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Sacred Cow Tipping w. Rheanni Lightwater: Tipping Point Game - Burnout

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      Soul Resources © 2013 All Rights Reserved

      Following the Sacred Cow Tracks
      In our society, there's a lot of confusion about what our priorities should be.
      Should we protect our children or should we protect our rights to own an assault rifle that's designed for battle?
      Should we offer a service that feeds our heart and soul or should we just go for the money?
      Finances Aren’t the Only Thing That Can Go Bankrupt
      What about sustaining self-respect and an individual’s ability to take care of themselves? So many people have hit the skids and yet, it’s the bankers we are supposed to help. It’s give, give, give, until there isn’t anything left. And now we’ve even gone way beyond that point.
      Today’s Sacred Cow is:
      "Keep people's priorities upside down."
      When we're sick, tired or burnt out, we often lack the motivation to do things to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, we might think that asking for what we need would mean that we're being selfish – we shouldn’t be asking for anything extra! There might even be another member of the family, a partner or a friend, whose needs are supposed to take precedence over ours.
      "Other people have it so bad, how could I possibly ask for anything?"
      "I don’t have time to do that for myself, I’ve got to take care of thus and such."
      We could also say, "I don't have time", "It's too much trouble" or even "why bother?" There seems to be a sense of giving up in these cases.
      And so we go without for long periods of time, sometimes our whole lives. Our minds are conditioned to ride along, accepting our lot in life; yet our spirits are gnawing at us, filling us with dis-satisfaction, frustration, or resentment. We feel bored and our bodies are really telling us what's going on - we're gaining weight, we feel sick and tired, we wind up with depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes, you name it.
      There's an old saying that, "You can’t give what you don’t have." Yet somehow we keep expecting that we can and our health continues to suffer. Our bodies are literally burning out because our energy supply is bankrupt. We are running on empty. And so is our economy.
      Look at the Soul Contract Circle to release the two agreements that cause the emotional and physical crash:
      "I release the agreement that taking good care of myself is being selfish.
      I replace it with "It’s essential that I invest in myself."
       "I release the agreement that I'm not a priority. I decide that the needs of my body, mind and spirit are important. "

      "My new agreement is to take actions that will benefit me."
      Now use this Circle for removing and planting karmic seeds to ask yourself what your current needs really are, then imagine you can plant seeds in your consciousness for those things to grow and mature. This will help you turn your priorities right side up.
      "What are some things that I truly need?"
      "What will help me find and fulfill my purpose?"

      "I remove any karmic seeds that keep me a slave to others."
      "I plant seeds of karma that will help me to be more proactive."
      "I plant seeds for the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that will help me be more peaceful, prosperous and healthy in my life."
      Once the seeds are planted, you’re ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will help you even more to be peaceful and attract more cooperation into your life.
      I know that you know someone who could really use this game, after you play it yourself, consider passing it on to friends, family and or co-workers who are in the process of burning out.
      Love & Light,
      Rheanni Lightwater
      Co-owner of Soul Resources
      (505) 271-4612
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