you are creating. In hindsight, as the saying can go, we may well discover the doors and windows which open, those opportunities which come before us are also apart a shining example of how we are stepping into and embracing ourselves as a Creator.

      When we feel a blockage and begin to make our way through that finding release, healing and transformation yes Source is apart of this unfolding; seeing the doors and windows become clear. In those very same moments consider that You are just as much apart of making the choices to remove those blockages by being a Co-Creator. We are a vital part of Creating the tools which we call for to enter into. Remembering that each of us is a Angel to one another especially as an Earth Angel.

      Key, in this moment, is to remember Earth with this as we are awakening into a renewed and new ways of being custodians, nurturers and protectors of this Earth. We are live and breathe the messages that Our Beloved Mother Earth imparts to us as we begin to have a more intimate walk with Her. Just as there are the angelic beings who love and support you in your Divine Path of the Heart so too are you an Angel giving the same to others. The example of our lives, word and deed coming together with Divine Heart/Earth Focus to see everyone, through their own path and means, to rediscover their wings and remember that they make a difference. That YOU make a difference.

      Honor the Beautiful Divine Spirit Within You. Honor the Path of the Heart that embody and walk. Honor the Earth, Honor Source for when you look upon both you will See yourself reflected when you Look Through The Eyes of Love, Compassion and Acceptance.


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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