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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Illuminate ~ Work ~ Companion's Love

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  • Ash
    The time has come to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be all of who you are meant to be. This is not a judgmental statement made; rather it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2013
      "The time has come to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be all of who you are meant to be." This is not a judgmental statement made; rather it is an observation that is shared to assist us with clarity in how to be luminous being that You Are. When we are guided that it is time to get out of our own way we are being asked to make conscious choices. Choose to let go of any and all beliefs and thoughts which have held you back from seeing yourself much more clearly. Casting off judgment and a thought or belief system that have limited you. See your Self as the Precious, Beautiful and Divine Soul that You Are. As you bask in that radiance remember this truly is YOU. It is not an illusion, nor a "dream". Lift those weights off of your shoulders as you find the lightness and strength of your Soul rise and grow. Within this message to "take up space" is apart of Knowing that you do matter, you do have a place, a purpose here, and you are not merely 'here and in the background'. Take one step at a time as you acclimate and open yourself up. Each of us is a pioneer in our right as we compliment one another giving encouragement, sharing peace, joy, wholeness and love. Love being that very key.

      God/Goddess, Spirit, Source, Universe....however that speaks to us is Love. The very foundation and essence of all life is Love and there are many levels and dimensions of Love which is reflected there within each of you. For there are many levels and dimensions to You. That is apart of giving yourself permission to glow, to shine to illuminate all those corners with you and to see that luminance expand and grow outward as well as inward.

      If you are unsure and are asking the questions of why you are here, what purpose do you serve, etc Know that you are beginning to have that clarity and insight coming and that essence of your Purpose, your Being, your Work is Love. Love is throughout this Universe manifesting and revealing the mysteries of existence as you continue to Open and Listen. To Embrace and Be Love. That will translate out into many gifts and abilities that you will share with others, complimenting this world and all upon it and will be unique and vibrantly apart of YOU.

      Enter into that most intimate and passionate of relationship Knowing that those who See You, Accept You, Embrace You and Love You Unconditionally are reflecting that which You have begun to Open to and Love about your Self. Those who share in this, take the time to listen to your Heart and Soul as well as speak from theirs are apart of the most intimate relationships that you have developing to share. Those beloved souls showing themselves to be among the truest treasures of life that touch, move and inspire you. All that starts there inside of you. This Love is Source which has always been there and apart of you. We are "coming of age" and let us bathe ourselves in each others illuminating rays as we dive into and shine forth with our own.

      While there are times we may not think it when we begin to shift the way that we look at ourselves and, once again, get out of our own way, we see that we are not off-kilter or wandering. That we are more in balance than we have thought. Continue to Open to that magnificence within you. Choose to shine, illuminate and love this world as you shine and love deeply, fully and divinely yourself just as equally.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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