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Blooming Humans: Day 1 - The Great Coming Together ~ Day 2 - Growing in Gratitude

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  • Ash
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      Day 1 - The Great Coming Together Sent Friday, May 10, 2013 View as plaintext

      Greetings Beloveds,

      Just for today ...

      Consider setting aside an hour (though even 10 mins will do!)
      to enter the silence, settle into center and listen to the space
      between each breath.

      As you do, ask yourself this question, inviting the answer to
      come through, while being fully open to receiving:

      What makes my Heart Bloom?

      Another question might be:

      What DreamSeeds are ready to activate within me?

       or perhaps:

      What is my 'Peace' of the Great Coming Together?
      or simply
      What is my intention or vision for this 42 day journey?

      Beloveds, these questions are one way to begin the journey, a
      jumping off point, so to 
      speak.  You may already have a specific
      question or intention for 
      this 42 Day journey - grow with this.
      However you choose to 
      begin is perfect for YOU. 

      Now, as you enter the silence of
       meditation and reflection,
      imagine your question, or intention, is activating and awakening
      a Dream Seed held
      at the center of your Being.

      Let go and let your Dream Seed grow ...
      peacefully allowing
       visions and sensations to flow; inspiration and
      revelations to rise; clarity and joy to BLOOM and grow inside. 

      When complete with the meditation/activation session, give
      yourself a few deep breaths with Thanks and Appreciation.

      Allow space for integration and 

      Record what comes thru, preferably in a journal dedicated to the
      Blooming Humans experience.  Share, as inspired.

      So, What is this Dream Seed?

      A Dream Seed is a time-capsule, designed to 
      activate and grow into
      your unique 'Peace' of the Great Coming 
      Together.  Carried forward,
      this moment in time, it is now activating, sparking and coming
      to Life!

      Remember, you are joined on this 42 Day journey by multitudes
      across the face of Changing Mother, too!  Our unified focus creates
      a resonance field, and this lays the foundation for life-affirming

      By sharing a common vision and focus, we are calibrating and unifying
      our Hearts, while maintaining a vibrant, creative space for integrating
      the power-filled energies arriving Now.  WoW!

      Just imagine what will happen as multitudes across the face of
      creation activate their Dream Seeds, too: A Garden of Illuminated
      Hearts ... Unity ... Peace ... Thrive-ability ... Just to name a few.
      Who knows what will sprout and grow!

      Remember, whatever visions, ideas, insights or feelings come
      thru ... is perfect for you.  Be gentle with the Self.  Trust and allow
      the process to unfold.  A seed does not become a Tree overnight,
      it grows, blooms, and fruits in alignment with cyclic time.  True to
      its own Divine Nature, there is no hurry or worry ... rather a daily
      journey revealing the Beauty of its Being.

      It is true for US ... for our visions, intentions and DreamSeeds, too!

      For this space of 42 days, we are here to provide a daily dose of
      Love, Gratitude, nourishment and inspiration as you activate,
      tender, bloom and harvest the Dream Seed ready and waiting
      at the Heart of YOU.

      We've also set up a Facebook page to connect, share and record
      the journey.  Please join us here:

      Thank you for making the profound choice to begin.  We look
      forward to the journey ahead ... and into our Hearts.

      Here we grow, Beloveds... here we GROW!

      Stacey Robyn
      and the ground crew of Blooming Humans

      p.s. Here is a  copy of the 'Dream Seed HuManifesto', written
      to enhance the Blooming Humans journey.  You may wish to
      read this prior to entering center, to set the tone for your
      experience.  In-JOY!


      Blooming Humans
      Dream Seed HuManifesto
      Once upon a Waking Dream ...
      A Seed of Love awakens within the Heart of Humanity.
      Drawn by its Brilliant Light, our attentions quicken Life
      in this Divine Space of Creation.
      Radiant Beauty fills our Hearts
      as we witness this Dream Seed sparking!, spiraling, diversifying;
      Roots rushing to Crystalline Core of Changing Mother
      Shoots rising to the HeartFire of Father Sky.
      Now growing, glowing, weaving and flowing
      through the Sacred Space of our Hearts,
      this Seed is becoming a living, breathing Tree of Love.
      We are this Tree of Love.
      Our roots are connection portals
      nourishing and sustaining the continuance of Life,
      grounding our body,
      and strengthening our ability to thrive.
      Our branches reach to drink the Light,
      providing a Space of Love
      for each bud to blossom, each flower to fruit.
      Blooming Humans are WE ...
      Infinite Combinations in Infinite Diversity.
      Birthing Now Reality
      as One Heart, One World, One Love.
      Our hearts now beat in Divine Union
      Each breath is a prayer of Gratitude.
      Our True Divine Nature Awakened,
      we Re-member the Language of the World,
      the Word of Love.
      We enjoy Life with grace and ease,
      for we are Dreaming Awake
      the contents of our Heart.
      Flowing in Harmony with the Seasons of Life,
      we seed, nurture and harvest for the Good of All.
      Abundance springs from being True to Self,
      We thrive in our Authentic Power;
      Providence is ours, as we are open to receive.
      Star Families, Masters, and Guides mirror Wisdom within,
      revealing the Ancient-Future-Now
      in every thought-word-action-deed.
      Leisure is our Joy-Full Expression
      of Thanks and Appreciation.
      Our Spirits soar above the landscape of creation --
      With Clarity of Vision, we follow our Bliss.
      We are the Lineage of the Codes of Love,
      Carrying the Source Code for Life.
      The wisdom of the Ancestors is ours for the asking,
      All we seek is found within.
      Creator, Father Sky, Giver of All Life
      we send out our voice of intent,
      Aligning our Will with Divine Will
      in order to benefit Humanity and all Creation.
      Changing Mother, Divine Mother Earth
      Guide us as we, too, are changing each day.
      Teach us the Power of Love,
      so our Hearts will shine the Light of Life
      through all Creation.
      We take our Place in the Great Circle of Life,
      honoring All Our Relations.
      In this Great Coming Together,
      We remember we are ONE
      Our HeartFires ablaze,
      our Spirits Lighted in Ecstasy
      We enter the Age of Peace and Illumination
      We are ALIVE! We are ALIVE! We are ALIVE!
      With Love-filled Hearts,
      we give thanks.
      It is so, and so it IS.
      Blessed BE!

      Ukehi Shi'bijii (Thank you for being our heart)
      Ashne ate (We are Love always)


         42 Day Blooming Humans Solstice Unity Wave

      New Moon Activations * Triple Eclipse Initiations * Solstice Celebrations

                                                 May 10, 2013 - June 20, 2013

                     Missing a message? Find it here:  Daily Archive
      Connect with community here:  http://on.fb.me/blooming-humans
                   contact us: bloomcrew @ bloominghumans.com



      Our thoughts and emotions create a vibrational
      field, informing and directing our Dream Seeds
      how to Go and GROW.

      Designed to give birth to infinite combinations
      in infinite diversities, our Dream Seed simply
      reads, reflects and reproduces our "inner state."

      By choosing an attitude of Gratitude, we create
      the perfect environment for our Dream Seeds
      to rise, bud, bloom and thrive!

      Just for today  ...
      Give yourself a deep breath, and feel the
      Great-Full-Ness of Life flowing through to the
      Heart of YOU.  See your Dream Seed immersed
      in waves of Love and Gratitude.  Pay attention
      to the sensations of Joy and Appreciation arising

      You are Now programming your Dream Seed to
      produce more and more to be grateful for!

      Growing forward, each time you see and open a
      Blooming Humans message, it is an invitation to
      re-calibrate and shift your vibration into a state of
      Appreciation and Gratitude.

      This simple shift in daily discipline, focus and
      energetic intent provides the optimum environment
      for ALL to 'Fulfill our Roles in Birthing New Reality',
      to enjoy the journey, and for our Dream Seeds to
      BLOOM and Thrive!

      In Gratitude we Go ... witnessing our Dream Seeds GROW.


      Blooming Humans are WE!


      Remember, it is the soil that feeds the seed. It is our
      thoughts that precede the deed.  It is our vibration
      that informs and organizes the Field of Creation.

      By prepping the Garden of our Hearts with a daily dose of
      Gratitude, we will experience our Dream Seeds Blooming
      in graceful, easy, fulfilling ways!


      "It's common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can
      a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the
      resources needed to grow a tree.  These must come from
      the medium or environment within which the tree grows.

      But the seed does provide something that is crucial : a place
      where the whole of the tree starts to form.  As resources
      such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes
      the process that generates growth.  In a sense, the seed is
      a gateway through which the future possibility of the living
      tree emerges."

      ~ unknown


         42 Day Blooming Humans Solstice Unity Wave

      New Moon Activations * Triple Eclipse Initiations * Solstice Celebrations

                                   May 10, 2013 - June 20, 2013

                     Missing a message? Find it here:  Daily Archive
      Connect with community here:

                   contact us: bloomcrew @ bloominghumans.com


      Go Gratitude, 7650 s. McClintock Dr, Ste. 103-342, Tempe, Arizona 85284, USA


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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