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Power Animal of the Week: Doe ~ Wolf

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  • Ash
    Doe returns this week accentuating her messagesand she is accompanied by Wolf. As we all know, deer are apart of what wolves consume where their territories
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      Doe returns this week accentuating her messages and she is accompanied by Wolf. As we all know, deer are apart of what wolves consume where their territories overlap. In studying totems it is important to remember that when we are learning of one totem a crucial aspect is a connection with other totems especially those that are food for another. That is apart of what speaks to us between Doe and Wolf.

      The intuitive sense and lightness of Spirit which Doe brings is mirrored with the freedom of Spirit and intuition that the Wolf brings. Both are keenly aware of their environment and highly attuned to the Earth. These they bring to us where we are to teach and guide in how balance the same in our own lives. Attuned to the lands of our Earth can and does reflect how attuned we are to ourselves. One is not separate from the other just as the doe and the wolf are intricately connected. The presence of wolves is a catalyst for deer to fine tune their intuition and awareness and the same can be said on the part of wolves. Each are fully present in the moment with no hesitation on their choices, actions as they have full awareness in and around them.

      Both belong to a community with have strong ties to those of they call their family, their tribe. They are quite gifted in working together with their pack and are deeply devoted to one another. Their individuality, their spirit is not subsumed by the pack; rather it is affirmed and accentuated for each bring their unique skills that are in harmony with the others. True compliments on every level. There are those times when a deer or wolf will find themselves foraging or hunting alone. They have not turned away from their tribe or pack. Rather they are listening to their own intuitive guidance, their Spirit, Knowing the time to step forward within their own confidence and strength. That is apart of the freedom of spirit where you are answering the call of the moon above and the moon within to be refreshed and rejuvenated by bathing in Her Lunar Light and Wisdom.

      Balance and Harmony are the same coin which both of these beloved guides teach us. Many lessons and insights come from both of them; they will speak to each of us where we are bringing that which is uniquely called for from our hearts at this time, in this moment. Feel their presence and you can Know that they help you find Your Way and Your Truth for you are creating the path you walk and fly upon.

      The Doe
      Effortlessness          Awareness          Intuition

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the doe fill you. Click here to listen to the Doe's Song.

      You are blessed indeed to have the beautiful doe as your power animal.  She appears delicate, but she is very strong.  Her strength comes from her deep connection to all that surrounds her.  She will teach you to stand within the moment, quiet and observant, sensing all that is, feeling each leaf of the forest as a deep part of your being.
      She will also teach you lightness, lightness of the spirit and of the feet.  With a deep intuitive sense of what is, you will know exactly when to take action and to do so decisively, moving quickly and gracefully in response to your knowing.  She will teach you to sense the world around you so deeply and instinctively that you are always one step ahead of the events coming your way. 
      Let her light spirit fill you with the freedom and joy of being, so that you bound and leap through life effortlessly, always sure-footed, always deeply attuned, even when entering a new part of the forest.  She will help you welcome the new experiences of life, giving a joyous welcoming to new beginnings.
      As the doe, you will learn to be fearless, to trust your intuition completely and know that a deep awareness and connection with the world, combined with a belief in yourself, is the best possible protection there is.

      The Wolf
      Free Spirit          Path-Finding          Community

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the wolf fill you. Click here to Listen to the Wolf's Song.

      The wolf has many gifts to give you and many lessons to teach.  You are blessed indeed to have his spirit within your heart.
      The wolf will teach you how to balance individuality with society.  There are times when you know you must go your own way, expressing who you are in no uncertain terms.  There are times when your free spirit yearns only for the company of the full moon.  Let wolf strength and power fill you in those times when you know you must stand alone.
      But the wolf will also teach you to be a part of a group, how to enjoy the love and companionship of friends and family as well as how to take advantage of the great success you can have when you work closely with others, fully aligned in direction and purpose.
      The wolf will teach you how to balance these two sides of yourself.  Let his intuition help guide you in the best way to be right now, in each moment as it unfolds.
      The wolf will also give you great stamina and perseverance, the ability to continue for miles, across ice and snow, until you reach your destination.  Wolf spirit will increase your intelligence and adaptability, so you are able to find the right path, whether it is through a dense forest or crossing a snowy mountain. 
      Wherever life takes you and however things are there, just reach down deep into your heart and you will feel the wolf there, helping you find your way.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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