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Inspire Me Today: Today's Inspiration from Aaron Ableman

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  • Ash
    Inspired Quote of the Day You are the source and the destination, the river and the ocean, the seed and the fruit! ~ Aaron Ableman
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2013

      Inspired Quote of the Day

      You are the source and the destination, the river and the ocean, the seed and the fruit! ~ Aaron Ableman

      Today's Inspiration

      Aaron  Ableman

      Aaron Ableman

      Aaron is the creator of Pacha's Pajamas.
      If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...
      Life is what you choose. Life is what it is. And life isn't what it isn't. The struggles of any life worth living require a practice of self-liberation, as documented in freedom songs or stories from here to Timbuktu. Despite having been thrown into the throws of a mysterious universe, our heroes choose love over fear, inspiration over death, freedom over enslavement.
      The truth is, all good stories and songs need a challenge or a conflict to keep the interest of the audience. In other words, transform your perspective and you'll see that no matter the challenge, you have the power to choose your destiny. As it has been said before, my enemy can drag me through the streets, burn my home, and I will still love them.
      If my world is mean and unfair, I can find my inner strength and still succeed with honors. If I have no legs, I thank god for my arms. If I don't have a home, thank god for a bed under the stars. And in case I find myself lost in the world of fast food, billboards and bad health, I can still sit down and write a rap song.
      Facing one such situation, here's what I wrote yesterday --- in service to a life of inspiration, brilliance and magic:
      This bright cloth of existence
      Is a weaving of sacred threads fits
      Colors, songs and caressed bits
      Like a prayer for natural fabrics.
      The fire of water, air and earth elements
      I don't even mind which is which
      Or better yet, if life is sandwiched
      Between the heart or mindless
      Ain't no if's and's but's about it
      Thank god for the goddess
      The dreamer, the family and the kiss
      Which creates us all in the image
      Of the child which is just the village
      The father which is still just the kid
      Dressed in the emperor's undress
      So the queen makes pajama myths
      And a story of dancing bliss
      Don't sleep on Pacha's oneness
      Count sheep when the drum hits
      Choosing to dream over ignorance!
      The time is now to change your life. No need to wait. For what it is that you're looking for is what's looking. You are the source and the destination, the river and the ocean, the seed and the fruit! Since every moment is a choice, choose the rosy colored glasses that paint the world brightly. Perhaps someday, your choosing so will carry you on a magical dream adventure called success, happiness and real joy!

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