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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Loved Ones ~ Chenrizi Manifestation

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  • Ash
    Each of us have experienced a close friend and family member who has passed on from this life; while their physical body has been left their Spirit, their
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      Each of us have experienced a close friend and family member who has passed on from this life; while their physical body has been left their Spirit, their presence shall always be with us. Whether we are conscious of their presence that in no way lessens their touch. Are they physically missed? Of course and without a doubt we shall always miss them here with us physically. They are with us to be a comfort and guide to assist us in the healing process. Remember that who they are, their spirit, their love never does lessen. That and they are always going to be at the deepest and highest place in our soul, our being, our lives. As we go through life, just as the message of Loved Ones affirms, when we have painful emotions from their passing Know that they are there to help us especially when we feel our heart and strength ebb. They join with those loved ones still here physically with us that are apart of loving souls who are apart of experiencing a peace in your heart, your mind, your spirit; especially important is remembering to be patient with yourself. Allow yourself the time to move through each step for they are with you just as they also carry you with them. They are not gone nor faded away. They live and breathe in your life.

      Loved Ones can and does include the spirits of our ancestors. While some may not have a conscious memory of those who have lived in body before that is not a hindrance to their impacting our lives, teaching, guiding us and being a vital, vibrant and living part of our lives. Again be patient with yourself and Know too that this can also be apart of what can begin to unfold as we reconnect with the Earth, with the land around us and one another. More windows and doors begin to Open as we Open. We can discover a newness of life with our beloved ancestors sharing their love, insight, wisdom, strength and compassion. They are apart of our support system and Know that just as their presence can help in bringing peace, healing, wholeness, inspiration and comfort to you that you are doing the same for them. They and our other guides work together with us to see our lives grow and deepen.

      All of us are entering into turning points within our lives. What we have experienced and perceived as sufferings, problems, hindrances, and burdens are at the stage of transformation. To the degree that we are ready and open to move forward and embrace this it will manifest as it already has begun inside of each of us. Herein, too, is how we grow in our strength of character, of spirit with courage, compassion and love which our Loved Ones are apart of seeing take place.

      Love is the Source of All Manifestations; remember their Love, remember your Love and especially remember that at the deepest places within you that You Are Love. Richly, Divinely, and Beautifully. It is there that we rediscover and redefine ourselves. As we grow, evolve and change Love does the same with us in tandem. Know that in that Love you have experienced with others is apart of the deepest root and connection you have with them. We may feel that Love is absent during periods in our lives yet it never has left us. It is still there patiently waiting for us to being Hearing Her Voice and Her Touch once more. Our Loved Ones are a part of this for us as we are for them.

      Now is the time we can begin to step forward to embrace and receive the blessings which come to us for they reflect the blessings that are not only within us but the Blessing that We Are. Nothing separates us from that just as nothing can ever truly separate us from Love. You experience that Love inside and around for this will always be with us as Our Loved Ones are to us and we to them. Breathe that peace and wholeness of Spirit in and out and keep to your heart and mind that they are always with you. Their Love never ceases as yours never will either.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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