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[MOON ANGEL] EMVATIBE, 4th Day of Lunar Cycle, Protection

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Fairy-love-angels-22217447-700-525 ** *The Moon Angels of Protection* * Angels of / E-M-V-A-T-I-B-E / * ** *4th Day of Lunar Cycle***** * ... * ** Remember
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      The Moon Angels of Protection


       Angelsof  'E-M-V-A-T-I-B-E'


      4thDay of Lunar Cycle


      Remember this message, and call on these heavenly hosts whenever you need them.  The times ahead will be exciting.






      Whena pebble is dropped in the water, ripples spread out and
      out to the furthest shore.  In the realm of flowing feelings,
      which are the water element, the same effect occurs.


      "Asabove, so below."

      Thatis why all but five of the 28 heavenly hosts of the Moon Sphere
      have names that begin with the letter E, which represents
      the omnipresence of God in everything.

      Theletter E is of the Akashic element, ONENESS WITH ALL,
      DivineConsciousness and Divine flowing feelings penetrating all.  

      THELAW OF ONE, which is The Law of Laws, is the original law of Creation.
      This Master Law is The Law of Omnipresence of All Life,
      and overrides all lessor laws IN ALL DIMENSIONS THROUGHOUT TIME.



      We are all One.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped…

      Therefore, in the name of Who I AM, and I am One with All,

      I ask that only  the highest good of all concerned happen.

      I give thanks that this is done.

      So be it.

      So it is.

      Becauseof this law, harm and imperfection must be released for transformation,
      because any harm or imperfection affects the entire Web of Life.

      Whenever hostileor negative flowing feelings are sent out upon the waters of life,
      these harmful vibrations are sensed by the Angels of ‘Emvatibe’, who
      immediately take action to protect everyone whose fate allows it.

      Those who are the intended targets of harmful actions resulting from
      these negative flowing feelings are especially under our protection.

      We give warnings and inspire means of protection.

      Whena child of God meditates on the divine virtues, and
      invokes our protection, we warn more clearly. Whenever any
      harmful intent is made against them, we make sure that they know this
      and also know what to do to maintain safety.

      We inspire appropriate meditations of divine virtues that create
      strong magnetic fields of divine flowing feelings that attract goodness,
      and fend off the attack, rendering the negative
      energy and the sender harmless.

      The Angels of ‘Emvatibe’ empower these meditations so greatly, that
      literal miracles transpire. Evil plots and actions are stopped immediately.

      Ifany child of God is sending out tremendous amounts of negative
      flowing feelings, the Angels of ‘Emvatibe’ are sometimes instructed by
      Divine Providence to terminate the physical incarnation of that
      person, or to inspire this ability in another child of God, in
      order to reduce the amount of damage to all concerned.

      "Asyou sow, so shall ye reap."

      Meditateon the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help, to receive the following benefits:




      Throughthe state of Pure Being and Onenss with All, we help a
      childof God control the consciousness of self and others,
      givingthe ability to hear other beings and understand
      theirintent and their coming actions.


      Throughmastery of flowing feelings, we teach how to penetrate
      intothe life experiences, feelings, sensations, and vitality of anyone,
      howto study and master them, and to foresee changes in behavior.


      Wedifferentiate the lasting from the ephemeral and reveal
      howto recognize any kind of deception by others and how
      togain control of change processes in the physical world.

      A and umlautA (ae)

      Weteach mystical abilities like clairvoyance, control
      ofthought processes, command of storms, etc.

      andreleasing for transformaton any imperfect states of being,
      thoughts,flowing feelings, or forms that do not serve
      thehighest good of all concerned.



      Throughhigh inspiration, we confer the ability to put into
      practicemany mystical abilities, to master the elements,
      andapply laws of analogy in practice.


      Throughthe virtue of Cause and Effect, we empower a child
      ofGod to control vitality by means of breath and literally master
      theprinciple of life. This is the understanding of how to
      connectbody and soul with vitality.


      Weinspire the mastery of all polarity, including will and
      flowingfeelings, and life and death, with power to change any
      fateaccording to impeccable adherence to the highest
      goodof all concerned, The Law of One.


      Weunite ordinary consciousness with cosmic consciousness,

      tomake the children of God experience the omnipresence at will.'

      The musical notes of our name are:
      D ~ D ~ G ~ G ~ F ~ G ~ A ~ D.

      Divineflowing feelings of omnipresence and the legality of harmony of all visible
      worlds, of wisdom, of release and transformaton of any negative imperfection,
      of high inspiration, of mastery of cause and effect, and of mastery of
      will and flowing feelings, create flowing feelings of safety that
      are required for a child of God to live in a state of
      childlike trust and innocence.

      Thisstate of trust and innocence requires producing the Delta brainwave
      state of pure being, omnipresence, and the mastery of the fire element of
      OMNIPOTENT WILL FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. This brainwave state is
      dominant in infants, and is regained by remembering self as a divine infant.

      Trustand innocence are also necessary to produce FLOWING FEELINGS
      of the divine virtues, which are produced in the Alpha Brainwave State.
      Alpha is dominant in adolescence, and is the flowing state of change,
      fluidity, and fl

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    • Cynthia Schlosser
      ** ** * *The 7^th Day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle* ** *The Moon Angels* *of * *Success* ** *Also known as* ** *The Moon Angels * *of * * * *‘/Emrudue’/* * *
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      The 7th Day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

      The Moon Angels



      Also known as


      The Moon Angels










       The magnetic attracting power of loving, happy, safe, secure, grateful, and wonderful feelings and emotions,

      combined with will for,

      and visual imagery of,

      desired beautiful situations and objects,

      allows the successful manifestation of every good situation and thing.

      This is known as a most important aspect of using  The Power of The Word to create miracles of beauty.


      “On earth as it is in heaven.”


      Divine Providence has ordained the understanding of the power

      of magnetic energy

      that comes from flowing emotions.

      We inspire the understanding of the emotional body through love,

       for the purpose of manifesting heaven on earth.

       Emotions are the language of the quantum field.

      Emotions are compressed information, like a zip file,

      that work together with the holographic images created in imagination

        to determine which realities manifest out of all possibilities.


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