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Isha Lerner's Power of the Flower Tarot: Angelica

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    Without a doubt, as you read these words you are especially close to the angelic world. I would simply add that they are always close to us even when we may
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      "Without a doubt, as you read these words you are especially close to the angelic world."

      I would simply add that they are always close to us even when we may not be consciously aware of their presence. Those described as of the angelic world and also our beloved guides and other beings who walk with us. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael are four archangels described here as among those who offer their unconditional service to the world. While these do have a welcome presence and touch upon this world there are many others as well who carry equally the same desire to give and love unconditionally to and for the world. One aspect to keep to heart is that all of our guides, angels, and other spiritual beings do not make their presence known to foster a dependence upon them. Rather they comprise that part of the catalyst to assist in reawakening that spark within us to See ourselves and one another as the presence of the Divine that resides there within us.

      Their Light calls to and reflects the Light that is at the Center of each and everyone. Fanning the flames so that we grow in confidence and live courageously and passionately through that same Unconditional Love and Devotion. To The Path that unfolds and that we Co-Create together as Open more to the Divine within us. We can receive the examples they represent, the guidance and teachings they share, to walk and live responsibly; with integrity and full of compassion and love. We become anchored within ourselves and this Earth while still continuing to evolve and grow with one another, with our Beloved Earth.

      Keep to our hearts and minds that even when we are going through difficulties in our lives we are still a living, breathing miracle and manifestation of the Divinity that all of Life is composed of; whether we may consciously feel this or not. Each soul is no less a vital part of existence. Each of us are reawakening to the role of  as guides and protectors as well as nurturers and healers. Some may choose these paths and others may not. If you have not consciously discovered these look inside for that is where your answers reside. It is there that you will the presence of your angels and guides for as you open to them within yourselves you will feel them around you where you reside in this world. You will experience that their Light and your Own will begin to mirror and reflect one another as well as shine even in what will be perceived as the darkest of places.

      As you accept their presence and gifts so too are you opening to accept the gifts that each of you Are and opening to share these, to share of your Self, with the world; and that is truly Divine in every way.


      Your card is...


      Color(s): Greenish-White

      Archetype: The Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. These four archangels—each of his own free will and each in his own unique way—offer themselves in unconditional service to humanity. Leaders of the angelic realm, they have dedicated themselves to the ultimate good of the whole, making whatever sacrifices are necessary in the interest of sanctifying human existence. They assist in anchoring humanity’s soul-body to the earth plane, so that all may learn the path of service, dedication and sacrifice. In this way, they patiently lead us, step-by-step, upward on the path to higher consciousness.

      Signature: Angelica’s deeply anchored root system supports a stem of substantial proportions. It can grow up to six and a half feet in height with a circumference as thick as a human arm. An umbrella of greenish white flowers delicately overlight its powerful foundation.

      Healing Properties: Angelica helps one establish a firm connection between the refined, subtle realm of angelic light surrounding us and the tangible material world which grounds and anchors us to earth. Once such a link is made, we are given the inner strength and stamina required for pursuing our life’s destiny.

      Healing: The Archangels offer light. Even in darkness, or when attachment and distractions seduce humanity away from its Divine essence, the Archangels continually pour their protective and loving radiance into you. In this way, they strengthen your spirit so that you may persist in your goal of ascension, trusting that each earthly step brings you closer to the luminous world of the Soul. Remember this: you would not have been given an earthly body if you were not meant to anchor that which is perfect, infinite, and eternal in material form. Each incarnation in the human realm is a privilege.

      Without a doubt, as you read these words you are especially close to the angelic world. Which angel is near you now? Perhaps you can identify with the qualities of a particular Archangel and invite his presence into your life at this time. The Archangels offer you a shimmering umbrella, grounding the forces of light in your human experience. Accept the gift, and by so doing, begin the journey that will surely culminate in the fulfillment of your destiny.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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