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Quado's Garden: Focus Your Attention ~ Live Your Truth Today

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  • Ash
    Where you place your attention influences what comes to you. That is an experience we can all say carries a deep truth and that is also at the heart of
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      "Where you place your attention influences what comes to you." That is an experience we can all say carries a deep truth and that is also at the heart of today's message as well. Living and being your truth.
      All power does reside in the moment but that does not imply that power is but for a moment and fleeting. True power comes from within embracing each moment fully and deeply.

      There is an expression that where your heart is so goes or follows the mind or the opposite but the essence is the same. Where we give our attention to, to make our choices to dwell and act upon is what we are embracing and, in that, what we draw to ourselves. That is apart of our learning how to be and live as a Responsible Divine Soul by walking in your Truth with integrity, courage, compassion and love. In that process see the worries, fears, doubts, and manipulations of this world for what they are to release and transform them.

      No matter where you are you can discover your Truth. If you are still searching take a deep breath and be patient with yourself. Know that you find your Truth as you discover more about YOU. That is a journey which does not have an 'ending' for you shall always be growing, evolving and ascending. That does not mean that Truth is elusive. Rather it is apart of your state of being. Living your Truth is a foundation of being in present in the moment.

      Indeed go deep and infuse each moment with a dedication and passion. The more that you learn about your Self the more you learn Truth. Your Truth. Let go of judgement and look through the eyes of honesty, compassion and love. Look at those you do admire and are they not those who stand within their own convictions, live a life of integrity, speaking their own Truth? Are they swayed by the approval of people? You too have that within you and their life is a radiant example, one that is a mirror which when you look within you are seeing not only themselves but you can See Your Self. Give yourself approval to walk and live abundantly and fruitfully. Be that light which stands for what you cherish and hold true with a passion and love which will be a ray of transformation that heralds the needed change in this world because that change has already begun within you.

      That is apart of being present in the moment as you embrace and be Your Self full of Unconditional Divine Love that is and shall always be apart of You. Stand in that Truth, Your Truth and Glow with Confidence and Love.

      Focus Your Attention

      Where you place your attention influences what comes to you.  If you place your attention on worry and fear, or on doubt over your capabilities, you will tend to pull what you fear toward you.  If you place your attention on positive action that makes you ready for wonderful things to flow toward you, that focus will tend to pull toward you the people who can give you a little lift up toward your dreams.
      You are powerful, but all of the power resides in this moment, and all of the action is within what you can do.  If you wish to motivate other people to do things, do it in a positive and direct fashion, by learning to be an effective leader and infusing others with your commitment and passion.  Make all of your actions positive.  Make all of your thoughts positive.  Leave off worries and complaints, manipulation and attempts to control others.  Go deep, find your truth, infuse it with dedication and passion and shine out, glowing with resolve, glowing with right action, shining as a beacon for others to follow.  This is the way.


      Live Your Truth Today

      Today is a day for integrity, for living and being your truth.  And this is possible no matter what you are doing.  In fact, living your truth is most important when you are in circumstances which challenge you to be other than you truly are.  It is in these circumstances that you can learn and grow, that you can dig deep into your truth and find ways to let it shine, no matter what.
      To live in integrity means to be honest, of course, but it also means much more than that.  It means that you go through life with your center calm and peaceful, because your actions are supporting what you intuitively sense as truth.  It means that you speak up and say what you truly believe.  It means that you take action driven from your center and your personal truth rather than from what will bring approval in the eyes of others.
      If you think about people you admire, you will discover that they are people of integrity, people who went against what was commonly believed and helped to turn the tide, helped others to see things in a new light.
      Be a light. Dig deep into your truth, find it and let it shine out. Shine out with what you are, what you know, and what you believe.  Be all of one piece, standing in truth, glowing with who you truly are.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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