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Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion - Meditation for Release

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      Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion – Meditation for Release

      Posted by Wes Annac
      This meditation is shared with ALL at this time in order to help you RELEASE, each one of you will have a different frequency and vibration that now calls for release and we invite you to share this meditation freely. Please do this exercise as often as you need and it may help to journal the experience in order for you to then consciously become more aware of what you are releasing and dissolving at this time.
      Dear ones we come to guide and support as ALL now are asked to anchor the new vibrational frequencies and light codings that are now available. We ask for you to hold the intention to release all that no longer serves and to allow the emotions to find flow.
      Please find somewhere you will not be disturbed and lie or sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and take your attention first of all to your breath, consciously become more aware of the way in which you breathe for the breath is a key. Inhale slowly and deeply, holding the intention to breathe in the new light codings and frequencies and allow the breath to fill your human vehicle. If you were to imagine a colour it would be white dear ones, allow the LIGHT to fill every cell of your human vehicle and as you exhale hold the intention to release. You need not define the “release” any more than this for that would be akin to trying to hold on by filtering out what you wish and what you do not wish. TRUST the universe and TRUST SELF at this time.
      Breathe in and out slowly and purposefully, the in breath being to breathe in the new light codings and frequencies and the out breath releasing. Continue to breathe in and out until you feel your human vehicle beginning to relax. Next take your attention down to your feet and allow yourself to grow long, golden roots deep down into mother earth, at the centre of mother earth is a golden heart, hold the intention to connect your golden roots to the golden heartbeat of mother earth. Then pull the energies from this golden heart up through your golden roots, through your feet, into your legs, your hips and the main trunk of your human vehicle. FEEL the energies flowing into your human vehicle from mother earth, these energies are nurturing, they are energising and they grounding. Mother earth may gift you a symbol, a colour or a picture, know that you will remember this upon waking.
      Next take your attention to just above your crown, imagine a huge golden ball of light sitting just above your crown and when you are ready pull down the energies of this golden ball of light, down through the crown into your brow, your throat, your chest and into the main trunk of your human vehicle. FEEL the energies as they flood down from the universe into your human vehicle, these energies are illuminating, they are freeing and they are energising. These energies will now mingle with the energies that you have pulled up from mother earth and BOTH energies will begin to find balance within your human vehicle. BOTH energies will BALANCE your human vehicle. FEEL the energies and allow any emotions that arise to flow. This is about release and balance dear ones, TRUST.
      At this moment you are a bridge between heaven and earth and you are aligning fully with BOTH. Within this sacred space you are open to hear the guidance from both the planet earth and the universe and we guide for you to breathe and to listen for you may be gifted symbols, colours or pictures within this sacred space, know that you will remember them upon waking.
      When you are ready we ask you to imagine a huge golden heart in front of you. Make the golden heart as large as you can and take a moment to walk around the heart. What is created from? how bright does it shine? are there any symbols or markings on it? drink in the beauty of the golden heart and as you walk around understand that this heart is the NEW EARTH in TRUTH. As you walk around the golden heart you notice a doorway and when you are ready please walk through the doorway into the golden heart.
      You find yourself standing in a pure white room that seems to glow, as you look around the room and your eyes adjust to the brightness of the room you notice that on a pedestal in the centre of the room is another golden heart. We ask that you walk towards the golden heart and reach out and pick it up. As you stand in this sacred space with the golden heart in your hands you realise that you can feel the HEARTBEAT of the golden heart, you can FEEL it pulsing in your hands. When you are ready dear ones please place this golden heart within your own heart space. As you do this the golden heart will begin to align your own heart beat to that of the GOLDEN HEART which is the new earth in TRUTH. KNOW that as you breathe then the rhythms of the old earth will begin to fall away and the rhythms of the new earth will begin to anchor within your heart space. Please honour any emotions that may arise for you at this time.
      When you are ready we ask for you to step back through the doorway that you entered this space and once more look at the golden heart. When you are ready shrink the golden heart down until it is the size that it can sit in your hand. Take a moment to fully comprehend the meaning of the golden heart and once more place this heart into your heart space.
      You have now aligned fully with the new earth energies and frequencies. KNOW that the golden heart will begin to work to release all that no longer serves and was anchored within the old earth frequencies. When you are ready open your eyes and come fully back into your waking life.
      This exercise can be done as often or as little as you wish and may be helpful to you at times of “blindness”, those times where you are aware of a block but cannot identify the block in your human conscious waking mind.
      We ask dear ones that you share this exercise freely and that you accept this gift from us at this time. The new earth is NOW born and the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND will now be born through and within the human race.
      We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with you always, for we are YOU in TRUTH, for ALL ARE ONE.
      Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.
      Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors websites are clearly stated and the article remains intact and unaltered in any way. No permission is granted to change the format of this article which is written.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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