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The Theory of Balance by Egyptian Goddess Maat through Natalie Glasson 4/12/2013

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  • Ash
    http://www.omna.org/Latest_Free_Weekly_Message.html   This Week s Free Channelled Message through Natalie Glasson 28th April 2013 Please share with others The
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      This Week's Free Channelled Message through Natalie Glasson

      28th April 2013

      Please share with others

      The Theory of Balance by Egyptian Goddess Maat
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 28-04-13-  www.omna.org

      The sun of the gods shines down warmly upon your being, its brightness and vibrancy illuminates
      your entire being, activating within your being the same sun to emerge. Your inner sun flows with
      great purpose and intention from you bathing all surrounding you in essence of the sun,
      empowerment is brought forward within you and those gathered close physically or energetically
      present. The sun that shines from within you is a beacon that recognises its counterparts, realising it
      isn’t the only sun capable of power and radiance in the universe of the Creator. Your sun seeks not
      to be independent in its radiance but to unite with other sun beacons, merging to become one.

      Beloved ones, I am Goddess Maat, an aspect of a greater soul connected to the cosmic goddess
      beings and vibration. It is my purpose to come forward today to bring the qualities of balance,
      restoration, harmony, equilibrium and truth. I am guided to create harmony and balance where there
      is chaos and confusion, to create lightness of vibration where there may be darkness; I am a
      restorer of balance within the Creator’s universe. In truth I activate within you and assist you in
      recognising all that will bring you into harmonisation with the world within you, around you and
      energetically. I am a mirror of the aspect of yourself that is a restorer, recognising the harmonious
      vibration of the Creator in the universe within and around you.

      In the past truth  and balanced were revealed through the manifestation of and movement through
      chaos, in this time of high vibration and the awakening of truth the presence of chaos as an
      activation is no longer needed. Many of the Egyptian Initiations encouraged the initiate to recognise
      the manifestation and presence of chaos within the Creator’s universe as well as within self. Chaos
      and destruction have been used as tools of reshaping and restoring the presence of the Creator
      within all, this means that many even to this day seek chaos and destruction because they are
      yearning for truth.  Truth and balance can develop from chaos and destruction but do you wish to
      continue this energetic pattern in order to become at one with the Creator? Is there a new pathway
      for the initiate to take that continues to bring truth, harmony and balance to the divine within and

      Balance, harmony and truth require to be restored within your being, upon the Earth and within the
      Creator’s universe. Long has chaos been present without purpose or the rising of truth. I ask you as
      a beloved initiate to observe your creations, do you create chaos? In what form do you create
      chaos? From which energetic body does chaos manifest from you? Does chaos once it has been
      created resolve in the presence of peace, truth, harmony and balance within you? Do you hold the
      belief that chaos is required for your spiritual expansion and awakening?

      Allow yourself to recognise the presence of chaos whether it manifests in a small or large form as a
      craving and effort of seeking the truth, harmony and balance of the Creator.

      Reprogram yourself so you no longer create truth or a connection with the Creator through chaos, let
      yourself release the presence of chaos and accept the love of the Creator without expecting or
      creating chaos as a result of that which you seek.

      ‘In and with the presence of the Creator, the presence of divine will and balance within the universe, I
      now ask for light from the Universe guided by Goddess Maat to flow through my being with the
      purpose of reprogramming my entire being to observe chaos but to no longer seek, desire or
      automatically create chaos as a tool of ascension. Allow all energetic patterns within my entire being
      to be programmed with the purest love, truth, balance and harmony of the Creator, the universe and 
      my sacred essence, so I create and experience my connection with the Creator through a process,
      pathway and initiations of peace, love and universal balance. Let the reprograming begin. I am, I
      seek and I create the purest love, truth, balance and harmony of the Creator, the universe and my
      sacred essence.

      Goddess Maat, please place into my entire being the energetic network and structure of balance
      and harmony from the Creator’s universe so that I may experience it as a network akin to star
      systems embedding deep into my energetic patterning on all levels of my being. Let me experience
      the balance and harmony of the Creator in my daily reality, anchoring the presence of balance and
      harmony into the Earth and realities of many thus dissolving the presence and need for chaos
      completely.  I recognise that the universe of the Creator is within me projecting outwards, let the
      reality of balance, harmony, truth, peace and love be restored within me in the most peaceful way. 
      Goddess Maat, please remain present with me to oversee and support the deep awakening within
      me. Thank you.’

      (Breathe deeply for as long as required)
      I wish to put to you; can you acknowledge that love and chaos are the same?

      Where there is the love of the Creator there is always a flowing current, a pulsating vibration that
      evolves eternally free from stagnation. Where there is chaos there is movement, life and a flowing
      current as chaos is always resolved. Order in truth is the similarly between chaos and love. When
      chaos is created the greatest purpose is to manifest order when love is planted or activated its
      greatest purpose is to manifest or bring forth the realisation of order, which in truth is always present.
      The activation, manifestation or realisation of either love or chaos instigates, if the initiate is willing,
      a transformational process within which leads to greater realisation of self, of the universe and all
      that is the Creator. The presence of the love of the Creator can manifest a fiery feeling of upheaval
      as the initiate chooses to let go of disorder and anything connected to lack of love. The presence of
      chaos can also create the same, the difference is that often the presence of love is chosen by the
      initiate as a greater integration of the divine self whereas chaos is chosen through the
      unprogrammed mind or the soul as a form of encouraging the initiate, who may not be aware of their
      divine self, to move into a space of oneness with the Creator and the universe. Love and chaos both
      hold tremendous power within your reality and are tools to be used with care, for both will lead you
      on a process of aligning with the Creator.

      The difference between using the love of the Creator and the creation of chaos as tools of ascension
      and connection with the Creator is that when you are focused upon love you can remain centred,
      aware and conscious of all that is occurring, even allowing yourself to move through chaos with
      ease. With the presence of love chaos may not even feel destructive but more so like a blissful
      cleansing of your being. The tool of chaos without the presence of love can cause you to experience
      with a lack of centre, clarity and understanding making it difficult to accept what is provided to you
      from the Creator but both love and chaos create transformation.  It is my belief that it is time to
      realise the power of both tools but to also realise that both tools can create fear, which now needs to
      be dissolved. Allow yourself to disperse all fear connected to experiencing the complete love of the
      Creator while also dissolving fear of the power and manifestation of chaos within your reality.

      Let me come forward to you in meditation, allow me to surround you in my light as you breathe
      deeply. Permit me to assist you in dissolving any fears held within your heart or entire being
      connected to experiencing the love of the Creator.  Experience this with me for as long as feel

      Then allow yourself to permit me to dissolve any fears connected to the creation or experience of
      chaos in your reality or being. Experience this with me for as long as feel appropriate.
      You may find that with focus upon releasing the fears of experiencing the Creator’s complete love
      first, then your fears of experiencing chaos may be realised and released with tremendous ease. 
      This is due to the fact that the presence of love is a healing balm that brings you into complete
      alignment with all that is the Creator offering to you the space to recognise all that is no longer
      needed with ease.

      The question is, do you wish to continue to use chaos as a tool of growth and do you wish to
      continue to observe humanity achieve the same?

      In the presence of balance and harmony,
      Goddess Maat


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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