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Power Animal of the Week: Swan ~ Orca

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  • Ash
    Swan and Orcacompliment one another wellshowing their unique synergy; that, in and of itself, enhances our own uniqueness and the synergy which can create from
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2013
      Swan and Orca compliment one another well showing their unique synergy; that, in and of itself, enhances our own uniqueness and the synergy which can create from the messages Quado's Garden gave to us this morning. Swan can teach and guide your Inner and Outer Sight. To see yourself for the beautiful soul that you are. For any who have had the thoughts of themselves as "ugly ducklings" Swan teaches that you have always been beautiful. That mindset of seeing yourself as less than you are is fading away. It is time to release that and transform yourself in the process. See your beauty on all the multitude of levels that this is...that you are and, in turn, let that radiate out just as brightly as you begin to experience and see this inwardly. See your Self for the Beautiful, Divine Soul that you always have been and are. Forgive yourself, stop judging yourself and embrace all that you uniquely are. Here you are reconnecting and strengthening yourself. Becoming more confident and loving which, among the many other fruits that also come, you will discover the grace and elegance of life. To Love your Self fully and unconditionally is the foundation for everything especially in staying True to your Self, to Life, and especially to this Earth. There is a synergy which is reawakened within you as you express this loyalty and honesty to and with the Earth and that will translate to those who come into your life that growing and sharing in the same Light. You Know that you are fully deserving of love because You Are Love.

      You can not only survive but thrive in any environment, wherever you may find your feet or wings taking you. You can adapt and learn and share and grow with a confidence that is rooted deep inside of you. Remember the seeds that live and thrive are those whose roots go deep; which means that when we feel every part of our life feels to be torn apart that there is that deepest and highest part of Your Self right there with you. You will also feel and experience one or more who are giving selfless and genuine love; it is being planted, nurtured, watered and tended to; in time you will See that the love given was responding to that Love inside of you. The part of You which never gave up and was, and continues to be, reflected through the eyes, heart and love of another and especially through the Love that Spirit and the Earth gives to you. Also always apart of you.

      You can adapt, thrive and shine beautifully and the choices that you make can be those from a place of respect, grace, compassion and love. A Loyalty of Spirit that you will experience with others as this will reflect that same Loyalty and Grace you have for yourself and that you are. Health, Joy, Life and Love shine brighter and brighter for You are Shining.

      The Swan
      Elegance          Confidence          Loyalty

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the swan fill you. Click here to Listen to the Swan's Song.

      The epitome of grace and elegance is now a part of your life.  How fortunate you are! 
      Let her help you bring a certain elegance to the way you dress, the way you live, everything you do.  It should come naturally now, for you are the swan.
      Fill yourself with confidence.  Let your beauty shine out in all ways.  Float gracefully through life, knowing that you will always be welcome in the company of others when you breathe in your swan energy.
      The swan will also help you maintain long and loyal relationships, for she knows how to stay true to another and attracts the same to herself.  Let the swan spirit give you confidence that you are fully deserving of love.  Trust that long-lasting love will be a part of your life, for you are the swan.
      Let the swan teach you to live in more than one world, comfortable both on the water and in the sky.  Learn to fly with purpose to your destination, neck outstretched and trumpeting your joy.  Then learn to float in tranquility on the peaceful lake, a portrait of grace and elegance, wanting nothing more than simply to be who you are, the perfect swan.

      The ORCA
      Adaptability     Intelligence     Synergy

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the orca fill you. Click here to Listen to the Orca's Song.

      Orca energy will allow you to thrive in varied environments, for she is found in the frigid waters of the north as well as the warm seas of the tropics.  No matter where you find yourself, orca energy will help you to adapt and do well indeed.
      The orca is highly intelligent and has great learning abilities.  This, together with your adaptability, will enable you to take on challenging assignments and projects in life, knowing that you will be capable of learning whatever it is you need to learn in order to succeed.
      Orca is also highly sociable and loves working with others.  She lives in a cohesive group, communicates well and works alongside the members of her pod to achieve things greater than she could possibly do alone.  Let her teach you this ability to work as a team, making your personal power as large as that of the whole group.
      Brave and bright, healthy and strong, and a loyal and effective team member, you are the orca.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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