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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Rewards ~ Revealed

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  • Ash
    Do you know how beautiful you truly are? That is a question each of us should ask ourselves for there is a Beauty that is your own which radiates divinely.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013
      "Do you know how beautiful you truly are?" That is a question each of us should ask ourselves for there is a Beauty that is your own which radiates divinely. The Universe does call to us in answer to the call from your Soul. See yourself for Who You Are. Even when we may not think or feel it you are perfect and beautiful. Look around at the beauty of our Earth. In every season, every form of Her expression there is a beauty which goes beyond description for those who are Open to to truly See, Listen and Receive. Just as we can experience Joy, Love and Beauty from our Beloved Earth remember that She is gently assisting you in opening and seeing your Divine Beauty as you gaze upon Hers. There are times where we feel less than ourselves or through circumstances and difficulties we may not be willing to face the inner mirror. We think that we will see a person who is less than he or she has been and, in that sense, we have hidden ourselves afraid or uncertain of what we may see. For any who may think or feel that take a deep breath and approach that mirror and you will See a wondrous sight. You will be giving yourself the gift of Love once more as you See that your Beauty has not lessen. Rather it has grown. You have, do and will experience a renewal of your Spirit and Heart. You accept yourself just as you are and embracing yourself totally you transform yourself and become more and more the Divine Beautiful and Radiant Soul that you are.

      That is the hallmark, the foundation, the beginning of where you have done your work. The inner work that has worked in tandem with the world around you. Love is the Creative Source within You, the Universe, the Earth Herself. Know that the work you have been doing is here reaching that place where it is culminating into new directions. Your fruits are blooming. Be prepared for the lift off and take off full of confidence, peace, and love Knowing that your life is beginning to in new ways as it has all begun there in your Heart of Hearts. Keep that Vision of Your Self and how that your Love, your Beauty, YOU, are apart of the Beauty you see around in the land, upon the Earth and in the Stars for you have meaning, value and purpose. Life calls to you in response to the Life within you that carries and brings into new forms of Love and Peace. When you share Love you are touching the hearts of others and the world to see themselves full of Love and Beauty through the life that you live and breathe. That You Are.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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