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FW: New IHM Original, Animated Vide o: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

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  • ilona lynch
    ... Subject: New IHM Original, Animated Video: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence Date: 4/24/13 4:12:50 PM From: Institute of HeartMath To:
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      Subject:  New IHM Original, Animated Video: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence
      Date: 4/24/13 4:12:50 PM
      From: "Institute of HeartMath"
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      Having trouble viewing our HTML e-mail? Click hereInstitute of HeartMathShareShare This  |   Send to a Friend  |   Translate LanguageDear Priestess Ilona,

      We’re very excited to announce a new IHM original, animated video: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: a path to personal, social and global coherence .

      It contains a wealth of information about heart intelligence and embodies the essence of what HeartMath is all about, which is helping people connect with and live from their hearts intuitive guidance .

      Learn about the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives and how our personal energetics shape our social relationships and ultimately affect global consciousness.

      We invite you to share The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence video on your web site, blog or email, or share the video link on social media sites.

      Sharing the video can be a great opportunity to give your friends, fans, followers or clients, something positive to dialogue about.

      The scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) have conducted extensive research on the power of heart intelligence, intuition and the energetic connection between all things. Learn moreabout the research behind this video.

      Once you have had a chance to view the video, I would love to hear what you think.

      Enjoy, and if you feel inspired, please share. Thank you!

      With care, Sara Childre Sara Childre,
      President, Institute of HeartMath Institute of HeartMath ® 14700 West Park Ave., Boulder Creek, CA 95006    tel (831) 338-8500  |  toll-free in US (800) 711-6221  |  fax (831) 338-8504 home  |   research  |   education  |   training  |   free services  |   get involved  |   store  |   faqs  |   about us  |   media  |   info@...© 2013 Institute of HeartMath. All rights reserved. HeartMath, HeartSmarts, Inner Quality Management (IQM), Freeze-Frame, Cut-Thru, Heart Mapping, Heart Quotient, Heart Lock-In and The Resilient Educator are registered trademarks of Institute of HeartMath. Emotional Security Tool Kit is a trademark of Institute of HeartMath. Heart Empowerment and TestEdge are registered trademarks of HeartMath LLC. Quick Coherence and Attitude Breathing are registered trademarks of Doc Childre. emWave, emTech, and Coherence Coach are trademarks of Quantum Intech, Inc. The emWave is an educational system. It is not classified as a medical device and should not be used for medical diagnostic purposes. However, the emWave does capture accurate real-time heart rhythms and heart rhythm coherence information from which to learn how emotions affect heart rhythms and autonomic nervous system balance. To uns ubscribe, reply to this email with "remove" in the subject line.
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