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Gaia Online Tarot: the Magician ~ the Tree ~ the Builder

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  • Ash
    The challenge within letting go does not imply that we have given power of ourselves over to another. That is re-emphasized during this period of change and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2013
      The challenge within letting go does not imply that we have given power of ourselves over to another. That is re-emphasized during this period of change and transformation which is important to be revisited and reminded of. It accentuates the opposite as is shown with the Magician. It is a release of the life that was before as we step into a fresh, new life where are walking with integrity as a responsible, compassionate and loving being. One that is attuned with our Mother Earth which reflects the same connection and attuning with our deepest and highest part of Who We Are.

      Also to remember that the surrender here is not giving up of anything as that word is usually associated with. Surrender here, as we are being reminded, is releasing, letting go. Making a conscious choice that the life you have led is one you no longer choose to live by and walk within. Taking the opportunities to look for a new perspective, a shift of the crystal to see another facet of life. Aligning yourself at your deepest place inside where you hear the heartbeat of the Earth and that is the apart of the pulse and beat of the Universe; apart of Your Heartbeat. The more we truly and actively listen to this beat we are becoming more in synch with Life and can step into that Sacred place of Creativity which has always been at Center of Our Spirit. We learn how to focus our will and passion by entering into that still place within us. There we can, do and will discover inspiration and enlightenment which will be reflected in the experiences around us as we are walking, loving and living with the Earth.

      That is a pivotal foundation of the Builder for these are apart of a new/renewed bridge in how the masculine energies can be harnessed by first embracing and re-attuning to the feminine energies. Learning how to live in harmony with Our Mother Earth. Our craftsmanship is not about attempting to rework Nature into what we think She should be; rather listening to and learning how to weave with that Matrix to see and craft beautiful Divine Creations that stem from within a heart full of patience, dedication, integrity and commitment which stem from that place of unconditional love. There our intellectual decisions are not separate from our intuition; rather it has grown from our intuition. The mind and heart are once more in tune so that there is no more a "one or the other". They become a reflection each emphasizing qualities that are inherent within their aspect without any form of severance nor placing one above the other.

      There is how men and women become true leaders; through the example of the life they live by embodying Love, Respect, Passion. Being confident with one another and with oneself. Each of having clear boundaries that are designed not to place us in a box but open our consciousness and build upon our strengths. The type of disciplines that come from a heart rooted and flowing from Spirit which sees the physical manifestations coming into Creation because it is seen with clarity and foresight as already formed there inside. Mind, Body and Spirit are One. We step more and more into our roles as protectors, guides, nurturers and healers as these are apart of what speaks to being True Lovers of Life given unconditionally from the Divine Heart that is within us all.

      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      1 - the Magician
      Spirit made manifest

      You have the opportunity to manifest your desires. Your sense of personal power is strong. You know how to enter sacred space and bring spiritual energy into the world of matter. You have learned how to focus your will and your passion towards a goal. Your creativity energizes you and blesses those around you. You have the potential to align yourself with the heartbeat of the earth, and to bring forth healing for the planet and all her creatures.
      12 - the Tree
      Letting go

      You are being challenged to release attachments, to surrender to the flow. You are no longer in charge of your life. It isn't a time to resist, for everything is out of your control. Give it up. Your world may feel like it's been turned upside down. You can fight this reversal — you can go into it kicking and screaming — or you can surrender with grace and take it as an opportunity to see your life from a different perspective. It is a time to take no action, other than meditation and prayer. Learn to be still. During this time of suspension and waiting, you may discover within yourself the gifts of inspiration, enlightenment and unconditional love.
      4 - the Builder
      Structure, boundaries, foundation

      Resolution comes with making decisions through intellectual reasoning, rather than your emotions or intuition. You may ask yourself: "What am I building? Are the foundations of my life based on strong structures? Are my boundaries clear and well tended?" You are ready to take responsibility for a project where you have authority over others, and where your leadership skills can shine. What kind of a leader are you? Do you lead by example or by dominating? Are you secure enough in your own abilities that you can share power with others? Do you take into account the longterm consequences of the decisions that you make? You may also exemplify the Good Father who loves, guides and protects his children — and gives them the security of clear boundaries by disciplining them when necessary.

      magician gaian tarot deck


      Spirit made manifest

      The Magician is a ritual drummer, the drum his magic wand. He plays the djembe, caught up in the bliss and ecstasy of the trance created by the sound of the drum. He knows that the rhythm of his drumbeat matches the heartbeat of the Earth. Firelight flickers on cave walls, painted with a thousand hands, like the prehistoric handprints in the Cave of Hands (Cueva de las Manos) in Argentina.
      An altar with items representing the four elements anchors him in sacred space. He creates the matrix that allows magic to happen. He opens a door between this world and the world of Spirit. The hand creates magic — whether with a drum, a paintbrush or ritual tool. Hands bring the Unseen into the realm of the Seen.

      Post image for Tree


      Letting go

      The Hanged Man has always been one of the most mysterious and compel- ling images in the Tarot. Here the dream-like figure is suspended in the yoga posture called vriksha-asana — the Tree. Her grace and balance is a mirror of the serenity of her inner being. She is able to stay centered even when her world is in upheaval, when the horizon is off-kilter and all things are topsy turvy.
      Perhaps our yogini is right side up in an upside down world. Her practice and devotion are evident in the way that she has become at one with the sky and sea. She ignores the discomfort of her position, finding harmony with a deeper vision. She shows us how to “let go and let God/dess.”

      Post image for Builder


      structure, boundaries, foundation

      The Builder is a master craftsman, shown here carving a design of oak leaves and acorns into the post that flanks the front door of his home. He is committed to the ethics and principles of sustainability and has built an earth-friendly house. Drying herbs hang from the rafters, firewood is stacked in preparation for winter, and a spiral of beach stones leads the visitor to the arched doorway.
      The Builder is strong and comfortable in his own authority. Yet unlike most historic emperors, he does not destroy life for his own power or benefit. Inspired by the Green Man, the spirit of the wildwood whose face he has carved into the post, he works in harmony with nature and honors Mother Earth’s animals and resources. The kestrel, a small falcon who hunts with speed, grace and precision, watches and waits as the Builder focuses on his task.
      The Builder is the archetypal Father, the creator of culture, structure and human laws, as compared to the Gardener, who embodies the abundance of Mother Earth. He is the city, she is the country. He is the building, she is the garden. As an architect of civilization, our Builder creates networks and systems that enable people to live and work together, sharing resources and creating a supportive, sustainable community.

      All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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