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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Guardian of Hearts - Gabrielle

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    ...Here the call to spiritual rebirth. A spiritual rebirth is the cornerstone, the foundation, for our waking up to a new life in all of its divine
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      "...Here the call to spiritual rebirth." A spiritual rebirth is the cornerstone, the foundation, for our waking up to a new life in all of its divine magnificence. How appropriate as we enter into the Spring season are we given this encouraging message. One that challenges and inspires us to open and awaken to new heights and depths.

      The message describes a harmonious, musical call that brings seals and other sea creatures to the surface. That is a song which comes from you. The Universe hears your call and has responded. Now we respond to hear the same call and open ourselves just as the Universe, our Beloved Earth, Source Opens to us. That which has been deep within you is called to the surface. Embrace and Be that Song and discover the grace, beauty, strength, and love that we all are. We are become the nurturers, the protectors, the teachers through the Song That We Are. Touching, moving, healing and transforming lives around us just as we have been touched that same Pure Unconditional Love which comes to us and from within us.

      How do we build that Rainbow Bridge? Breathe, Be and Know that You are that Rainbow Bridge; each of us adding our dazzling uniqueness as we Compliment one another and keep to our memory and heart how rainbows are depicted. From the Earth to the Sky and back to the Earth. Grounded firmly within the Earth (Spirit Within) as this ascends to the Sky (Spirit Above) and returns to Earth. An important reminder that could not be more emphasized, as in recent weeks for us, to connect and embrace the land for it is there that we are becoming that much more connected and opening to to ourselves and becoming transformed through the Love that She extends to us and awakens inside of us.

      Walk in Compassion, Strength, Integrity and Love as we become Recipients and Creators of of the Heart, of Life, of Love.

      Guardian of Hearts - Gabrielle
      Your card is...

      Guardian of Hearts - Gabrielle

      Archangel Gabriel-who in this card receives a feminine expression as Gabrielle-is the chief revealer of divine mysteries to humanity. In this card, a rainbow-winged Gabrielle is the Guardian of Hearts. She is a golden-haired mermaid sounding the harmonious music that will bring seals and other sea creatures to the surface world. She carries the Holy Grail of universal love and human kindness. When Gabrielle appears in your reading, hear the call to spiritual rebirth. Watch your dreams for inspiring symbols and stories that ask you to awaken to a higher life. Be compassionate to those individuals who seem most vulnerable and down on their luck. You can be a teacher whose words, songs, and gentle touch heal loved ones. Build a rainbow bridge of trust and understanding to your friends around the world.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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