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Quado's Garden: You are Like a Snowflake ~ Opportunity Surrounds You

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  • Ash
    You hold a beautiful, vibrant uniqueness within all of life. Your uniqueness does not set you apart from life nor does this mean that you are alone; rather
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2013
      You hold a beautiful, vibrant uniqueness within all of life. Your uniqueness does not "set you apart" from life nor does this mean that you are alone; rather quite the opposite. This accentuates the connection to life and the value that you hold within this matrix. Fully apart of Spirit and the Earth you have a purpose and place here. When we ask what is the meaning of life look in the mirror and look deep inside of yourself. Right there in that reflection can you see and rediscover those answers. You carry within yourself all that you will ever truly need. You bring peace, joy, love, healing and meaning to the Universe, to this Earth. Your individuality is a treasure and map that uncovers and opens the mysteries of life and Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are not intended nor designed to be elusive in nature. Rather they are apart of co-creating and birthing the unlimited potential into unlimited manifestations and those become opportunities that Open. The outer doors of opportunity become Known as they reflect the Opening of your inner Doors and Windows.

      When there are doubts shift our perspective so that we transform those doubts into a fertile field that are seeding and harvesting in the same moment. Not of uncertainty but of a quiet, still strength and confidence. These are questions that arise which are designed, through our intent and focus, to uplift and nurture and strengthen us. Do you look for something or someone to have faith in? Asking what can you believe in? Again look in that mirror and inside of yourself. Have faith in You and you can believe in your Self. That is where you connect to Spirit and find that you have always been apart of. It is there that you find as you Open inside you are also Opening to the Earth. Becoming more attuned to where you are truly Listening and Receiving and Giving at the same time.

      These are true golden opportunities to rediscover and redefine yourself, your life and use that passion, that love to fuel and transform ourselves. See that inner value of Who You Are and, in the process, embrace and experience a Renewal of Spirit. There you are Creating and Birthing new opportunities. Take each of those moments to step in confidently, courageously and boldly. 

      If you do not think of yourself in that way imagine yourself that way; as the kind of person you want to be and there also in the process you will begin to experience and see that this has been you all along. It is how that Beautiful Inner Divine Self has enabled you to reawaken and discover your value, your abilities, your gifts...to discover YOU. Carry that Inner Vision in the world around you and each of us will be inspiring one another, loving one another, and complimenting one another. *:x lovestruck


      You are Like a Snowflake

      You are like the snowflake, utterly unique, but yet also a part of the bank of snow, inseparable.  You are one and you are part of all.  You are an individual full of power, but your power derives more from your connection to the all than to your individuality.  But yet your individuality is a treasure that makes the all what it is. Without you, the entire world, the entire universe, would be lacking something it now has.
      You do not need to rationally understand why you are here or what you are to do with your life.  You do not need a plan that you can explain to the world.  All you need to do is go deep, deep enough that you are full of peace and connection.  And there, you may simply ask, what shall I do right now?  And faith will be all around you, letting you know that the answer to that question contains within it all of the intention and purpose that you need.  Your higher self is connected to the greater swirling patterns of what is and the answer which comes answers not only your purpose and higher intention, but that of the entire universe of which you are a part. 
      Yes, the answer says, right now, do this.  Do this full of faith, full of connection and oneness, full of love and peace, and your one little action will be a harmonious part of the all that is.

      Opportunity Surrounds You

      You are, right now, standing in opportunity.  It is all around you.  At this age, at this weight, with these resources, you are surrounded by opportunity. There are doors and windows flying open all around you. 
      The larger arc of your life is one of constant renewal and opportunity.  But this moment, right now, is utterly unique, and the talents you have right now and the types of opportunities which surround you in this moment are here for this moment only.  And so, you must take a deep breath and step through a door, take some action, allow yourself to act on those dreams.
      If you do not fully believe in yourself, that is all right.  Act as if you do.  Act as if you are completely confident.  Pretend to be the person you aspire to be and the universe will respond.  And as the response comes, you will begin to actually be this person you aspire to be.  And the response will contain within it both the seeds for your growth and the seeds for your success.  You will be praised for some things and given advice on others.  All of this is the fruit of action. 
      Do not let this moment turn into a moment of regret.  Do not let this moment be one that you look back on with longing, wondering how you could have missed the signs, how you could have doubted yourself and been so afraid.  Let this be a moment you look back on with pride, proud of the courage you had to step out and act, even though you were uncertain in many ways, even though you had to take a deep, deep breath to overcome your fear.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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