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Power Animal of the Week: Koala ~ Bear

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  • Ash
    The presence of Koala continuing with us emphasizes a number of areas and key among those is healing and recuperative sleep. That is an important cycle within
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2013
      The presence of Koala continuing with us emphasizes a number of areas and key among those is healing and recuperative sleep. That is an important cycle within every aspect of our lives especially as we are making conscious choices to create and live within a more intimate and deeper relationship with Our Mother Earth. That is reflected in our relationship with Spirit, with our Self and with one another. Bear's arrival compliments the Koala beautifully.

      The guidance of Bear includes discernment, patience and readiness which are invaluable as we open, rediscover and redefine our lives. She will teach us that love is our greatest strength, how to recognize and honor all cycles and seasons in our lives and especially how to be present in the moment. When sleep is called for we go with a heart full of the sweetness of the day carried with us and wake up renewed and refreshed for a new day of life and love, full of experiences to receive and create. Her gentle, powerful spirit wraps us in her loving, healing arms as well as awakening our courage to new heights and depths.

      Let us have a peaceful, creative, enlightening and loving week as we journey together! *:x lovestruck

      The Koala
      Higher Truth          Adaptability          Peace

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the koala fill you. Click here to Listen to the Koala's Song.

      Welcome the gifts of the koala into your life.   From his life high in the tall gum trees, the koala brings very unique and powerful energy.
      The koala brings you the power to lift yourself up out of your everyday concerns and take the longer view. He will help you to live closer to your higher beliefs, immersing yourself in spirit every day as you go about your life.  With the koala energy within you, every thought and every choice is infused with your personal truth, brought close to you through your proximity to your higher self.
      The koala is also a master at adaptation.  Koala power will allow you to fit seamlessly into life, adapting to your chosen environment with ease, at one with the community and the environment around you.  Conflicts will dissolve as you find you are able to balance being exactly who you are in this world with your higher view of life.  For with koala power, you are comfortable in both worlds, that of the earth and that which touches the heavens.
      The koala is also an excellent sleeper.  If ever you have trouble sleeping, pull in koala energy and let it infuse you and allow you to sleep long and peacefully, no matter where you are.  Just wedge your furry, padded bottom into that tree, breathe in the koala power and doze peacefully, knowing that you are exactly as you should be, right now, in this warm cocoon of koala life.  Ah, how blessed you are!

      The Bear
      Discernment          Affection          Faith

      Bear Photo
      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the bear fill you. Click here to listen to the Bear's Song.

       The many gifts of the bear are yours.  How fortunate you are!
      The bear will teach you how to go after the sweetness of life, to  put up with a few bee stings to get at the honey, to put up with a few thorns to taste the sweet berries.  With bear energy within you, the petty little irritations of life will pass unnoticed as you go after the sweetness that is there for you.
      The bear will also teach you how to use your strength and balance it with love.  When threatened, the bear knows how to stand tall and bellow out a warning.  His courage and power will be there for you whenever you need it.  But when approached gently, the bear knows how to give a loving hug.  His sweet and loving nature will reside gently within your heart.
      But most of all, the bear will teach you about seasons, about living with life as it is.  He accepts that life has its seasons, the freshness of spring, the bounty of summer, the beauty of fall, and the cold storms of winter.  And when the winter is here, the bear knows that it is all right to just crawl into a cave and sleep, safe and warm.  He sleeps soundly, full of faith, knowing that tomorrow may just be the first day of a new spring.
      Roar out with your bearness.  Be present within each moment of every season, full of love and courage and always going after the sweetness of life.  You are the bear.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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