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Aluna Joy: Message #2 from the Star Elders

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  • Ash
    Our newsletter database is automated... THANK YOU for your support and kindness! . Help support us with a HEART DONATION If you are feeling appreciation for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2013
      Our newsletter database is automated...

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!
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      Hope you are having a Blessed Full Moon!
      Well… brief messages from the Star Elders are coming through daily
      as reality begins to anchor, get clearer and things are shifting at greater speeds.
      It is becoming a moment by moment experience. So if you don't mind,
      I am just going to keep sending these little bits out to you.
      If it is too much, and we get annoying, just hit delete. : )   Aluna Joy
      I have been called out of my little retreat / seclusion zone, to be out in the world to witness and anchor what ever Spirit calls me to do. So we have been called to go out camping on coastal areas in California. Living like a hermit has its benefits, but does have a down side. You loose touch with what is going on out in be world. In the last few days, we can really see the effects this 2013 energy is having on people in the world in general.

      The Star Elders say .... We are synchronizers, but also watchers.... and we see that there is a higher percentage of people that are snapping under the Earth's new pressure cooker energy. Many souls are reacting to the energies with outbursts, anger and acts of violent aggression. We ask you, if you have extra energy that you do not need for your own adjustments, to project a peace to these ones as much as you can. They are your brothers and sisters. This is costing them some karma that will need to be cleared out, but this will be cleared quickly. There is a divine grace and dispensation for these ones, as well as every human being at this time.

      Those that don't release this energy externally (most of which read these posts) are internalizing the energy and are activating themselves hugely! But this also comes with a heavy price as you may already feel. Your bodies are being pushed to the limit and this stretching you so you can contain more and more of this energy without bursting. This is creating a roller coaster, a pressure cooker effect, that is testing you way beyond your normal limits. We hear you cry out for mercy.... and then watch you go inward and beg for release.

      We hear your prayers and mantras and mediations to keep yourselves balanced. We are right there with you even though you might not be able to hear us... or feel us.... We know it is hard to know which way is up . . . like if you were violently shoved under the water by a huge wave, and you do not know where the surface now is. We see that many of you worry that you might not make it through this. The release you ask for will come, and you will be stronger than any human race that has walked the Earth. You are already maintaining more energy, light and power than you ever have. Remember . . . YOU are the I AM that I AM ... You are presence of GOD within, and that is your unquenchable core that can never be harmed by anything under the sun.

      We are there with you, and we see that you are doing this.... To take a physical body into a new realm. It is hard work and urge you to .... Keep on... Keeping On.
      ~ The Star Elders.
       Other bits of messges may be posted on our FaceBook page as it is quicker : ) http://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin
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      A bit of Star Elder humor :)
      England and Scotland - July 2013

      The Rebirth of the Golden Grail Within
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