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Isha Lerner's Power of the Flower Tarot: Fuchsia

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  • Ash
    When the Fuchsia mermaid visits you she invokes your long awaited transformation However that quote above, from the message below, speaks to each of us
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2013
      "When the Fuchsia mermaid visits you she invokes your long awaited transformation"

      However that quote above, from the message below, speaks to each of us within our present moment we are co-invoking and receiving a complete and total transformation. From the unlimited depths within and heights we reach we are called to embrace life in all of its dimensions and aspects, even those which have been painful as this message emphasizes. The pains are not to "relive" them. Rather to receive the buried treasures that are within those for this is a testament to our strength and growth. Showing us that we are capable of facing these for what they are and can see any vestiges or remnants remaining that we have the strength and courage to remove, release and transform them. We are showing a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life through our movement within the dark, nurturing wombs and entering into a new radiance of life, of clarity and insights. This is a glorious rebirth seeing ourselves reconnecting and reawakening the Divine Child within us. That Child is full of the freshness, love and openness to life and shines deeply and brightly with courage, strength, compassion and an exuberance to experience and share life.

      To one degree or another we have been told or taught  on the wrestling of our emotions and our intellect. That is a mindset we are beginning to release and rediscovering that there is no opposition between one and the other. We can Know that these are not only two sides of the same coin but each are aspects of the other where when we come to a place of quiet, strong clarity seeing them as aspects of one another. Remembering that our Earth is an example with Her the Unity and Connection She has with all life. From the depths of seas and land. The Universe Below, to the heights of the canopy of her "ceiling" as it connects to the Stars and Universe Above.

      Pearls of wisdom from the seas, yes, and there are those same pearls in the stars above as we receive and create together both within us through a balanced, nurturing and loving relationship. Give yourself permission to embrace this fullness of Life, of Love and experience Your Transformation as you move forward into the next and fresh step of into the Divine Beings that We Are.

      Your card is...


      Latin: Fuchsia hybrida

      Color(s): Red, Pink and Purple

      Archetype: Mermaid. Known as the “Virgin of the Sea,” the mermaid inhabits two worlds simultaneously: water (the emotions) and air ( the intellect). Her ability to descend to the depths of the sea gives her access to the hidden treasure of her Real Self. Her ability to ascend beyond the surface of the ocean waves, toward the sun and starts above, awakens her to higher levels of consciousness. Around her neck are pearls of wisdom, salvaged from buried treasure of her past.

      Signature: A thick shrub with smooth green leaves and buds that form in clusters, pointing toward the earth. Upon flowering, its petals open upwards, crowning toward the heavens.

      Healing Properties: Fuchsia assists one in accepting long-repressed emotions, whether from this or other lifetimes, and embracing one’s long-submerged and neglected grief, pain, and suffering. Often, through this process, the Divine Child within is revealed.

      Healing: You must now learn to move freely between the watery realm of emotions and the arid world of the intellect. You are asked to courageously embrace life in all its dimensions, including pain and suffering, for in so doing, you strengthen yourself, allowing the spirit to travel beyond the confused emotions and perceptions of your personal history into the world of enchantment and true insight. Ultimately, like the fish-tailed Goddess, you emerge into wholeness; that which was once only known in the dark, womb-like places, is now fully integrated in the light of day.

      When the Fuchsia mermaid visits you she invokes your long awaited transformation. The cherub angel pictured above her head represents your Divine Child, freed from the confines of the past and now heralding your glorious rebirth. Joyously, the hummingbird overlights you, for you have found many treasures buried in the darkness of your suffering and now know yourself to be whole in the midst of all that life has to offer. Rise up and receive the many blessings of your New World.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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