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Today's Inspiration from Tara Taylor

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    Inspired Quote of the Day Our greatest fears can become our greatest accomplishments. ~ Tara Taylor ________________________________ Today s Inspiration Tara
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      Inspired Quote of the Day

      Our greatest fears can become our greatest accomplishments. ~ Tara Taylor

      Today's Inspiration

      Tara  Taylor

      Tara Taylor

      Tara is an intuitive counselor, motivational speaker, published author and an expert on the ego, intuition and emotions.
      If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...
      That we are all extremely intuitive and when one understands the true function of the ego is when one is able to deepen one's connection with their intuition.
      We receive a minimum of 500 intuitive messages a day, we have just forgotten how to see, hear, feel or know that intuitive message because we have numbed our senses over the years. We are constantly distracted by outside influences and because of that we ignore the messages coming from within and/or we allow our unbalanced ego to discount our intuitive messages.
      I have learned that if we embrace the ego and start to be thankful for the ego's role in our lives, we stop fighting ourselves and we learn what our ego sounds like and the language it uses. The ego was created to give choice/free will and perspective; our egos just want to be acknowledged. The ego does not care if you follow its guidance; the ego just wants to be heard so that it has done its job because your ego's role is to help you achieve greatness. The ego uses words like should, could, would, how and what if.
      I do not always choose to follow my ego's guidance. I am however allowing it to do what it was created to do: give choice and challenge my infinite self. I speak to my ego with love and kindness and I thank my ego for showing me what it was fearful of because now I know what I need to accomplish in this life. Once I have gone through those steps my ego quiets and I am instantly balanced which allows my intuition to come through much clearer and directly.
      Once you applied the simple steps to balance the ego then it becomes easy to figure out which intuitive ability is your strongest so that you can best understand how you receive intuitive guidance. One of the simplest ways is to listen and pay attention to the language you use to express yourself.
      Do you say, "See what I mean or see what I am saying" often? That's clairvoyance/seer. Do you say, "I feel or I am feeling that" a lot when you talk? That's clairsentience/feeler. Do you find yourself saying, "Hear what I am saying or hear what I mean"? That's clairaudience/hearer. Do you say, "Know what I mean or know what I am saying"? That's claircognizance/knower.
      We are here to fully embrace our human existence, to learn to grow and go through the soul's progression to remember to love and be love with the help of our egos and our intuition. This is our purpose!
      Remember YOU are extremely intuitive! I am with you in this moment to remind you of how perfectly connected you are and of the power that resides within you today and every day. I am a witness to your connection with your intuition and support you on your journey of remembering your greatness. I believe in you and that you are deeply intuitive. This is our truth!

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