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[ANGEL] 10 Aries, The Angels of Victorious Divine Magnetism

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    ** ** *10 degrees Aries * ** ** *The Angels of Victorious Divine Magnetism * */Also known as/* *The Angels of / Tabori / * ** ** *Beloved**,* * Flowing
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 29, 2013

      10 degrees Aries
       The Angels of Victorious Divine Magnetism
      Also known as
       The Angels of


      Flowing emotions are magnetic. 
       Flowing feelings attract new correponding realities into
      manifestation on the physical plane.
      Emotions, therefore, 'give birth' to the physical plane, and are 
       The Divine Feminine aspect of Divine Providence in action.

      We inspire the Children of Light to flow with victorious divine feelings
       to manifest Paradise on Earth.

      During the past decades scientists discovered
      in quantum physics that
       emotions create fields of magnetic energy
      which determine behaviors
      of waves and particles.

      To manifest Heaven on Earth,
      or the original divine blueprints of creation,
      it becomes necessary to magnetically draw forth divine conditions onto the earth through mastery of divine flowing feelings.
       To do this, we inspire and guide a Child of Light
       into states of high inspiration and intuition,
       which is the meaning of the letter T of our name.

      The letter T vibrates to the musical note of F, and shines
      with a warm brownish black light shining from a tiny sun in the head region.
       This sun fills the head region in meditation, and then,
      through breath and intent, fills whatever inner guidance directs in all
       of space and time, inwardly and outwardly.

      With the outward breath this radiance shines through the pores of the skin
       over the right kidney and fills whatever inner guidance directs in the outer
      With the inward breath this radiance comes from the outer universe
       and fills the body through these pores.
       This divine virtue, when meditated on sufficiently,  
        fills a person with flowing divine emotional states  
       that are appropriate to manifest Paradise in each situation. 

      We then offer attunement with complete wisdom and enlightenment,
       which is the letter A, the second letter in our name. With this attunement, a
      marvelous state of ease fills time and space in meditation on the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. A beautiful light blue color is seen radiating from a tiny sun in the lungs filling whatever inner guidance directs, and the musical note of G vibrates in the web of life with flowing feelings of wisdom.

        This meditation stimulates neuropeptides from the pineal gland  
       that awaken telepathic access to Divine Universal Mind
        and to other individual minds. 

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