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Quantum Fractal Energy: The Wild & Passionate Side of Innocence

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Shameless The Art of Freedom   You were born to this world in Innocence, not because you had not done anything
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      Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
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      The Art of Freedom
      You were born to this world in Innocence, not because you had not done anything wrong yet, Innocence was your identity your true nature. You are from Innocence - You return to Innocence. The truth - You are Innocence NOW.

      Rumi spoke of a field out beyond our belief in right doing and wrong doing. This field transcends our experience of shame and grants us instant access to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven has come, right now, to Earth, for us to enjoy in the fullness of life. This Kingdom of Heaven is divine pleasure, love and joy. The bible begins in the Garden of Eden, Eden translates (Pure Pleasure). The ancient scriptures declare that in God's presence is perfect pleasure without end. We are from Divine Pleasure we return to the Innocence of pleasure. In truth we have never left Innocence.

      The energy of shame is fueled by judgement, the experience of shame is separation and hiding. We come to believe the lie that we are cut off from our pleasure, that we are not worthy of fullness of joy, that we do not deserve the overflowing abundance of a rich life. This is not Truth.

      Shame separates us from our Pleasure, our Passion, our Power, our Purpose and our Potential. (ha, sounds like a sermon) Shame is an illusion that keeps you from the passionate overflowing, mind blowing, abundance flowing miracle of divine joy. YOU ARE SHAMELESS!!!

      Shameless is your origin, Shameless is your destiny, Shameless desires to be your reality right now, here, in your present condition. You are shameless!!!

      You are beautiful! You are divine. You are Innocence!

      Shamelessness is wild and untamed. It is fullness of joy. It is passionate intimacy, sacred love and boundless pleasure. Do I have your attention? Right? Who would not want to live in this reality?

      Shame is a powerful delusion. It separates you from reality. You are a magnificent divine being of light, brought forth in Innocence and divine pleasure. Can you feel your heart pounding desire to return to this truth?

      Every painful challenge in your life today finds its origin in your belief of shame. Physical, emotional, mental, relational, financial challenges are created through a belief into shame. This is not who you are! This is not your identity. You are Innocence.

      The truth I am unveiling here is transforming my life, filling me with wild passion for living, unbridled desire for intimacy (oneness) with God and the souls I have the great pleasure to love. I love life! This is my greatest work, my deepest passion to set souls free to their wild untamed passionate pleasure of Innocence. Are you in?

      I have two amazing opportunities for you to explore.

      First: Shameless Sessions - Awakening Pleasure, Passion, Purpose, Power and Infinite Potential. (this is not even on my website yet) If you would like to know how to book one of these life transcending sessions Click Here I will email you details personally. You will love this!!!

      Second: I am creating an eight week online experience with my partner Tiffany Josephs called Shameless - An Untamed Experience with Innocence. We will lay out the principles and truth of Innocence and give you exercises and tools to shatter the delusion of shame. Can you imagine living life in fulness? Attracting passionate people into your life who are not afraid of intimacy? Creating overflowing abundance that opens your experience of freedom? We are finalizing the details of this course right now. If you are interested in participating in this course and would like details as soon as they are available -Click Here

      Wow, thank you for being present with this email. Can you feel my passion? I am blessing you today with wild, untamed Innocence.


      2238 East Captain Dreyfus Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85022 United States

      My Gift to You
      Realm of Innocence
      Magical Mandala
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      Shameless Sessions
      Shame confines, binds and defines your life. It is a taming energy that separates you from your true power and infinite potential. Are you ready to live an UNTAMED - WILD - LIFE of passion and pleasure. Are you open to creating your amazing life on purpose with untapped resources.
      Click Here, I will send you details on how you can access these sessions. (this is not available on my site yet) I will email you with information to get started.
      Shameless Live
      This Saturday - Phoenix
      This Saturday Tiffany and I will be leading a four hour adventure into Innocence called Shameless Live. This event will be hosted by Michael and Carmella Dodge in Scottsdale AZ. The cost is $50. Sign Up Here

      If you are interesting in hosting a Shameless Live Event in your city email me. keith@...
      Soul Magnetism
      A Evening for Women
      This Wednesday Night 6:30 - 9:00 Scottsdale, AZ   I will be teaching a class on attracting your souls desire. I will be doing some hands on demonstration of Magnetic Soul Remapping, this is an amazing modality for super charging your Soul attraction for the desires of your heart, Passionate Intimacy, Sacred Relationships and Pleasurable Abundance. This will be HOT!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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