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Gaia Online Tarot: the Moon ~ the Magician ~ Temperance

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    Awareness. That is a key element within today s messages. Our awareness, as is our consciousness, is deepening and expanding. With that comes a clarity and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2013
      Awareness. That is a key element within today's messages. Our awareness, as is our consciousness, is deepening and expanding. With that comes a clarity and insight into where we are within the Cycle of Life; which the Moon and the Earth together provide for us lessons and insights into their pathways. With this is where we enter that quiet place within us. A stillness that we activate within our ourselves Active Listening. Where the Mind aligns with the Heart for there is the Open Doorway to Spirit yet both of these are not of a dual nature nor those that are "opposite and coming together". Rather that we come to re-experience that they are both in essence One. As Operate in that and through that unity we truly do Open the Door and step through veils of perception to re-connect with Source, Spirit or however each of us describe the Divine that is apart of our very Being. We hear the Cosmic Heartbeat that emanates from the Universe, Above and Below. As we attune to Our Mother Earth we are attuning to the same depth and vastness of the Systems Above. That the heartbeat and rhythm are One and we are transformed for we are touching that place of Creation which is apart of our deepest and highest part of our Selves.

      Trust comes from within and it is not grounded in what is around us nor should we look for that outside of ourselves. Yes there will be the experiences of life and Beloved Souls and Guides who are apart of the process that give us encouragement, love and insight which we accept with gratitude and compassion. That is for us to continue moving and living and breathing by trusting ourselves and the process; whatever that may be which is taking place in our lives. We still maintain patience, which we cultivate and nurture and flourish within. At the same time we can take that leap to fly or dive deeply to fully immerse ourselves into the Moment. See where you are in your cycle and know that you are releasing and transforming doubts, concerns, and fears in the process.

      There is change within this and even when the change seems to come out of quickly and sudden that is heralding a deep and major shift in your life. A transition on a major level which can feel intense yet wherever and whatever this can be for each of us keep close to your Heart that these are signs showing the depth of your strength, your commitment and your love that You are more than capable of coming through these changes. A resolution and new beginning as you are apart of creating that Sacred Alchemy and entering into a Sacred Communion with Source, with the Earth and with your Self. In that moment you can see how all ranges of the spectrum of You comes together with a beautiful symmetry and synergy. There is no loss even when we may think it or perceive it. Allow that to flow on and out Knowing that you are seeing yourself for as a true Divine Rainbow.

      Our way of thinking, expressing, and living are entering into a new cycle of Being. Follow that inner guidance and Open from the deepest and highest part of your Being to the Passion, Joy, Wholeness and Love that You Are. Polarities are seen for what they are. A perception and when you integrate you see those perceptions fade and Know that you are an expression of The Divine Art that You Are. The world experiences healing, love, wholeness and change for this is experienced within you; it magnifies each glorious Moment out as you move and dance to the Heartbeat and Song from the Soul of Creation and that You vibrantly have always been apart of.


      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      18 - the Moon
      Constant, faithful changes

      You have the opportunity to be aware of the lunar cycle as a model for any life cycle, whether it is a relationship, a job or a creative project. Knowing your place in this cycle can help put your current issues in perspective. As you look at the Moon card, which lunar phase draws your eye? Which phase relates to your current situation? Have you just begun a new relationship, or are you thinking of leaving your job? This card may mean that your latent psychic abilities are waking up, and you are learning to trust your intuition. This may be frightening or confusing if you have spent most of your life guided by the clear light of rationality. The more familiar you become with the language of dreams, symbol and myth, the more comfortable you will be with the gifts that the Moon has to offer. Keep a dream journal, study the arts of divination and magic, open yourself up to non-linear ways of knowing.
      1 - the Magician
      Spirit made manifest

      You are being challenged to access your personal power and use it to manifest your desires in a responsible way. You have learned how to focus your will and your passion towards a goal. You may be uncertain about using that power, or you may be tempted to use it unethically. Remember that when you align yourself with the heartbeat of the earth, you have the power to bring forth healing for the planet and all her creatures.
      14 - Temperance
      Combining opposites

      Resolution comes with finding the serenity of the middle way between polarities. You are ready to embrace the different parts of your personality, both light and shadow, that combine to make your own unique self. Your inner, spiritual life harmonizes with your life in the workaday world. You have discovered that your whole life is a work of art. You may be in need of healing on a spiritual or physical level, and the Winged One — a descendant of the ancient Bird Goddesses — is here to facilitate that for you. She may also aid you as you move into the role of healer yourself

      Moon card Gaian Tarot deck


      Constant, faithful changes

      La Luna Bella! A woman invokes the energies of the full moon, while all around her spiral the eight lunar phases. Each month the moon embodies the cycle of descent and return, as it waxes to full- ness, wanes to darkness, and begins to wax again. The Moon is constantly changing, and She is utterly faithful in Her changes.
      This cycle embodies one of the most profound teachings that Nature has to offer us. Every month the lunar cycle, which is mirrored in a woman’s menstrual cycle, reminds us that one stage of life always succeeds another, and that a time of darkness is always followed by renewal.
      Behind the woman we see the Paleolithic relief of the Great Goddess of Laussel, which may be humankind’s first calendar. With one hand she points to her belly (hidden behind the woman’s head) and with the other, she holds aloft a crescent-shaped horn incised with thirteen notches, the number of lunations in a solar year. The woman is accompanied by those allies of the night, Owl and Wolf. Owl teaches us to navigate by our feelings, instinct and intuition. Wolf teaches us to get in touch with our “wildish” nature and howl at that luminous moon. Salmon leaps up from the depths, bringing the wisdom of its own cycle of descent and return.

      magician gaian tarot deck


      Spirit made manifest

      The Magician is a ritual drummer, the drum his magic wand. He plays the djembe, caught up in the bliss and ecstasy of the trance created by the sound of the drum. He knows that the rhythm of his drumbeat matches the heartbeat of the Earth. Firelight flickers on cave walls, painted with a thousand hands, like the prehistoric handprints in the Cave of Hands (Cueva de las Manos) in Argentina.
      An altar with items representing the four elements anchors him in sacred space. He creates the matrix that allows magic to happen. He opens a door between this world and the world of Spirit. The hand creates magic — whether with a drum, a paintbrush or ritual tool. Hands bring the Unseen into the realm of the Seen.

      Post image for Temperance


      Combining opposites

      The Winged One lifts a shell to pour out her blessings into a bowl of burn- ing herbs. Instead of water, she pours the refracted light of a rainbow. Her third eye glows with sacred knowledge and far-see- ing. The steam-filled pool distorts her re- flection — or is the distortion an accurate picture of another kind? She is a mixed-race child; the bloodlines of many cultures run within her body. By her example, she calls to us to integrate all the disparate parts of ourselves. Her gifts are those of healing, creativity and the integration of light and shadow within us.
      The word “temperance” comes from the Latin temperare, “to combine” or “to mix.” This card is about combining diverse elements to create something new. As such, it is often the signature card of artists. Blue and red make purple; rain and sun make rainbows; water and fire make steam. The full moon rises as the sun sets; the sun rises as the full moon sets. This perfect balance of opposites graces us with extraordinary beauty.

      All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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