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    Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na Home Shop  School  About Natalie Free Downloads
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      Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na

          Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na with channelled wisdom, light and love through Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Natalie Glasson.You are greatly appreciated and loved unconditionally in this very moment, light and wondrous blessings are sent to your heart and soul, you are honoured as your true self.

       Dear Friends,

      My very beautiful fairy guide Bluebell has channelled this Week's message, reminding us of the power of the fairy vibration.
      Archangel Metatron's Capsule of Wisdom Number 45 is now available to download. Click Here
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      Hope you enjoy.
      Many blessings, Natalie
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      Wisdom of the Fairies by Fairy Bluebell
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 06-05-13- www.omna.org
      (Bluebell is Natalie’s Fairy Guide)
      I bring to you messages and vibrations of love from the fairy kingdom, our greetings are always with you as we send vibrations from our hearts each time you connect or observe nature. One of our main purposes is to amplify and encourage your connection with nature upon the Earth. When we see you connecting into the energies of nature it creates waves of bliss within our heart chakras because we know that you are connecting into the vibration of the Creator. We understand that when you gaze upon nature especially the plant kingdom you are seeing the mirror image of the beauty of the Creator which is within you. Our greatest wish is for you to enhance your connection and experience of oneness with the Creator because it truly allows for the entire vibration of all to be elevated. The beauty of nature creates a perspective of beauty which opens up energy networks especially within your mind making it easier for you to observe the vibration of the Creator within your being. Wi th your observation of nature and your connection into the network of the Creator vibrations within your being and within the structure of nature you are able to be simultaneously at one with yourself, the nature kingdom and the Creator, this is a very powerful point of anchoring and realisation. In truth you are connecting into all that is your reality. The Earth is a living pulsating vibration as are you, transmitting and constantly forming the vibration of the Creator. Within this most blissful connection you become one with all that is your reality and the Creator.
      I wish to encourage you to achieve this when existing in nature of any form. First allow yourself to call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith for complete and absolute protection of your energies and the sustaining of your pure and high vibration of light.
      Then bring the attention of your mind to your heart chakra acknowledging that within your heart chakra and entire being is the vibration of the Creator. Let this vibration build as a source of light within you with a powerful focus upon oneness.
      As you become more connected with your own energies and truth allow yourself to observe either with your eyes open or closed the nature around you. If you have your eyes open you may gaze upon the beauty and perfection of nature. With your eyes closed you may observe nature energetically.
      It is important to realise that you are viewing the vibration of the Creator that exists within nature.
      Take some time to focus on your breathing, with every breath that you inhale you are drawing the Creator light of nature into your entire being, with every breathe you exhale you are allowing your own Creator essence to expand into nature. Through this process you are dissolving all boundaries between you and nature, allowing yourself to connect into the energy network of nature while grounding your own energy network as one with nature. Light will begin to flow through you in an energetic pattern that emphasises your oneness with nature, meaning that you will become a part of the nature energetic network of Creator light, akin to a powerful joining point in an energetic network.
      This process in itself can be a deeply healing experience of oneness that can boost you in times when you may be experiencing loneliness, the need for support or to experience a deeper energetic connection with the Creator. I have shared this technique and experience with you because there is a greater service that we the fairy kingdom ask of you at this time. It is a time of embodiment upon the Earth, this signifies that the vibrations and the qualities of the Creator can truly be experienced and can manifest for all to observe and experience. For a long time nature has held many keys and energetic codes of the Creator to support further activation of each soul upon the Earth. We wish to create a vibration of encouragement and welcome to invite all souls who are ready to enter back into nature and to connect in oneness with all that is nature, physically and energetically to do so in order to collect and activate valuable wisdom so that they may be of greater service with in the ascension process. A simple observation or acknowledgement of nature from those who are not ready to connect in oneness will allow for activations to occur within their being, energies that have been waiting to be stirred. It is those who wish to be of greater service that we ask that you become a pillar and transmitter of oneness within nature to allow for the vibration of oneness to be emanated to all.
      The vibration of oneness is to recognise that you are connected to all beings and all aspects of the Creator, it is to realise your equality and to accept that love is eternally flowing; you have the opportunity and ability to receive and express love. The love that you receive and express can create a powerful surge in your spiritual growth. Oneness is to realise that when you connect into different aspect of the Creator not only do you recognise your own power but you boost the power of all other Creator aspects. Oneness doesn’t require you to be present with physical manifestations and people constantly but asks you to recognise your eternal connection to the Creator and all aspects of the Creator infinitely. When you allow yourself to connect into the energetic networks of nature you are recognising your oneness with all aspects of the Creator, amplifying and projecting this acknowledgement as inspiration across the world and the universe of the Creator. If we ca n encourage more souls to connect with nature in the way that we described, feeling into, recognising and observing the energetic networks of nature then we will create powerful pillars of light and oneness upon the Earth. You will act as a powerful amplifier of the Creator’s vibration as well as allowing healing to take place in areas of nature where the energetic network, which is the connection between all aspects of nature, may be damaged or contaminated. It is important that your thoughts are pure as you connect into the energetic network of nature as that which you transmit will anchor deep into the Earth’s vibrations. It is also important to realise that you are acting as the joint in the network that brings the universe of the Creator to the Earth. In truth you are the join that links the energetic network of the Earth and nature with the universe and inner planes of the Creator. You may discover that as soon as you part take in this process that energy f rom the inner planes of the Creator will flow through you, that your senses will be enhanced as well as your ability to connect with all that is the Creator.
      There is a need for focus upon oneness while allowing all that is needed energetically from the Creator to flow through you into the energetic network of the Earth and nature kingdom in order to support a deep healing process. It is also appropriate to enjoy the experience of oneness as your enjoyment will be transmitted into nature, inspiring and encouraging others to take delight in a deeper connection with nature and therefore the Creator.
      As the fairy kingdom we also have a special energetic vibration that we wish to transmit into nature in order for it to embed deep into the essence of Mother Earth. Upon a vibration of love we wish to transmit the fairy wisdom into the Earth for others to collect and use to serve ascension. It is now time for the fairy kingdom to awaken their knowledge and share it more thoroughly and openly with souls upon the Earth. Our wisdom is ancient and holds many treasures about connecting with the Earth, assisting the shift and ascension process of the Earth and returning to the heart of the Creator. Powerful healing and awakening tools and wisdom can be accessed within our vibration, it was once on the Earth that the wisdom of the fairies was valued and honoured because of its sacred and ancient understandings. It is now time to allow the wisdom of the fairies to flow with greater openness into the Earth and souls of many. Now is the time for many who are ready to collect the wis dom of the fairies to open themselves up to experiencing our light,  sharing it with others. We no longer wish to keep our wisdom hidden but wish to integrate with you in order to aid the ascension of all.
      We ask that if you feel guided to achieve our practice, that you call upon the fairy kingdom to channel their wisdom upon a wave of fairy love through your being into the energetic networks of your own being, the Earth and the nature kingdom. You may call upon my energies of Bluebell to oversee this process. Even if you do not feel able to achieve this practice of oneness which will aid in shifting the consciousness of humanity to be more accepting of oneness, we ask that you simply allow the fairies to anchor their energy through your being in your quiet time, letting it flow to wherever it may be needed on the Earth and also within your being to impart sacred wisdom.
      Now is the time of true awakening and embodiment, we believe it is time for you to once again embody the wisdom of the fairies to aid the ascension process of the Creator. We give our wisdom to you with our love and only ask that you receive it with respect for all that we are.
      Our wisdom is with you upon a wave of love always,

      Releasing Past Anger to Move to Greater Love
      Capsule No
      1st May 2013
      With Archangel Metatron

      Archangel Metatron speaks of the power of anger which can be held in many of our past lifetimes due to our experiences thus influencing our current lifetime. Each time we activate anger we are adding to the pain of the past which Archangel Metatron wishes to clear and heal within our beings and past lifetimes with the assistance of certain Archangels. Archangel Metatron explains about anger and shares a meditation for greater healing and understanding within.

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      Master Kuthumi wishes to assist you in acquiring the focused understanding of
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      spiritual pathway and devotion to the Creator and yet you are not truly certain of
      your current achievements and further spiritual goals of awakening, then allow
      yourself to join Master Kuthumi as he shares his generous and heart-warming
      love with you to assist in bringing greater clarity to the ascension occurring on
      the Earth and within your own reality.

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