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[ANGEL] 13 Taurus, The Angels of Natural Forces

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    * * ** * * ******* **** ***** *13 degrees Taurus* *The Angels of Natural Forces* *Also known as* ** *The Angels of * * ‘/Paguldez’/* ** *Beloved, * ** *We
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      13 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Natural Forces

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      We ‘are initators into all aspects of the magic of nature.’


      The words “ as above, so below” describe how divine natural laws can be seen and understood by studying nature.  The perfection of a flower, the beauty of the cycles of nature, or the wonder of the laws of attraction and repulsion, all bear witness to the splendor and majesty of The Creator.


      There is a deep longing inside of everything in creation to experience unity with Divine Light. This longing awakens desires for self preservation and the need for beauty. The laws of the “above” manifest so perfectly in the “below” that nature provides a reliable testament to the original purity of all ideas which form the basis of enlightenment.


      Nature opens a cornucopia of divine blessings, and provides a suitable setting for deep trance states in which fate can be changed in self and others so that the splendor and majesty of Divine Being brings forth true spiritual morality and vitality. The urge to create new realities of divine love then blesses the entire unified field of Divine Being, and awakens high cognition that can span eons.


      In this way we inspire people to use natural means and the powers of being, will, intellect, feelings, and sensations to access powers of nature and bring about causes that control natural phenomena.


      For example, in ages past, mankind was inspired to build powerful sonic resonators, large stone pyramids, on specific points to affect the Tectonic Plates. These points are similar to acupuncture points on the human body. When people entered these pyramids and intoned audibly the letters of the cosmic language using Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states together [ purebeing, will, thought, feelings, and sensations] the plates stabilized and harmful earthquakes and volcanos did not cause so much damage and suffering.  These pryramids still exist today, and can be used for this very purpose again.


      Because the sign of Taurus concerns practical manifestations of Love in practical reality, the ability to activate natural forces to bring about beneficial changes is important.


      People have within a spark of Omnipotent Divine Will for the highest good of all, and the indwelling desire of all people in creation is to manifest perfection and beauty in their sojourn here on Earth.


      By doing this, individual will expresses indwelling Divine Will.


       In every instance where a state of being, desire, thought, feeling, or sensation is outpicturing omnipresent indwelling perfection, the whole creation is blessed, and the vibration of everything is lifted toward higher light.  Through the law of reciprocal action, or sowing and reaping, a person creating such effects is blessed many many times over, because every act goes out, attracts much more of its own kind, and comes back much greater than before.  This is similar to an acorn becoming a mighty oak.


      Therefore, even the DESIRE to understand and use the natural laws for the purpose of perfection has a great consequence, it has a great uplifting that goes on and on in ever widening circles of effect, and comes back laden with enlightenment for the sender.


      In time, this desire for perfection bears such fruit that great phenomena can be created in nature, so that seeming miracles manifest to out picture the splendor and majesty of all the divine virtues taken together.


      The most practical expression of love is to manifest Heaven on Earth.  To this end, when you invoke our aid, we guide you in your meditations. We inspire awareness, understanding, and mastery of natural phenomena for purposes of out picturing  true divine blessing. Grace and Mercy and the Glory of Perfection will flow through high cognition in deep trance states.





      P…The desire in all life for spiritual perfection


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    • Cynthia Schlosser
      * * ** * * *23 degrees Aries* *The Angels of Akasha, of Consciousness-Penetrating-All * ** *Also known as* ** *The Angels of * * /Belifares/* ** *Beloved, * **
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      23 degrees Aries 


      TheAngels of Akasha, of Consciousness-Penetrating-All

      Also known as


      TheAngels of





      We also help people access the powers of the heavenly hosts of the Earth sphere for the purpose of victorious Love.


       Remember that the previous Angels of Hahadu, 20 degrees Aries, specialize in the miracles of water, of magnetic flowing emotions, and working with the beings of water—the Undines.


       TheAngels of Oromonas, 21 degrees Aries specialize in powers of thought and the beings of the air element, the Sylphs.

       TheAngels of Bekaro, 22 degrees Aries, specialize in miracles of Will, electric divine willpower and the beings of the fire element, the Salamanders.


      Nowit is time to specialize in the miracles of the fifthelement, the element of  Akasha, of consciousness-penetrating-all.


      Akasha corresponds to a deep Delta brainwave state of pure being and unity with divine being and all creation.

      This brainwave state is dominant in infancy, and it is possible to remember in meditation the infant state to regain conscious mastery of this awareness.

       This is also the state that is experienced each night in deep dreamless sleep, the state in which the body heals and restores itself.


      Theindwelling spirit of Divine Being in all that is created, is Akasha, the principle of divine consciousness-penetrating-all. Each person is part of Divine Being, and by moving into this awareness,  andexperiencing conscious unity with all, miraclesare especially possible.


      We inspire awareness that each divine virtue is omnipresent, everywhere existing. To the extent that a divine virtue is experienced as everywhere present, it can be called forth into action.


      Think of "running" a program on a computer. As long as a program is not in use, it exists as potential. When it is activated, it "comes alive". 


      As a person, in the Delta state of unity with Divine Being  and all creation , becomes aware of being a divine quality existing everywhere,  through innerguidance  heor she can then activate  this divine quality by following through using will , thought, feeling, and sensation [the quadrapolar magnet] sothat a new reality comes into being.


      This is our area of expertise, and this is what we teach and inspire you to do whenever you call upon us.


      We are quick to reply.  


       Theheavenly hosts of Belifare remove any sense of difficulty with the Akashic principle [theprinciple of unity]   and makeit easy and natural to experience any Divine Virtue penetrating all and being everywhere present.

       Whatever divine quality that is chosen, such as love, or faith, or mercy, or happiness etc. can be focused and brought into existence anywhere or everywhere at any time or at all times.


      Once a seeker realizes the power of this type of awareness, and how it then naturally works down through the different levels  [the quadrapolar magnet]  to change physical manifestation on Earth, there is no holding back the victory of Divine Love.


      Here is a suggestion for testing this principle:


      When you are in a situation, any situation, in which your level of awareness is higher than those around you, it is a good time to try this test.


      Ask for inner guidance. Become aware of a Divine Virtue  or Quality thatyou would like for the people around you to experience.


       Let us suppose you receive inner guidance to activate the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment, which is the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.  It is the letter  soft A [and the color light blue]  in the Ancient Cosmic Language.


       Firstcall uponus, The Angels of Belifares, and ask for our help in becoming aware of the state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation within you. Then focus on the divine virtue of wisdom, the original purity of all ideas, penetrating all creation with the beautiful pure light blue light , and being present in it, including in the people around you.  Visualize, feel and sense the beautifulradiant light blue light penetrating all. 


      See what happens!


      Mastering the cosmic language, and manifesting miracles can become supremely simple. It comes about naturally when the four brainwave states of pure being and will [Delta], deep inward thought [Theta], flowing feelings [Alpha], and logic, memory, and five senses [Beta] are all absorbed and tracking on a divine quality orgroup of divine virtues  [qualities] .


      The Akashic level is the level ofpure being. Whenever you call upon us, we instantly help awaken within you the awareness of this state of pure being  and the omnipresent, omnipotent pure beingness ofany divine virtue.  We help you experience unity with the divine virtue,  and to feel it existing everywhere in everything.


       As you do this, your state of being, your will and deep inward thought, your feelings, and your senses and logicalmind come into alignment  with this.   This alignment is the divine quality represented by letter f in our name Belifares.


      Over time, by practicing this state of  pure being and alignment in the four levels of consciousness,  enough strength of will, purity of thought,  flowing emotionalclarity, and clear sensations can producepowerful vibratory “shock” waves.   This five part multidimensionalconsciousness waveform aligns with with Divine Consciousness already present everywhere. It AWAKENS  already present divine consciousness existing within everyone and everything around you , down to the atomic level .


      This assignment may need to be repeated over and over to convince the analytical doubting-critic  partof the self , aka. the Beta logical level of thinking.  A  limited  preconditioned [by previous training]  logicalstate of mind is dominant in many people.  With practice, there canaccumulate manymemories of the power of working in the askasha [the state of unity with Divine Being and all creation] , so that logic can  finally besatisfied , be convince . Your five senses may need to see over and over the changes in the behaviors of people and things around you in order to believe fully.


      The more deeply a person focuses and concentrates on a divine virtue, in this example, the virtue of wisdom, ALREADY EXISTING IN AND PENETRATING every person and thing around you, the more definitive are the results.   This is especially true if you ask Us

      to assist you in magnifying the effect.


      The more that a person  feels unity with a virtue being everywhere in everything, and a person feels oneness with everywhere and everything, and then the more a person  WILLS a virtue to manifest, the more that  it's  FLOWING FEELINGS  flow, the more that it is SENSED [eachvirtue is a virtue of one of the five elements. Dependingon itselement this sensation will be that ofpenetrating all, warmth,  ease, coolness,or weight ; corresponding to the four brainwave states]  the more astounding can be the results.  While in this state of consciousness, every breath increases the ripple effects.


      Then add  requests to the BEINGS OF THE ELEMENTS to join and add their powers of PENETRATING ALL, WILL,THOUGHT, FEELINGS, AND SENSATIONS of a divine virtue or virtues and the effects can be even more remarkable beyond description.


      Experiment. Relax into the glory of unity with Divine Being.  Walk in the footsteps of the masters.


      "All that I do ye shall do and more." 


       It becomes obvious why and how the Children of Light are given dominion over all that is created.





      The meaning of the letters of our name in the Cosmic Language are:




      B….Polarity in all its forms

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