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Healing Touch of the Day. Extra Sensorial Exercise

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  • Ash
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      Mystic Healing Art. Inspirational Writings. Teachings
      "Extra Sensorial Exercise"
      "Fifty Healing Thoughts"
      "The Secret Path"
      "Ebooks to read in the Spiritual Path"

      Extra Sensorial Faculties
      Traditionally, we have five senses, which give us ideas that define our reality.

      These senses are in fact, only the starting point of many other senses, which are vaster and deeper, and we must deepen in their meaning, importance, and real value.
      Fifty Healing Thoughts
      You must forgive to be free.
      A rich person is the one who shares.
      A poor person is the one who has much and does not give anything.
      The intelligent person is the one who learns to Love.
      The greatest ignorance is not to appreciate Love

      The Secret Path
      The Spiritual Sciences are a secret path.

      This does not mean, that the path can't be revealed.

      But that the Spiritual Sciences carefully keep methods of control and power, which must be utilized for the conciliation of good.



      Ebooks to read in the Spiritual Path

      Topics like: Meditation. Messages of Life.
      Wisdom. Light and Darkness. Spiritual Healing
      and much more

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      What is Most Important

      People may think that is necessary to have a profound, vast spirit, a sharp capacity of reflection and a firm, unalterable method of discernment. But, mainly, what is most important is to be more natural, much more fragile, vulnerable and pure.
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      -Oscar Basurto Carbonell 

      Mystic Healing Art | P.O.Box 56-2054 | Miami | FL | 33256-2054

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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