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Aluna Joy: A Spiritual Activation coming in June.

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  • Ash
    Nothing normalizes and rebalances the current wobbles in 2013 s new energies better than by joining together with like minded - like frequency family in a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2013

      Nothing normalizes and rebalances the current wobbles
      in 2013's new energies better than by joining together with like minded - like frequency family in a sacred site.  We Invite you to join us!
      Join us in a gathering of your spirit family
      in a Peace Filled, Heart Opening,
      Spiritual Activation & Rebalancing in the timeless Sacred Pilgrimage site of Mt Shasta.
      "Renaissance of the Divine Earth"
      A gathering inspired by the purity and core of high frequency teachings through Ascended Masters, Mother Mary, Jeshua, the Star Elders...
      June 22 & 23, 2013 - Mt. Shasta, California
      Our Facilitators are ... Aluna Joy, Peter Mt. Shasta,
      Robin Rose and Denise Hagan
      Sandwiched between the energies of the Solstice Sun, and the largest and deeply intuitive full moon of 2013, light workers on Earth will be assisting in giving birth to a new world and a new humanity. During this weekend, we will focus on initiating the new Divine Power of Creation that is now available to us. Our focus will be to unveil and gain clarity regarding the new energies that washed across the Earth on 12/21/2012. We intend to attune and acclimatize and anchor to these new frequencies and begin our emergence from the current incubation period, so as to be of the highest service to humanity and a new emerging world.
      Would you like to ...
      Connect with Ascended Masters, Saint Germain,
      Mother Mary, Jesus and the Star Elders
      Feel the impact of Mount Shasta's ability to amplify your spiritual growth
      Learn how to receive and accelerate your own inner guidance and truth
      Discover who the Star Elders are, and experience powerful group activations
      Learn how to use Divine Grace to release the past
      Discover why a personal 'Renaissance' is necessary to master and direct the new frequencies available now
      Experience guided meditations with the Ascended Masters
      Watch visual multi-media presentations to inspire a new Earth and Humanity
      Learn why the rebirth of your Heart is the key to enjoying the Divine Earth
      Discover the evolving teachings of the Ascended Masters for this special time
      Learn what is evolving in YOU in the present moment with the Star Elders
      Learn how Karma can no longer have an effect on you
      Hear Mother Mary's vital thoughts for mankind in 2013
      Receive vibrational attunements from the Star Elders
      Learn the 5 steps to the Undoing Process given by Mother Mary
      Experience the vibrational power of music and why it is so important at this time

      We have meticulously hand-picked amazing, heart-centered presenters that come from a pure heart and are messengers for . . . The Ascended Masters, The Star Elders, Jeshua, Mother Mary, The Essenes and more. This wonderful event will occur all within the clarity of the I AM Presence that permeates the sacred area of Mount Shasta over the summer solstice.

      We intend to unleash a new beginning and initiate the beginning stages of manifesting a new world into reality. We understand that this is a step-by-step process and that each step is vitally important and necessary. We invite you to join our like-minded family, and remember to come with your arms and hearts wide open and be ready for magic and miracles!

      The Masters, Star Elders and Beings of Light share that by mid-year this new energy will begin to come clear to us, and as usual, we want to make the most of it! It is our deep intent, during this heart-felt, gentle, love-filled weekend that we will help begin the process of anchoring our divine creative abilities so as to build a new Earth and Humanity.
      Find out more here...
      Our Latest Message
      England and Scotland - July 2013
      The Rebirth of the Golden Grail Within
      Closing the door next week ... only 2 spaces left  
      Pilgrimages information can be found here ... http://www.alunajoy.com/pilgrimages.html

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      Watch this film here or use this link.... 
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