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Hands over Heart: Sacred Travel ebook and Harmonizing the Instincts- Hands over Heart Newsletter

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    In this issue: * A Shamanic Message- Harmonizing the Instincts and the Heart * A Message from Katie * Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for Your Vacations and
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      In this issue:
      Click here to find
out more* A Shamanic Message- Harmonizing the Instincts and the Heart
      * A Message from Katie
      * Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for Your Vacations and Vision Quests
      * Fr*ee Starbeing connection and audio offer with book review
      * Spring Healing Ceremony- a special shamanic healing
      * Munay-Ki Foundation Rites
      * Heart Song- A special event with Kay Gillard from the UK
      * Healing journeys for loved ones who have passed on
      * Spiral Healing- A Personal Shamanic Healing Program
      * Spiral Journey- Relationships
      * Individual and Distance Shamanic Training
      * Share my Healing Space
      * Fr*ee resources
      * Other Recommended Events: Goddess and Drumming Circles with Mara Clear Spring

      A Shamanic Message- Harmonizing the Instincts and the Heart

      One of the best things you can do to improve your experience of life is to bring your heart and instincts into balance and harmony. I like to do this by working with the archetypes I associate with the heart and sacral chakras, the eagle and the jaguar, respectively. The sacral chakra, located just below the belly button, is the seat of our instincts, our passion, our life force, our creativity, our emotionality, and our se*xuality. The Heart chakra is the great bridge, bringing together energetics of heaven and earth and anchoring our healthy, loving connections to others. The heart is the place where applied love and compassion occur.

      Too often, within the metaphysical community, I see people ignoring the sacral in an effort to live solely from a heart centered place. The trouble with this is that we are cut off from vital parts of our experience and it makes it very difficult to identify and hold boundaries. Furthermore, when we try to disown our instincts, they can take over our experience covertly. Many people walk around with their fight or flight response turned on constantly at a low level; it feels "normal" to them, so they never notice.

      Ideally, these two chakras come into a dynamic balance, allowing us a full range of human experience. Someone just in their heart loses their power. Someone just in their sacral loses connection. Both, together, represent power and love, passion and service, personal and transpersonal.

      We can effect this by working directly with each chakra's archetype. Start by tuning in to the jaguar that personifies your sacral chakra. Is she up a tree? If so, coax her down. Have you bound her claws or teeth? If so, give them back. What does your jaguar need to thrive and be a relaxed and powerful kitty? What's great about cats is they're always completely in touch with what's best for them in any given moment.

      Then talk to eagle. How healthy is your eagle? Are his wings strong? Can he show you the higher perspective? Once you have a sense of these archetypes, set up a meeting. This can be in a shamanic journey or just in your active imagination. Facilitate talks, mediate if needed, in order to get the eagle and the jaguar onto good terms, working together. As you see these archetypes come into harmony, your instincts will relax, you'll feel safe in the world, able to hold boundaries and engage in dynamic self-care while actualizing your soul's expression of love and connection.

      A Message from Katie
      I'm so excited to have my new ebook, "Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for your Vacations and Vision Quests" released. I'm grateful for all the help and support.

      I'll be hosting Kay Gillard, a friend and fellow shamanic practitioner from the UK, April 25 and 26. I'll be out of town playing in southern AZ, April 27 through May 2, so if you want to sign up for a session or reading, before or after that is great!

      If you want more shamanic content, check out The Shamanic Voice for my monthly podcast and the podcast of fellow shamanic practitioners. http://www.theshamanicvoice.com/. You can also stay more connected by sending me a friend request on Facebook.

      Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for your Vacations and Vision Quests
      My new ebook is now live on Amazon.com for $0.99. I've submitted it to Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore and it should be up in the next four weeks at the same price. Here's the description:

      Are you an energetically sensitive or spiritually-inclined person? If you answered "yes", then this guide can make the difference between an exhausting marathon and a dream vacation.

      Imagine yourself hiking to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, greeting the dawn from the center of Stonehenge, or standing a foot away from the lava flow in Hawaii. An understanding of shamanic practices can make these experiences so much richer. Learn how to find the unmarked places along the road, where deep healing, wisdom, and gifts are offered.

      This book offers suggestions and practical advice for those new to the concept of sacred travel as well as ways for those with experience to expand their skills.

      * Connect more deeply to the land while traveling or at home.
      * Meet the guardians of the land and invite their protection.
      * Deepen your energetic perception and discernment
      * Experience the essence of the land more profoundly when you travel

      What tools do you need in your shamanic travel kit? How do you set up protections to promote a good night's sleep? You'll find answers to these questions and more here. Shamanism can be called the Path of Lightning. Here is an invitation to dance with the energy of places you visit for deep healing, activation, and transformation. May you enjoy the journey!

      This book is over 22,000 words or approximately 100 pages.

      Fr*ee Starbeing connection and audio offer
      If you've read any of my books: Practical Shamanism, Sacred Travel, or S*ex, Shamanism and Healing, would you be willing to write a review? You can also review my shamanic drumming track. These are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes store, to name a few. Reviews are great for promoting my books and my work, so if you'd like to support me this way, I'd very much appreciate it. Posting a review in multiple places is even more helpful.

      As a "thank you" gift for your time and energy, I'd be honored to connect you with a Star Being. I'll send you the recording Mara Clear Spring and I created on Star Beings, including the guided journey. Then, I'll tune in on your behalf and anchor the connection to this very special type of guide. Your Star Being protects you, empowers your abilities to shield yourself from unwanted influences and helps you amplify your own psychic and other abilities. To redeem this offer, just email me with a copy of your review and where you posted it.

      Spring Healing Ceremony
      The Spring Healing Ceremony is about planting the seeds of whatever you wish to nourish in your life and setting up those intentions to thrive. For this ceremony, you'll pick one intention to work with. I ask that you share with me what your vision is and what the situation looks like now.

      I begin by preparing the soil. This means cleaning up and addressing anything that's getting in the way of being able to support and grow what you're wanting to create. Some form of healing, clearing or realigning is performed in this step.

      The next step is to plant the seeds. This is where I put the vision of your intention into your energy field and offer it up to the guides. This anchors what is being created. Then I work with the guides on the destiny paths toward growing your intention to full embodiment. Finally, I get any instructions from the guides about the care and nurturing of these seeds and visions to bring them into being.

      The following are the two options for the session format:

      Email: When you sign up for the session and send payment, I'll invite you to send me information about what area you'd like me to work on. Then, within a week, I'll do your journey and email you an .mp3 recording about the journey.
      Cost: $45

      Phone or In Person: We'll pick a time to meet in person or connect over the phone. We'll talk about your intentions, then I'll do the journey on your behalf and report what the guides have shared.
      Cost: $75

      Munay-Ki Foundation Rites
      Tuesday, April 16, 6:15-10pm
      Cost: $90
      Location: My Healing Space
      Limit: 8 people

      The Munay-Ki are the nine great Rites of Initiation of the Medicine Way, divided into the Foundation Rites and Archangel Rites. The word munay means "I love you" or "BE AS THOU ART." The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous.

      To fully embrace the transformation available, develop the Munay-Ki with Three Practices: Stepping into Sacred Space, Breathing Practice, and Transformational Fire.

      Seer's Rite: Extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed that connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the "inner seer" and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.

      Healer's Rite: Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings from the past who come to assist you in your personal transformation. Awakens the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is blessed. There is tremendous spiritual assistance available, and these luminous ones work in our sleep to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

      Bands of Power: Five luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energy that comes toward the person, into one of the five elements. These energies then feed your LEF instead of making you sick.

      Harmony Rite: Transmission of the Seven Archetypes into the Chakras: First you receive serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super conscious).

      Heart Song- a special event with Kay Gillard from the UK- sessions also available
      Thursday, April 25th, 6:30-9pm
      Cost: By Donation
      Location: Katie's Healing Space in La Mesa

      Kay Gillard is a successful a shamanic practitioner, teacher, writer and broadcaster in the UK. She is the creator of The Shamanic Voice, which offers podcasts on various shamanic topics. She has agreed to teach while visiting San Diego. Kay will also be offering one on one sessions on Friday, April 26. Space is limited. Contact me at katie@... for more details and to reserve a time.

      Regarding the Heart Song class, Kay writes: "Those of us who love shamanic practice have all fallen in love with drums and rattles and other wonderful instruments that are part of our healing craft. Those tools contain spirit as well as music, and bring so much power to our healing work and our connection with the divine. You yourself are also an instrument of the divine work, and your voice is your most powerful tool to express this.

      This evening of healing song will f*ree you from the reservations you may have about using your voice for healing. I will demonstrate how to use your voice to channel healing energy, and we will work as a group so you will feel supported and held, not exposed. After some warm up exercises to get the energy flowing, we'll move to some simple but powerful healing work.

      I believe when groups of healers come together, it's an opportunity to make sure that these bright souls are receiving healing, not just giving it. Every member of the group will receive a unique and personal healing song from the group - a truly beautiful experience.

      When I run these groups, many people feel drawn to come along but a little nervous about their voice or what to expect. Please let me dispel some fears for you first!

      1 - I don't care if you think you can sing or not, everyone can use their voice this way. We are using our voices to channel energy, so you will be releasing a controlling hold of your voice and entering into flow instead. Trust me when I say you will be surprised about the sounds you can make!

      2 - You don't need to know the songs. Everything will be channelled intuitively in the moment, so I don't know the songs yet either. Come along, be open, and find out!

      3 - You will not have to sing by yourself. The voices of the group will work together to create the healing space, and I promise that the only person who will have to put in any solo action will be me, when I am demonstrating some of the sounds we can use.

      I'd love to see you for my first San Diego event, I'm really excited about singing in a new place! If you'd like to join me please bring along your drum, rattle or any other tool that wants to come with you - or just bring your voice and heart, that is all you will really need. If you have any questions, please do email me: kay@..."

      Healing Journeys for loved ones who have passed on
      One of the things I'm most passionate about is helping souls complete their journey after death with ease, grace, and beauty. Most souls find their way, but some get lost or stuck in our world. If the death is sudden or violent, the soul may be lost or confused. Also, sometimes souls stay in a misguided attempt to look after loved ones. When I work with the soul of someone who has passed on, I start by providing a full soul retrieval. Making sure all the soul parts are present and returned can help an individual come into clarity and alignment. I then call in loved ones who have gone before to help guide this soul to the light.

      Often our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on still talk to us and hold space for us. Once they've gone through this process, they are empowered to connect from a healthy, ascended perspective, rather than as a frightened, earth bound soul. If someone you love had a difficult life, doing this kind of work will allow them to continue on their soul's journey with less karma or things to clean up in future incarnations. I also find that it helps those who are left behind to heal more quickly and fully from the loss.

      This work can be added into a soul retrieval by request at no extra charge. It's also available as a standalone journey for $50 via email or $75 in a phone session.

      Spiral Healing- A Personal Shamanic Healing Program
      This program is designed to place you under the umbrella of my shamanic care and attention. I will help you juice up your manifestation requests and offer deep individual healing. What's alive for me is to go deep with people. I love when I get to hold vision, connection, and support people in an ongoing way. This offering is around my ability to hold profound space on a shamanic level for your life to unfold for the highest and best. It is about holding the vision for your journey while working with the guides to call in profound destiny paths. I want you to have what you want.

      There are a number of different kinds of healing work I do for my clients, depending on what is most needed. This program allows me to go deeper, providing healing in specific areas. In a normal healing session, I might do ancestral healing if it's more urgently needed than extraction and past life healing. In this program, I'll do all three and more.

      Having shamanic healing work done in such a focused way provides an opportunity for your soul to become healthier and stronger at a highly accelerated pace.

      The program will offer personal shamanic healing in the following areas:

      * Strengthening of energetic connections to heaven and earth and auric repair as well as ensuring your team of guides is in place
      * Cord Cutting and Clearing
      * Shamanic Extraction
      * Chakra opening, repair, cleansing, and empowering
      * Personal Power Healing
      * Past Life Healing
      * Inner Child Healing
      * Ancestral Healing
      * Shadow Work

      What's included:
      * Two general .mp3 recordings each month with information about the type of healing you will receive that month
      * My personal intention on your behalf- I will work with my guides and your guides to support you in whatever you are wanting to manifest.
      * General space holding and intention- you can write me throughout the month as things come up. I will hold intent on your behalf.
      * Personal healing journey- each month you will receive a personal healing journey related to the two topics for the month. The details of the journey will be emailed as an .mp3 recording.

      Space is limited. Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval

      Cost: $135 per month for 5 months

      Spiral Journey- Relationships
      How do you really connect with other people? What makes you feel comfortable with one person and “off” with another? Did you ever wish you had a manual for understanding this messy complicated thing called “relationships?” Join me and learn how to improve all the relationships in your life and attract new ones.

      Imagine experiencing all the flavors of connection and intimacy you'd like to share with other people, from the casual to the profound. This class is designed to help you grow your ability to attract, build, sustain and enjoy relationship and connection to others. You will strengthen your ability to build a rich network of relationships in your life. We will cover romantic relationship, friendship, acquaintances, general community and family of origin.

      Topics include:

      * Boundaries and discernment
      * Compassionate communication
      * Shadow work
      * How to put yourself first and still stay in dynamic connection to loved ones
      * Creating circles of people in your life
      * Cleaning up past wounds and personal triggers
      * Manifesting unconditional positive regard, from yourself and others

      We will cultivate our ability to see the beauty in those around us, to hold them in non-judgment and with kind eyes, while making self-supportive choices about when and how we connect.

      This class will also deal with relationships on a soul level. Often our souls carry wounds from childhood and even other lifetimes that lead to patterns of shutting down, attracting people who activate those wounds, and not getting needs met. We will be moving energy at the highest levels using shamanic techniques. Expect a soul healing and the magic of manifestation to begin to move through your relationships.

      Format will be informal sharing and dialog, discussion of tools and techniques, and experiential work, such as guided shamanic journey.

      This class is the best match for those who are willing to take deep personal responsibility for their pain and who are excited to see great change in their lives. Class is limited to 12 people.
      Thursdays: 7-9pm, July 11, 25, Aug 8, 22, Sept 12, 26, Oct 10, 24
      Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval session
      Cost: $220 (or 4 monthly payments of $55)

      Individual and Distance Shamanic Training
      I offer ongoing distance and one-on-one shamanic training. I've created .mp3 recordings of my Spiral Wisdom classes that cover the various topics like cord cutting, ancestral healing, shadow work, past life healing, etc. The distance training includes a combination of the recordings, email support and individual sessions. Learn to talk directly to your guides while embarking on a powerful personal healing journey.

      Share my Healing Space
      My healing space is currently underutilized. If you're starting a practice or want to offering healing work, classes, massage, or just have a quiet meditation space, please consider renting some hours. A five hour block of time each week is available for $100/month, which works out to around $5/hr. Pictures are available on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151226999078722.456798.699513721&type=3

      Fr*ee resources
      Check out the "articles" page at www.handsoverheart.com for an article on fire ceremony, a powerful healing and manifestation tool. Also, there is a fr*ee .mp3 for manifesting money and one for emotional balance.

      Other Recommended Events: Goddess and Drumming Circles and Shamanic Training with Mara Clear Spring

      The Manifestation Download- The Shamanic Goddess Circle
      Friday, April 19, 2013 ~ 7 pm - $20
      Tree of Life Bookstore, Ocean Beach - (619) 223-3970

      A "Make It Happen!" evening PLUS Energetic Attunement
      Have something in mind you'd like to change about your circumstances or invite into your life. Inspired by my own experiences, teachers and wise advice from The Goddess.

      Psychic Faire
      Saturday, April 20, 2013 ~ Noon to 7 PM
      Tree of Life Bookstore, Ocean Beach - (619) 223-3970

      Celebrate the 7th Anniversary for Tree of Life Metaphysical Book and Gift Store. I'd love to see you between 12 and 7 PM for a discounted Relationship Reading, Animal Card Reading, or other Shamanic Healing work.

      Shamanic Practitioner Jessica Neagle will be there, too, and she's so popular now you may want to get on the list early! Other favorite Tree of Life Readers will be there, and Diana Disimone, owner and Queen of TOL will, of course, create her energetic, party-like magic for the day. Contact Diana at Tree of Life for information.

      Clearing and Blessings- The Shamanic Healing and Drumming Circle
      Tuesday, April 23***, 2013 ~ 7:00 PM ~ $15
      Myztic Isle Bookstore - 8036 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942-0335

      *** Myztic Isle has been remodeled and so this event is subject to being rescheduled. Call the Store (619) 465-3005 or Mara (619) 972-2469 the day of the event to confirm

      We'll clear and bless not only this newly dedicated space but your own home or office as well.

      The Fire Ring Drumming Circle
      April 2013: Mind Shift
      Saturday, April 27, 2013
      7:00 PM - $15 Offering
      Mara's Healing Garden in La Mesa
      Mara@... or 619-972-2469
      Let's shift our perspective and see the world change around us!
      FIRE CEREMONY - OUTDOORS - YES, you may bring something to burn for your own personal fire ceremony.

      Healing Sessions with Mara
      I am available for in person and distance sessions for work such as
      - Soul Retrieval
      - Shamanic Healing, Counseling and Training (60, 90 and 120 minute sessions)
      - Energy Healing - Shamanic Reiki Sessions and Attunements
      - Space Clearing and Land Healing
      - Installation of the Munay-Ki Rites

      Please contact me with your questions and to schedule a session. Mara@... or 619-972-2469. You may also learn more about me on my website: www.maraclearspring.com.

      To make sure my emails always come through, add katie@... to your address book.

      For any questions, contact me at 619-518-7658 or at katie@... or visit www.handsoverheart.com
      katie@... • Katie Weatherup

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