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Today's Inspiration from Amanda Brown

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    Inspired Quote of the Day I discovered that in letting go the pieces that eluded me, the parts of my life that I wanted most, were right there in front of me.
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      Inspired Quote of the Day

      I discovered that in letting go the pieces that eluded me, the parts of my life that I wanted most, were right there in front of me. Things did not have to be perfect in order for perfection to happen. ~ Amanda Brown

      Today's Inspiration

      Amanda  Brown

      Amanda Brown

      If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...
      I was raised to believe that manners were to be expected, opening a door was a sign of courtesy, and helping without expecting a thing in return was a common trait found in DNA. In doing so, I learned simple life lessons that have helped me to adapt quickly and easily in any country I visit while I have been traveling on my adventure.
      Let "him" open the door for you ("him" being figurative, the door being both figurative and literal). I know, that sounds old-fashioned. Makes it sound as though you can't do it on your own. You know you can, we all know that you can; however, in letting "him" open doors for you, you are showing your grace and strength. You get there faster. You arrive with a smile on your face and some pep to your walk...all due to someone expressing their appreciation for you with a simple gesture.
      That loud slap of a screened door against the door frame making you wince when you hear it; it's a noisy reminder that when one door slams closed another one will open. On a daily basis we face opportunities that present themselves and sometimes leave as quickly as they come, that sometimes go unnoticed when we are mired down in our day-to-day shuffle, and at times are sliding doors - the possibility of having two courses of action depending upon which route we choose.
      I have discovered along my journey that one door slamming opens a bigger and more spectacular door. I've quit worrying about which door to go through, and know that standing there pounding on it will not make it open any faster; that the door that finally opens and that I choose to walk thru will take me in the exact direction needed at that moment.
      Do you hear that tapping? That's opportunity knocking. Run over and throw that door wide open. Be ready for and embrace opportunity when it knocks on your door for that is the result of your belief in yourself.
      Opportunity doesn't show its face for everyone. The ability to saddle up, buck the naysayers, and make it happen despite the odds, that is not something that everyone has the guts to do. That knocking... that is your reward for those days of not knowing if you could or would, but persevering regardless. T
      he one thing I gleaned from all of the autobiographies that I read in middle school was belief. I grew up ingesting those books and discovered that the common theme with every important person who helped to shape history was his or her belief in themselves. That belief system that I learned from ghosts of the past, that I instilled in myself at 9-years old, still exists today.
      I never realized that doors would hold such significance in my life. Being a designer, doors of all shapes and sizes had been a part of my creative dialogue since I was a teenager. I studied how the shapes and forms of those openings created the visual appeal that we experience in the architecture of the world and happenings that surround us.
      When that hand rises to knock on your door, will you be ready for it?

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