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What is LOVE? Simion Transmission May 2013

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  • Ash
        The Transformation Series April 2013 WHAT IS LOVE? Part One of Being In Love SIMIONthrough Amariah Mara
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013


      Radiating Heart
      The Transformation Series

      April 2013

      Part One of Being In Love
      throughAmariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. In our next several transmissions, we wish to impart to you much about Love and the truth about Being IN LOVE.  There is much to say about this topic as there is much misunderstanding about Love. Your society has put quite a lot of restrictions, interpretations, and expectations as to the meaning of Love. 

      Since Love is where you want to Be, we will delve into the many facets and truth of what love is, how it can be present in your being. We believe this will take a few sessions or so, so we begin with just ONE.  No pun intended, but that is what Love is, and what we will discuss now.  In other transmissions we will go into the art of Being Love or IN Love and how this relates to manifestation and to your relationships with each other, the planet, intimacy and special soul connections.

      Light centered HeartSo then What is Love?  It is talked about often and each may have a different definition of what it is according to what you have been taught or experienced, or not.  Some may say this idea of Love does not even exist. Some will say the sensations of love are a biological imperative. Others will have all kinds of conditions as to what ingredients make Love.  We will tell you what we mean by Love, and you can decide if it is something you wish to choose or not. 

      The Love we speak of is What You Are.....and have forgotten.  You look for it outside somewhere, because you have lost the awareness that it is within you, and it is up to you to become conscious of this.  True Love, to us, is the origin and the ALL of  the Universe.  From Love came every expression of existence in every realm of reality. 

      Pretty big is this Love as we know it.   If you can remember to BE IN LOVE, then you are Being the real YOU, and are in complete ONENESS with all existence.  "Lofty" you say.  But is not the universe lofty.  Yet it is in the simplicity of the vibration of LOVE, where you will find all the answers, and all the bliss and fulfillment you seek.  It is in your Forgetfulness of this that you experience a FALLING out of LOVE.  The FALL....was and continues to be the forgetting of who you are as part of a pool of universal LOVE. 

      Now don't immediately fall into a sappy emotional perspective on what Love is, as so many do in your culture.  This is another falling from the grace that is REAL LOVE. The universal love consciousness that we remind you of is beyond the emotions of Hallmark cards that you may attribute to the expression of love.  And even your ideas of unconditional love are often missing the mark.  When you are truly IN LOVE then conditions dissolve.  For you to even be thinking of conditions means you are not in that state of Love which we speak of.  As you dip into this state, you eventually become it.  We will discuss later true BEING IN LOVE and BEING LOVE.  We will show you how the BEING is the key to your love experience. 

      Heart in Hands of LightLOVE is the vibration of KNOWING thyself as ONE with everything in existence. There is no such thing as a condition for being in this love.  Everything and everyone and yourself are seen in their perfection of expression in this state. And thus it appears, as your Ascended Spiritual Masters have expressed to you, that you can be nothing but IN LOVE when you become aware of this vibration.  And it is here that miracles  happen.

      For this month, we wish for you simply to contemplate what this LOVE feels like and pretend that you are IN LOVE with everything.  Most of you will know the feeling of having been or being IN love with another person, or at least with a pet.  Start with feeling the accompanying sensations of that familiar emotion of being in love within any moment of your life.  You know the excitement, the thrill, the blissfulness, that sense of invincibility; that nothing can be wrong and together you can conquer the world.

      We will discuss later how this fits into relationships and the changing face of intimacy, but for now, you have this to work with to begin to remember the feeling of what the LOVE of the universe is.  There is a reason why you often find this with another person.  However, understand that you could not feel this at all unless it was to be found in YOU.  Otherwise you would not be able to feel this LOVE at all.  It is YOU feeling the LOVE.  No one is making you feel it.  So use this knowing to bring yourself to remember what the LOVE vibration feels like, and begin to bring this alive in your present moments without there being an object of this love sensation.

      Heart CloudLove is in the Air and is the very breath of your existence.  Bring this into your awareness at least once a day and you will begin to see that you can Be and Are in LOVE perpetually.  We leave you now with this notion and inner knowing to discover.  Be IN the LOVE that you Are and remember that this is the feeling of the truth of You and everything around you. 

      When you are in this Sea of Love, you will notice that all boundaries disappear between your physical self and all else. Everything can then be created within this Sea of Love.   And this is another topic to later follow in our thread of love vibration. 

      Again, for now, do your own experiments with Being In Love as a choice, and observe the sensations and knowings that come of it.  In other words, allow yourself to discover What Love Is from within, and we will continue from that point.  From there you will see that when BEING IN LOVE everything truly is possible............

      IN LOVE,
      ~ Simion

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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