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Mystic Healing Art: Healing Touch of the Day. The Spiritual World

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      Mystic Healing Art. The Healing Touch
      Dear Friends,

      This Healing Touch is emailed to You, every week, it presents the Inspirational Writings, Teachings and Art of Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell and is dedicated to increase your spiritual awareness and to propel the human spirit forward, bringing a remarkable grace and beauty into Your life.

      It is the bridge for the revelation of the mysteries of life, death and beyond. It is also a way of life, a discipline and a wonderful expression to be and to live, with the total understanding of the laws of the Creator and His creation. Thus, the study and knowledge are sustained and based closely and deeply in the cultivation of faith, trust, knowledge and balanced Love but not limited, to the art of living in plenitude.
      May today's day and all your days, always be filled with health and many blessings !

      The Spiritual World
      When we reason and when we think, we only find frontiers and limits -among the spaces, and shadows in front of the light.

      But there are no chains in the Superior Life, neither hunger, cold, loneliness nor anguish, only peace and depth.

      Duality reigns in the conscience because the thought always goes to extremes, but in the spiritual world, you can travel in the unlimited horizon.

      When the bird flies in the sky -in a certain way, leaves the earth, and surrenders to navigate in the wind, and that wind elevates those wings to a dimension of contemplative flight, where what's most important is to Be and to Flow.

      Life beyond the material world, is not under norms, since there are neither conflicts nor contradictions there, but only silence, calm, peace, which all together, will make only one voice, glorifying the eternal Creator.

      There is no evil, nor selfishness in that region. In that region to live is to Love.
      If your hands are tired, I will give you mine, and together, we will make -out of clay, a castle, a pot, and also a musical instrument, a flute, for the wind to talk and sing.

      If your feet are tired , I will give you mine, even the footprints that I left on my path.

      Our story will unite, and our present will walk by ways, where there is no separation.

      If you are sad, I will give you my happiness, I will give you my dreams, day and night, until the brightness of your smile, comes back to you.

      Spiritual Trivia
      A book with no pages. Some fallen pages with no book.
      Who is the one who has not placed his footsteps or have not left his footprints?

      The one who has not, is an event that does not exist. Because everything that exists is part of the great history already.

      Do you have the answer yet? If not click here 

      The Primordial Source:
      The Inner Child

      You'll never be the same after reading this Book

      -see it at Amazon
      Mystic Healing Art
      P.O. Box 562054
      Miami Fl

      Phone 786 353 2951
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      The Experience of True Love

      The spiritual consciousness is a spiritual experience of Love
      - but of true Love-
      and this true Love is not the love of,
      I loveYou and You love Me, but it means that You, Me and the Universe cease to be You and Me in order to become Love itself.

      -Oscar Basurto Carbonell 

      Mystic Healing Art | P.O.Box 56-2054 | Miami | FL | 33256-2054

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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