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theOCGProject: “Eyes Closed, Arms Open, Dee p Breath… and Listen” by Pheonyx Roldan S mith

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    http://theocgproject.com/2013/04/24/eyes-closed-arms-open-deep-breath-and-listen-by-pheonyx-roldan-smith/ “Eyes Closed, Arms Open, Deep Breath… and
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      “Eyes Closed, Arms Open, Deep Breath… and Listen” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

      24 Apr
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      “Eyes Closed, Arms Open, Deep Breath… and Listen” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith via http://theocgproject.com/ocg365/travel-journal

      Rain. The sound and smell of it permeated the air. Thunder rolled just over the northern central ridge of the famed Himalayas grumbles like an old man in his rocking chair. Technically it’s still the dry season and the monsoons are officially another month or two away, but the sound of thunder and the cool pitter-patter of rain was a welcome gift here at the end of my second full week in Nepal.

      I’d been praying for rain, hoping that a little bit of liquid manna from the sky would clear some of the dust and air pollution of Kathmandu enough to allow one to breathe a bit of fresh air for at least a short while as well as afford a decent view of the mountains which had otherwise been obscured by a constant thick grey haze of smoke, dust and vehicle exhaust. So it seems, the rain gods were pleased and have proffered me my request.

      I left the busy crowded streets of Kathmandu two days ago seeking higher ground and a little more breathing space (and air). I landed in Kopan, a foothills village just on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, a stone’s throw away, and yet a world apart from the noisy, congested, peddler-pushin’ streets of Nepal’s capital city. Kopan Monastery, my home for close to a week, sits high atop a hill overlooking the town which remains sparsely populated and picturesque from this bird’s eye view with Bhoudanatha, home of one of Nepal’s largest stupas.

      Shortly after I checked into my room the thunder began to roll. Apparently, however, that was only meant to be the sounding bell for not a single drop of rain made it over the ridge. Yet, the following day was a different story all together as Mother Nature unleashed a lovely torrent upon the hill valley. The rain had an equally cleansing effect upon my own heart and mind as I sat by candle light in my own little monk’s quarters quietly listening to what the weather had to say.

      At around 5am the next morning, I arose as usual with the first sound of my beloved bird friends, the caroling of the usual cocks and crows mixing with other various song birds which share the sanctuary. I was eager to take to my morning meditation with hopes of clearer views of the mountains to the east as the sun made another round over the foothills. I was not disappointed, and though not crystal, the sight ridges yet before unseen was met with an unusual coolness of breath as the wind ushered in a cool breeze from the northeast corridor of the valley.

      The question that came to my awareness during both the previous evening as the thunder rolled and the rains fell and again that morning as the sun rose over the mountains illuminating the morning mist was, “What am I doing here?”

      I had to laugh at the question which was sourced by the makings of my own thinking mind. Morpheous, whom I refer to as the egoic nature of my self, doesn’t much like not knowing, and though he is better at relinquishing control of the unknown these days, We (Pheonyx and I/We/Source/ the Higher Self) still have to have some casual conversations of assurance with this more rational part of our self.

      “We are here… just being,” the internal dialogue between the heart and mind commenced. “Just waiting for the next sign to appear as to whether our next move is to the east or to the west.”

      “But what are we doing here in Nepal?” Morpheous persisted.

      “Again, we are just here. Moving with the flow. All internal signs pointed north, and north we came. Relax. All things will be made clear in time. We have to trust.”

      With those familiar words, Morpheous relented a bit and allowed the mind to become clear and at peace. What was replaced was a beautiful receiving of energy, clarity, physical and emotional stillness. As I breathed facing the morning sun a new breathing meditation began to circumnavigate the outer recesses of the higher mind.

      Breathing in the words came to me, “As I breathe, in I open the channels of my Mind.” Breathing out, the following words ensued, “As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand of the way of total receiving.”

      Eyes closed, the breathing began to slow and become even deeper. Moving beyond the realm of thought, further instructions followed as my listening became deeper as well. Dropping the awareness to the heart center, “As I breathe in I open the channels of my Heart.” Exhaling, “As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand in the way of total receiving.”

      Going even deeper still as my awareness dropped into the first and second chakras, the point of origin and the energy points most associated with the physical form of beingness, “As I breathe in, I open the channels of my Body.” Allowing the breath be exhaled down into the Earth,” As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand in the way of total receiving.”

      Additional aspects of this newly received mantra-breathing meditation began to reveal itself at the eastern base of my tiny meditation mound in the temple garden. It had been a while since I’d received any new information involving healing meditations from my guides and I/We (even Morpheous) were delighted to be receiving some new instructions. The breathing meditation was then combined with a new sounding meditation I began to use and share with others while in Vietnam. The technique utilizes the primordial sounds of “Uhh”, “Ahh”, “Eee” and “Oh-m” in correlation with the three major dantiens (energy points) and astral realm as utilized in the ancient practice of Qi Gong. More on that to come soon.

      And thus with the clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit, we remain still and yet ever-changing. Following the meditation, the call to head west to Pokhara felt strongest. So, we shall head there and see what the Universe has in store. There is much to explore for the next several months. A great deal more lies between the valleys and ridges of the inner/higher mind which I have come to realize are now seeking further exploration. THAT is why we are here, dear Morpheous. As above so it is below, and our exteriors are nothing more than a reflection of what is within. We shall seek even higher and awe-inspiring ground. And so it is, and so it shall be. In full faith, trust and ever-lasting grace of the Divine, we shall continue. ♥, Pheonyx


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