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Isha Lerner's Power of the Flower Tarot: Shooting Star

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  • Ash
    It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2013
      "It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to the more earth-bound beings in their midst" As we step into and embrace remembering our true cosmic origins it brings a deeper understanding and purpose for our being here. Chief among those is that while yes we are from the stars in the same breathe and moment we are also fully here in the bodies we wear on this Earth. Equally and fully apart of this Beloved Earth who is Our Mother. That much more enriched through the passage we have entered through Her being an equal part of creating and birthing this physical body we live in and how our Soul can and is intimately and richly connected to Her. When we look within and upward to the Stars let us never forget that when looking inward we are also Seeing Her as well as in the land around us. Her touch, Her sounds, Her fragrance, Her body. Respect, accept, embrace and love fully all that we are as we Open to our Cosmic and Divine Self; as we do this we are also Opening to our Mother Earth who is equally apart of this Unity. Her mysteries will begin to open and reveal themselves more as we continue to sustain an intimate, open, honest and loving relationship with Her. For this reflects our own inner relationship with our Self and the Universe that speaks to us and from within us.

      We come into this world from the stars carrying the uniqueness that manifest in our lives through the abilities that awaken, these gifts that we share and impart and awakening more to See these seeds and fruits within ourselves and others. For all who feel alienated assist them in remembering who they are, the richness that they possess and that the alienation they experience of how life has been is an opening of themselves to a deeper awareness of the change that is calling from their deepest heart and that the Universe and Earth is responding to. How they can be and are apart of those that will help to create, transform and usher in a New World together. Being ready to become pregnant with the unlimited potential inside of us and around us; giving birth to fresh and new ways and planting those seeds and partaking of the fruits now and securing this for generations to come. Growing as sacred protectors and nurturers of the resources of the Earth and a valiant steward all equally together in Love and Unity. Flying through the Stars and Walking the Earth together as One.

      Shooting Star
      Your card is...

      Shooting Star

      Latin: Dodeatheon hendersonii

      Color(s): White, Pink, Lavender, or Magenta

      Archetype: Star Child. A Star Child is a luminous being who possesses a fierce individuality, strong will and equally strong character. Called to earth at this time to be in service to humanity at a critical stage of human evolution, their truest mission is to undo habitual patterns of human consciousness at the collective level, while dedicating their lives to building “A New World” in the wake of the old.

      Signature: A Spring flower resembling a star or comet zooming to earth, with pale, green leaves in delicate basal rosettes. It cannot endure the summer heat and is found where the soil is rich and fertile and there is an abundance of water. Blossoms cluster on a leafless stem, reaching as much as two feet in length.

      Healing Properties: Shooting Star is most beneficial to those who feel alienated from numerous aspects of early existence and suffer deeply for it. It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to the more earth-bound beings in their midst. Especially helpful for children with traumatic births, but a potent elixir for curing alienation on all levels.

      Healing: Shooting Star reminds you that you have come to this planet carrying many special qualities and gifts - along with a unique mission and destiny. Have you felt an increasing sense of alienation lately? As you contemplate the coming changes, as well as the role you may play in ushering them in, do you fear that you will open yourself to ridicule, ostracism, scapegoating, or even martyrdom? Perhaps you have always known that you possess special virtues, and have ached for a time when such qualities could be unleashed, revealing the unique star that you truly are.

      In this card, a bouquet of Shooting Star flowers greets a new arrival on board a tiny Shooting Star ship. This newborn is, in fact, a fully conscious soul, choosing to enter earth in service to the cosmic forces of Love and Light. Currently, there are many Star Children on earth who have not yet remembered their true identities and reasons for being here. As more and more remember, however, they, too, will be recognized and greeted by kindred spirits. Are you remembering? Perhaps you are in the process of birthing a little being of light. It is, indeed, a privilege to be granted such an opportunity. Always remember "You can wish upon a star."

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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