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Power Animal Of the Week: Koala ~ Buffalo

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  • Ash
    One of the gifts which come from the guidance of Koala is with sleep. As we all are relearning and applying sleep is a vital foundation for our healing and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2013
      One of the gifts which come from the guidance of Koala is with sleep. As we all are relearning and applying sleep is a vital foundation for our healing and growth. Rejuvenating and replenishing sleep which many of us find is needed during this period with the energies having been as strong and intense as they have been. Even now when the intensity lessens that is no less needed so that we are able to acclimate, integrate and attune ourselves into them. That is a core part of how we access peace. A complete and total peace of mind, body and spirit. This assists us deeply in expanding our awareness, our consciousness, our sight; that in turn is a gift we are giving to ourselves to Embrace and Know our Higher Self. In that Knowing we begin to remember and experience that there was never ever truly a separation between yourself here and your Higher Self. It is apart of the road where we are coming back into Unity. That with your Self, your Divine Self, the Earth, the Universe.

      In that we are rediscovering the abilities, the talents, the gifts that have been within us. The expansion of current ones where as we evolve they do as well and also in awakening those within us which will manifest to the degree that we Open ourselves to them. Some will be seen as new and let us keep to our heart that these news ones at our most fundamental of levels we are apart of creating, of giving birth to together in harmony with Our Mother Earth and Source. Yes we have and do survive through what we have come through but we are also becoming more than survivors. We are embracing the Knowledge and experience of growing into new levels. From surviving to thriving. We are becoming highly Adaptable and Creative Beings. Relearning how we can and do grow together as a community, a family and a planet. Buffalo and Koala are patient, dedicated guides and teachers. 

      However they are speaking to us where each of us are let us walk confidently together growing, learning and loving one another fully. *:x lovestruck

      The Koala
      Higher Truth          Adaptability          Peace

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the koala fill you. Click here to Listen to the Koala's Song.

      Welcome the gifts of the koala into your life.   From his life high in the tall gum trees, the koala brings very unique and powerful energy.
      The koala brings you the power to lift yourself up out of your everyday concerns and take the longer view. He will help you to live closer to your higher beliefs, immersing yourself in spirit every day as you go about your life.  With the koala energy within you, every thought and every choice is infused with your personal truth, brought close to you through your proximity to your higher self.
      The koala is also a master at adaptation.  Koala power will allow you to fit seamlessly into life, adapting to your chosen environment with ease, at one with the community and the environment around you.  Conflicts will dissolve as you find you are able to balance being exactly who you are in this world with your higher view of life.  For with koala power, you are comfortable in both worlds, that of the earth and that which touches the heavens.
      The koala is also an excellent sleeper.  If ever you have trouble sleeping, pull in koala energy and let it infuse you and allow you to sleep long and peacefully, no matter where you are.  Just wedge your furry, padded bottom into that tree, breathe in the koala power and doze peacefully, knowing that you are exactly as you should be, right now, in this warm cocoon of koala life.  Ah, how blessed you are!

      s and abilities

      The Buffalo
      Endurance          Hidden Talents          Adaptability

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the buffalo fill you. Click here to Listen to the Buffalo's Song.

      Welcome the great and powerful buffalo into your life to be your teacher.
      The buffalo will teach you how to survive, even when the cold wind blows and the snow drifts across the plains.  He will teach you how to grow a thick coat and hold your head down in winter, doing what you must, but full of the certain knowledge that winter will pass and the green grass will again push through to the sunshine of spring.  And then, when summer comes, he will teach you how to shed that long, shaggy coat and adapt to the new season.  You will be able to handle whatever comes your way, strong and capable, comfortable in the cold or in the heat, for you are the buffalo.
      The buffalo can also teach you the power of the group.  For even though the buffalo is a very powerful animal in his own right, he is especially powerful as a member of a group, where the stronger and more experienced actively protect others.  The buffalo will help you feel more a part of those around you, finding your proper role, whether it is as a leader and protector or one of those protected.  Either way, the buffalo energy will help you relate well and easily with others.
      Buffalo energy will also help you find hidden talentwithin you.  For the buffalo, though appearing slow, can actually run very fast and can leap great heights.  You will surprise us all with your newfound strengths, for you are the buffalo.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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