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Solar An-Ra: April 2013: New Meditation, News & Events

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        If you can t pick this newsletter up with the photos/YouTube, please read it here Solara An-Ra s April 2013 Newsletter A clan of beautiful Goddesses at
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      If you can't pick this newsletter up with the photos/YouTube, please read it here

      Solara An-Ra's April 2013 Newsletter

      A clan of beautiful Goddesses at one of my 'Goddess Arises' workshops in Avalon
      Helloooo dear Light tribe ... I wish I could say from a London bathed in Spring sunshine - but as I write the unseasonable snow is sheeting down outside my window! I can't complain, after spending the last month in Dubai & South Africa. Love and thank you thank you to my Light tribe and my family who made the trip so worthwhile.
      Not long now till my move to Ibiza at the end of May - hooray! I am so looking forward to the healing, balancing frequencies of sea, sand and sunshine ... and of hopefully inviting you to join me there on retreat when I find the right home to welcome you.
      I have 2 treats for you lovely people - firstly, another free webinar, coming up on Sunday 14th of April. This is the third free webinar I am offering on the chakras or energy centres that receive and transmit frequencies from our physical and Light bodies. I have been guided to offer these online workshops free as part of my commitment, alongside the Star Councils of Light, to teach humans their 'energy A-B-C's'.
      One of the important aspects I am teaching in this webinar is how various pairs of chakras work together. Often it is the case that it is not a blockage in one energy centre which is causing a problem - it is instead the connection between it and another chakra which needs mending. Learning to work with the connection between pairs of chakras will assist you both in your own re-balancing and in healing others.
      Secondly, I am gifting you with a brand new meditation, designed to heal and balance the 7 internal chakras - scroll down to the end of the newsletter to experience this gift - and enjoy!
      I have also decided that the time is now to teach the amazing Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills which I have been gifted from my Star guides since I received my first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. I am passing these skills on in the form of a 3-part webinar, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are meant to heal, and those who have some healing experience. Follow the link below for more details.

      April-May 2013 Courses & Events

      Sunday 14 April (7 - 8.30pm GMT): FREE WEBINAR: Internal Chakra Healing Skills
      16 April: The Breathless State of Babaji - Meditation Class with Solara An-Ra
      & Katy Tucker - Swiss Cottage, London
      Sat 20 April (5pm for 5.30): Connecting with your Guides Workshop - Brixton, London
      Solara An-Ra is offering this 1 hour workshop as part of a wonderful OneSpirit event

      April-May 2013: Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills - Webinar Series

      12-19 May: Rejuvenation Retreat

      A blissful Retreat in the Bulgarian Mountains

      An amazing opportunity to join with like-hearted people on a full week's spiritual holiday in the beautiful Bulgarian mountains. All techniques taught are designed to reverse ageing and increase the frequency of your physical & light bodies.
      I am offering this at the amazing price of £399 including 7 nights accommodation, 2 meals a day and all tuition. Easyjet flights to Bulgaria are very reasonable, and you can pay for the course with 3 x £133 instalments over April, May & June if this helps.


      Healing & Balancing Chakra Meditation

      TheSeven Internal Chakras

      A wonderful new meditation from Solara An-Ra to balance and heal the 7 internal chakras. It is as important as ever to work with the internal chakras, despite our new  evolving 12-13 chakra system.
      When we balance the internal chakras we balance the aspects of our human consciousness - and therefore how we deal with everyday life. This heals money issues, physical health, sexuality, emotions, insecurities, relationships, communication, intuition and finally our perception of and connection with the Divine.
      There is no escaping our human personalities and issues! When we take the time to heal on the mundane level, we are able to integrate with our Higher Selves and multi-dimensional aspects more effectively. And so it is!
      Love love love, Solara an-Ra
      For Gaia-and-Tribe

      Love love love,
      Solara An-Ra
      Light Tribe of Gaia

      © Copyright Solara An-Ra.   


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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