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The Aquarius Paradigm: Expansion and Creating Change from Within

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  • Ash
    http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/04/15/expansion-and-creating-change-from-within/#more-21284 Expansion and Creating Change from Within Apr 15 Posted by Wes
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2013

      Expansion and Creating Change from Within

      Posted by Wes Annac
      The impetus for change must first be found and acted on from within if we are to properly act in alignment with the new paradigm we wish to build.
      I am not suggesting we Create a narrow vision of ourselves and try to push ourselves into acting in alignment with such a vision, but I am suggesting we thoroughly examine every tendency, mechanism and emotional-reaction pattern that creeps up and makes itself known to us, so that we can see if it is in alignment with those of the higher dimensions we are growing toward.
      The strong impetus to be a part of the enacting of change across the world is being felt more than ever in plenty of awakening souls who see that the work is simply not going to be done for us, and I would like to present the viewpoint that our actions in every moment and how we go about our existence on this Earth in general are the most prevalent determiners of what is manifested next on the world stage.
      We’ve been talking about building the new paradigm for a while now. We’ve channeled information about it; we’ve formed into groups over this subject and the vast majority of us have been working ourselves nearly to the bone (happily, might we add) on anchoring and radiating the new paradigm in every moment we feel we can.
      As I’ve said before, I’m blessed to be a part of this movement and to have gained the support and the resulting Love I have found from every one of you dear readers.
      From the moment I read about this new paradigm and about the injustices that have been perpetrated and hidden from the masses, I like many of you felt it my calling to do whatever I could to help strengthen this overall movement of finding the higher dimensions and uncovering truth, even if various factions of this movement seem to have broken away from each other in favor of their own personal vision of what the truth is.
      I recognize that I’m playing a role that is beyond the belief of even plenty of awakening souls who see what they are doing as the right path to take, and I insert the opinion that this is a good thing and that diverse roles should be played in the ascension of the Earth by each of us. I have strived to see the communications coming through be as pure and insightful as possible, without tipping into the egotistical need to see them be such, which would of course dim their purity.
      For the most part, I’ve allowed myself to see that in every moment, at the very least I am doing what I strongly feel is right. The support and Love as well as the comments detailing how much the messages coming through have helped many of you dear readers has strengthened the belief that I am helping to make a positive difference, which is and has always been my intention.
      I’m certainly not suggesting to myself that the work I’ve done up to this point is somehow invalid because of its nature, because I feel that even if I were to somehow depart this world tomorrow, I will have helped to make a difference in the Lives of some of you. For that alone, I see that this work has been worth it as I see as well that I’ve benefitted personally from channeling in so many ways.
      What I am suggesting (and this pertains to me as well) is that along with what so many of us have recognized we are here to do, we need now to heighten our roles and to throw every bit of ourselves into the rebuilding of this world and into our personal growth, rather than hiding away from any of it or procrastinating and wishing a better day would come.
      I don’t wish to seem insensitive with these words. Believe me, I more than understand the perceived need to hide away when events in our Lives seem to pile up against us, and I’ve come to find that redemption from such difficulty can come in the form of pure devotion to understanding what we have done to garner the difficulty in the first place.
      This devotion is derived from throwing as much of ourselves as possible into our ascension processes, and I’ve come to reach this conclusion after experiencing my share of catalytic difficulty and sadness. Personally, as a result of all of this I’m finding the need to express what has come to be the strongest desire I’ve ever felt to introduce and help enact change on this world.
      I recognize that what I’m feeling is simply the strengthened version of a drive I’ve already felt but wow, is it much stronger than it has ever been. Every difficult happening in my Life seems to intensify this drive, and when I try to hide away from it I find myself greeting an immense feeling of separation from something good; something needed; something I am meant to be doing or feeling that I am separating myself from.
      As I see more and more things I don’t and haven’t ever resonated with, the need to do just as others have suggested and “emerge” rather than remaining pacified is stronger than it has ever been. I’m not saying I wish to suddenly begin complaining about everything about this world and about my personal Life that I no longer resonate with, as to do so would be to fall back into an ego-trap of my own Creation.
      However, ego also forms traps for us to enter in the form of mental and emotional complacency. When we “just let things be” that we simply do not resonate with and find them growing stronger and stronger, the need eventually arises to speak up and for me, this need has been magnified exponentially.
      I’m examining everything about myself and my personal Life that I know not to be in resonation with the new paradigm and again, I strongly encourage every one of you to do the same. I see that when I am not acting in alignment with Divine Will or with the personal sovereign and unlimited future I wish to enter, a deep and separated sadness is evoked and I find myself dealing with swirling lower emotions in need of transmutation.
      There is much about the existence around me that I am ready to throw myself into the restoration of, and I recognize as well that some aspects of my personal Life are here to stay for a while because I am learning from them. I thank the Universe for the amazing and immense opportunity for growth I have been given, and I see as well that communicating what I’m feeling in every moment will help me exponentially along what can indeed be a difficult process.
      I’ve pondered the idea of ceasing going out of my way to deliver long channeled messages as I have been for so long, as I see that I can perhaps give more frequent messages and take some of the immense work out of the process (editing long messages take a lot of time and energy).
      Along with this, I have been increasingly pondering somehow expanding what I’m doing; be it in the form of writing more; constantly working on projects while focusing on my family and personal Life as well; or anything else I can do to strengthen what has been built upon.
      Truly, I am here to serve humanity and I’m ready to do so in bigger ways.
      More will likely be forthcoming concerning this and concerning what I feel we can all do to help bring our new paradigm about in very real ways but for now, I will simply come to a close here. I will say as well that this drive is only going to continue to be felt in an increasing number of awakening souls and with the momentum we are all about to bring-forth, the hippie generation will seem to have done very little (even while having done quite a bit).
      Wes Annac – Experiencing catalysts and finding one revelation after another


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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