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Simona Rich: How Sharing Leads to Immortality

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    http://www.personal-development-coach.net/how-sharing-leads-to-immortality.html How Sharing Leads to Immortality By Simona Rich+ in All Articles, Psychic,
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      How Sharing Leads to Immortality

      It was on my mind for a while to write an article about how the vibration of sharing and love insures your immortality. I just got a signal that I’m ready to write an article about it: I got a reader’s comment about it (I published it here) as well as I was led to the materials of goldenmean.info which again confirmed my point of view.
      When I get such confirmations, I know I have enough knowledge (however not total knowledge) to write about the subject.
      Sharing and love is of the spirit. Selfishness is of the ego. Ego is mortal. According to Dan Winter, the mad scientist whose work I’m now studying (goldenmean.info), a human soul is mortal (please don’t be scared – it’s one of the theories). For it to survive, certain objectives must be met:
      • The person should remove all the selfishness and engage only in sharing and love.
      • The person should seek things which bring pleasure to him/her. However they should be internal things and not external. External pleasure seeking leads to all kinds of unhealthy addictions.
      • The person should avoid using things that disagree with the human aura. They mainly are: widely used metals (like tin and aluminium), plastic, processed foods, homes without traditional (pointy) roofs.
      • The person should live in as natural surroundings as possible and be away from electrical things which disrupt our energy.  Dan Winter claims that electrical items as well as pollution slowly kills our souls.
      • The person should die in a way that the soul would experience a harmonious implosion. It’s all very complicated, but the idea here is to die in a place which is the symbol of that implosion. Such symbol is, for example, a small hill which looks just like a big hill behind it. Dying on that small hill is a perfect place to trigger a soul implosion (I have more information about this further down).
      These things would ensure that when the person dies, his energy is that of the light. The energy of love and sharing would be able to travel faster than the speed of light and thus would be able to shoot into the stars. The energy that is slow, however, would be cancelled due to inharmonious waves (this is my explanation of Dan Winter’s complicated language).
      I don’t know if Dan Winter is right or wrong, but the advice he gives is definitely beneficial. For example, he tries to explain the importance of sacred architecture. It was proven even by conventional scientists that living in a pyramid (with four corners) shaped house leads to the youth preservation, vitality and elimination of diseases. Fruits, vegetables and milk can be kept for a very long time under such a pyramid without any decay. This can definitely replace a harmful fridge – and it’s much cheaper too since such a pyramid would not be electricity-powered.
      Sharing and love, as he says, is of God. Also the book I reviewed by Rav Berg on immortality says the same thing as Dan Winter, but in a more religious language. Usually religious/spiritual leaders can’t explain exactly why love and sharing leads to immortality, however Dan Winter has an answer to this.
      He says that the vibration of love and sharing is the only vibration in which waves don’t fight with each other (thus cancel each other out) and therefore survive. They create a beautiful pattern which never ends. This pattern has a God’s ratio, the only ratio that never ends. The example of such a godly pattern can be seen in pine cones and sea shells:
      Sea Shells
      Image taken from Flickr
      A never ending, imploding pattern that has God’s ratio.

      How to learn sharing

      Sharing is not common to the Western culture. We are all about becoming successful on our own. We are proud of the possessions we acquire and it doesn’t even cross most minds to share them with others.
      It was hard for me to learn sharing too, since that’s not in my culture. The way I learnt it was by being exposed to the Indian culture. In the Indian culture sharing is natural. When a person has something to eat and he comes to meet his friends, he shares his food with everyone. For me, at first, it wasn’t something I would do. But gradually sharing became natural for me too, well amost.
      I’m not saying I always share. I still have the moments when I withhold something if it’s something expensive or unique. Sometimes I don’t give money or things to beggars, if they look drunk or dishonest. I’m working on this though, and I hope that in the near future I will be all about sharing. There’s definitely some fear in me left which says “Don’t share”, therefore I know that withholding is fear based – it’s the mentality of lack.
      So sharing is easier to learn if you are in a culture where sharing is natural. If you can’t be in such a culture, still try sharing your things with others no matter how unnatural it seems at first. Sharing is very freeing and light. Also it kills your ego.

      Anger destroys

      Anger is the opposite to love, in my opinion. Love creates and grows. Out of love gifted children are born. Out of love beautiful works of art are made. Anger, however, causes only destruction. We ruin the lives of others and we put our lives into chaos when we project anger.
      It’s easy to see, in my opinion, that the spiritual equivalent of anger is also destructive. The waves of anger are chaotic. They are not self aware and they eventually meet and destroy each other. The waves of love are calm and regular. They meet in beautiful patterns that never end.

      Pleasure leads to immortality

      Pleasure is of light. Out of pleasure human beings are born. Pleasure can create intense self awareness and the feeling of being one with the universe (e.g. some people practicing tantra feel immense love for everyone and see themselves in everyone). If we can get our inner self to become self-aware (this happens when we become enlightened; when we know that we are all and all is us), we never die spiritually.
      It’s not the first time I read that intense pleasure can result in enlightenment. However such pleasure should be not explosive but implosive. This you can create if the pleasure trigger is inside rather than outside. Meditation and kundalini tantra are two tools which can create implosive pleasure.
      When you experience such a pleasure, your brain can become illuminated. After the pleasure experience I sometimes see light with my third eye, like my front brain becomes illuminated. This experience can totally change you and make you wiser, if you continue regularly having implosive pleasure.
      Implosive pleasure never leaves you exhausted – it charges you and renews your cells. I see how this light and fast energy created by such a pleasure can lead to immortality.
      Lastly, you know that you are getting the right pleasure if you can retain the energy inside. If you see a blue disk with closed eyes sometimes, that’s one of the indicators that you are doing the right thing. Also the experience of seeing a dark spot in this disk and getting through it, according to Dan Winter, is your soul testing whether it can travel through the speed of light. This experience is wonderful, it happened to me many times. You can even become disoriented for a bit after such a spiritual ride.

      How to learn to love

      Love is harder to learn than sharing, in my opinion. In fact you don’t learn it, you simply open up to it so that you would find it within. We are the beings of love, but we close up and become even cruel if we are hurt. So to open up to love, you need to release all the feelings of hurt and unfairness.
      Praying helps to find love within. Sincerely desire to find your real loving nature and with time you will.
      I have the moments where I love the whole world. But these are just moments – it’s not a permanent state. It’s not easy to release all the things that my mother used to teach me about not trusting men and so on. However the desire is there, so I know that with time I will completely open up to love.
      If you really want to open up to love, you should wish love for others. That’s easy to do in a group meditation. If you find a group like that, be sure to join it. Or you can organize one yourself. The purpose of such meditation should be to send the waves of love from your heart to the whole world.


      Love and sharing is of God; Selfishness is of the ego. To become immortal, we need to create a wave pattern which doesn’t die. That would be the energy of God which can travel faster than the speed of light. The other vibrations have chaotic patterns and in the end the rays cancel each other out which results in annihilation. Thus in order to become immortal (according to some authors such as Rav Berg and Dan Winter), we need to love everyone and we need to share what we have.
      This is only the theory about immortality however it may be correct because it is true that love and sharing is of God – everyone feels this within. Thus let’s try to find within ourselves these beautiful features so that we would set an example for others too.
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