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Expect Wonderful: Mission Accomplished. Eclipse Cycles of Upliftment.

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  • Ash
    opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world         Hello Sunshine!   I hope you re having a beautiful day! We re in the midst of some powerful
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2013

      opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world
      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      Hello Sunshine!
      I hope you're having a beautiful day! We're in the midst of some powerful let's-get-life-soaring opportunities! We're opening to more and more and we as a species and especially those of you on the leading edge -- the way showers who have run the gauntlet of awakening -- you're on the brink of amazing stuff! The New Reality is showing up more and more ... and it's inspiring, uplifting and hopeful! 
      This incredible series of energetic shifts, which we will feel as distinct, empowering waves from now through the end of June, began this past week. On Wednesday, April 10 the New Moon opened up the first cycle which completes on the 25 with a Full Moon and a partial lunar eclipse.  This eclipse is the first of three between now and the end of May.
      Each of these eclipses offers a different, deepening experience of participation in life on Earth. We're being profoundly presented with openings into more skillful presence. By being aware of the different waves, the momentum of these eclipses, we can participate consciously, focusing where the opportunities are. This is useful, because we can focus on our own evolution in alignment with larger momentums! This creates amplification and acceleration within our experience.
      Between now and the June Solstice we're receiving energetic support to powerfully and even completely transform our relationship with physical reality! The third eclipse in this cycle on May 25 is, I'm told, the most powerful alignment of 2013.
      I am SOOooo looking forward to experiencing this! It feels like the bounty of ascension will be harvested between now and the end of June. I know that's not it, it will unfold for eons! But I see this timeframe very clearly as a pathway to us feeling better. It FEELS like a pathway of "getting the hang of this..." and this makes me think of the idea of easy street.  
      Isn't this a different experience then the prior intense cycles where we were flat out and exhausted? I am not anticipating that we won't need naps, but this feels different.
      And in truth, we've been primed for this, is what I'm told.
      The arc from the March Equinox and through these eclipses, through the June Solstice, is a journey of integrating our remembering with new beliefs and ideas about our lives, created by removing the obstacles and patterns that we have from our beginnings in duality so we can OPEN to the opportunities and prosperity that we as human beings have created! 
      The essence of who we are is flowing and we're going to open up that flow even more! We're turning and going WITH the flow ... we are becoming the light we are. We're opening to the fullness of our being and opening to the world. You may not realize it but you're also becoming an opportunity for others to see what's possible. Each of us experience things in perfect timing so we can be inspired by some and inspire others. It's quite poetic and beautiful! P.S. Thanks for playing!
      So in the spirit of fun-loving participation with all that we are and what's happening on this leading edge of Earth, I'm writing to share with you some of the upcoming
      90-minute Lightworker Collective Event. THIS is going to be a powerful experience of transforming our relationship with our EMOTIONS. This is the theme of this first wave of the eclipses: be You without fear. Time, isn't it? To have a very good time. To feel really set ourselves free. Oh yes! 
      Daily Practicum. A totally new format for sharing!
      I had so much fun creating and offering this new 21-Day Practicum! It feels perfectly in sync with building new ways of living and being to open more fully to what's available.
      This program is a pay-what you want program. 
      If you want to practice living in the new energies, if you would welcome daily short messages channeled from Archangel Michael to orient you and attune you so you can soar in the new consciousness, and if you'd like the chance to ask questions and receive channeled guidance ... well you summoned this program into being. So by all means claim it and jump in!
      Listen live each day or just play the audio files when you want.
      Live in Clarity.
      This is your destiny. Clarity is grace-filled. It's direct. It's really what we think of as confidence. Confidence is clarity, isn't it? Enhance your joy! Live in clear, direct knowing.
      Grow your ability to Hear & Trust Yourself*
      through a single day virtual retreat
      Open to Channel Your Guide or other Energies
      You are ready for this. If you're already plugged in this way then you KNOW the incredible peace and sense of love and connection you can receive through these conscious ways of accessing knowing. 
      If you would love to open this up for yourself ... to trust yourself more, to confidently get clear guidance ... to learn and remember within a small, intimate group in an Archangel Michael supported environment, join us! Learning & remembering is what it's all about, to claim the potentials of this playground!
      Remember ... 
      You are Source Energy!
      You are limitless & expansive!
      You are that power that creates worlds...!
      If you know this, but it isn't yet playing out for you as you'd imagine it's possible, or as you wish...
      Practice thoughts and ways of being that open you to the truth of your being not just as an idea, but as a living breathing way of experiencing your life here on Earth!
      Be especially gentle with yourself, noticing ways to be more loving, more appreciative, more honoring of who you are right now.
      See if you can notice and shift out of judgement, move beyond ideas of duality such as making yourself right or wrong, or others. This creates separation, and impairs your experience of unity.
      If you'd welcome support and assistance, join in these or other group experiences that you resonate with! 
      The New Reality is here. Find experiences that assist you, as you unite your higher and lower levels of being. You have already remembered! The major work is accomplished. Open yourself to love and support to facilitate opening further. 
      Invite and join events where the angels, ascended masters, Archangels, the Star Beings and Family of Light forth that you resonate with can share and assist you.  Call upon your soul, your higher self -- ask them to merge with you, ask them to help you feel more connected, more clear, more supported, more aware -- whatever you need, ask for it. Then make sure you let go and open to receive. When we're asking all the time, we're not open to receive! 
      Try to spend a significant part of each day relaxed. Remind yourself to breathe more. Check in and recognize you're safe! you have everything you need in this very moment! This will help you open yourself to receive more of what you want, and more love and support.
      happy dance!!! 
      I'm very hooked on this Snoopy pic because it's got the bliss that I am really feeling day after day. So awesome.
      We've really and truly made it through the most difficult part of all this. Even if you're not there yet, I know each of us is now going to get REALLY good at all this now ... and it's going to be more and more playful and fun.
      You've remembered! Major Life Purpose & Mission accomplished.
      Now it's time to discover how to use the playground more ... 
      Love and happiness amazing divine being! 
      * the Hearing & Trusting Yourself retreat is currently available at Early-bird registration pricing through April 20!
      For more information about these and all events, retreats, workshops, programs, readings and to access channeled messages and articles, visit Expect Wonderful online.
      © 2009-2013 Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved.  

      Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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