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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    * * *Please feel free to share this information. More information on this subject is free at www.spiritussanctus.com Dr. Paul Michael Schlosser* *** ***Below
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      Please feel free to share this information.
      More information on this subject is free at www.spiritussanctus.com

      Dr. Paul Michael Schlosser
      Below is an overview of his work:

       [Certification and Licensing by State of Georgia; B.A. Psychology, Duke University, Ph.D, Georgia State University,
      the originator of Self empowerment Emotional Healing Technology,  passed away August 1, 2005

      His work in emotional healing self empowerment  is being carried on by his wife,
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser, Barbara Murray, Keith McVay, and others who studied
      and taught with him.  Dr. Schlosser had seventeen years experience working with combat veterans
      and PTSD, and 10 years of teaching civilians a marvelous way of healing wounded emotions.

      * Developer of Unique and Successful Trauma Clearing techniques
      * Coordinator of Couples Communication Workshops
      * Expert in Integrating old and negative feelings into a positive vision
      * Facilitator in Holistic approach to realigning the self with the soul and spirit.]


      Helping Emotions Heal
      Brief excerpt from upcoming book, "Healing the Past for Good",
      Dr. Michael & Cynthia Schlosser, c. 2004

       Emotional energy is the feminine energy of alpha brainwave awareness.
      Now is the time that this level of awareness is going through awakening, healing
      and balancing within the Children of Light and Love all over the world.

       Uncomfortable feelings should not be bottled up any longer, denied, or suppressed by chemicals or addictive behavior. Attempts to "make negative feelings go away", or bypass them with "positive thinking", are ways of denying and avoiding AND NOT LOVING wounded feelings that need unconditional love from the adult self for the inner wounded child to heal. Most powerful negative feelings go back to earlier emotional wounding, and when negative feelings come up in day to day life, the inner child is crying out to be heard, validated and comforted. On the other side of the coin, acting out negative feelings creates more negative feelings. The answer is to not act out or deny wounded feelings, but to go within and heal the feelings themselves.

      Feelings are the water element, and like water, cleanse and purify through flowing freely and safely in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love.

       Strong present time painful feelings usually go back to a previous emotionally traumatic experience. When the psyche is ready for a certain memory to heal, it will flood your consciousness with the feelings from that memory. Something or someone in present time will 'trigger' an old forgotten traumatic experience. The way to know unmistakably that you are "triggered" is that you will feel so very bad that you lose your usual upbeat or hopeful perspective. This is THE BEST time to do the emotional process described below.

       Unconscious emotions can best be healed at the very time when the "old feelings" of the trauma are triggered, flooding up into consciousnesss. This time is a gold mine for healing and transformation, but it is also the time when you (the triggered person) are least likely to take responsibility for them.  Instead of acting out dangerously and destructively toward the present-time person or situation that triggered you, or frantically trying to deny or dissociate, the key paradigm shift is to embrace these painful feelings.  Remember:  This is by far the best time to process the feelings--and the memory they are associated with--when you are feeling the worst and feel the least like dealing with the original wound.

      Figuring out exactly which original wounding event needs to be cleared is an art which is perfected with practice. One good technique to use is to look at the present time feelings themselves.  The present-time feelings are the door opener to the past.  Here is that way to identify the original emotional wound:

      Make a list of all these, present-time, painful feelings and ask yourself,
      "When have I felt this way before?"

      Typically, more than one memory will pop up into consciousness. Usually there are a number of experiences, a pattern of them, in which these feelings occurred.  The important memory to identify is the original one, the one that is the most painful.  The way to determine that you have singled out "THE ONE" to process is to ask yourself  "if all the bad feelings of it were completely gone, would it give me the most relief?"

       This memory, once brought back into consciousness, should be lived and relived in the imagination, over and over, feeling each feeling that comes up with unconditional love.

      Remember that once you have found and relived the key painful memory one time all the way through to the end, take stock of how you are feeling, then repeat it again.  Recall the memory from the beginning to end, like a movie, all the way through to the end. Each time you relive the memory like this, more of the feelings of the memory come back, and more "pieces of the memory puzzle" will come back.

      The memory will go through spontaneous changes. Monitor these intuitive changes. When you have a desire to correct something, or if there is something you wish you could have said or done differently, go ahead and imagine that you are making the needed correction.  You can even talk to your child-self  from the perspective of the nurturing-parent-self, and then allow the child to cry whatever tears of release spontaneously arise in response to the loving input of the nurturing parent, who you wished you could have had at that early age.

      In doing this, the present-time adult-self is loving and validating a younger part of  yourself.  It was at that earlier time of life, a time of deep emotional wounding, that your child self needed loving and validation most of all.

      Changes in the memory that arise from these visualized inner interventions is part of a process that the psyche uses to heal. The Kahunas of Hawaii call this type of process 'O Pono Pono', and the native Americans refer to it as 'Recapitulation'.

      A  SPECIAL NOTE about "negative feelings":

      Do not run away from your powerful "negative feelings"; they are the key to healing.
       Feelings stay the same only when they are bottled up and not felt.
      When they are expressed, they change quickly.

      By feeling all the feelings, crying the tears, venting the rage, reliving
      the pain, emotions are released and transformed naturally.  By loving the
      feelings as you would love a small upset child, they are transmuted very
      very quickly, for that is the power of love.

      Remember that with painful feelings, the most difficult thing to do, and
      paradoxically the easiest, is allowing spontaneous painful feelings to
      emerge; give them enough time and permission to feel-them-through to
      resolution in a safe, loving, and non-destructive way.
      It is the only way they heal.

      The key to doing this is allowing any painful feeling that comes up to be
      felt with an accepting, unconditionally loving, and patient attitude. The
      creative aspect of expressing a feeling is to tune in to exactly how the
      feeling "wants" to come through. Then experiment with sounds and movements
      until you find the way that feels most releaseful.

      The most important precaution is to find a way to express these feelings
      non-destructively (to property, to self, and to others). Screaming into a
      pillow, or beating up a pillow releases anger and pain safely.

      Here is a technique that is helpful for facilitating the natural flow of feelings:

      Use eye movement, like your body does in REM sleep. While feeling, move
      your eyes back and forth, left to right and back again, slow or fast, in a circle
      or diagonally, whatever is most natural. This shifts the energy from one brain
      hemisphere to the other in order to process the feeling energy on all
      levels in all brainwave patterns.

      This is the divine healing energy of the Feminine Force. It is very
      dreamlike, and involves the same brainwave patterns that are used in

      By learning how to do this, you are taking the automatic process of healing
      that happens every night in dreaming into conscious control. In this way you
      heal feelings as they come up naturally day to day.

      Feel free to call in angels for help, or perhaps ask the highest Divine Self
      of one of the people involved, including your own Highest Divine Self, to
      come back in time and heal the event.

      After the memory has been processed repeatedly,
      and most of the original emotional intensity has been discharged,
      new perspectives on the old trauma spontaneously emerge.

       These 'natural insights' and breakthroughs tend to shed a whole new light
      upon the old familiar way you have always previously framed the original
      memory. At this stage of the process, the motives of the people appear
      different to you, and inter-relationships between events surrounding the
      original trauma unfold themselves to you in wholly new ways. The memory
      changes significantly, revealing underlying facts and truths about the
      experience that were not noticed at the time, because the very power of your
      strong emotions clouded your understanding of what was occurring then.

      Stay with this process, reliving the memory over and over from the beginning
      to end, until you feel all the feelings and "rewrite" the memory completely
      through the healing images that come up naturally.

      These healing insights give rise to forgiveness, of self and others,
      understanding, and emotional healing.  Once feelings and memories are
      completely resolved, positive feelings and thinking returns.

      When you have a final healing image, imagine merging or integrating this
      healing image with the original "wounded picture" of the memory.  Watch
      carefully what happens when these two images are merged.

      The original picture of the memory changes into what is called THE

      There are a finite number of emotional wounds; this process eventually heals
      all of the past traumas of your life. This frees up the energy in your body
      so that instead of holding in the tensions of all the emotional pain of
      every traumatic event of your entire life, your body can dance with the joy
      of the Divine in each present moment.

      This totally alters the chemical makeup of your glandular secretions, which
      in turn alters your aging process and stimulates your immune system.

      "And the last enemy to be overcome is death."

      It is becoming common knowledge in the scientific community that emotions
      are the causative factor in creating reality on a quantum level. As each one
      of us heals emotionally from our past, we free ourselves to feel Divine Joy
      and unconditional Love in the present.

      Radiating magnetic feelings of Joy and unconditional Love attracts Heaven to

      healing work only needs to be done when painful feelings spontaneously come up.


       See if you can find someone to do the 10 minute exercise with.  Its very
      powerful for moving emotions through. We do it daily.  With love always,

      The two most important things to know about painful emotions is that the
      most powerful feelings are linked to the past, and if followed to the original
      wounding events, they can be healed permanently through recall and feeling
      the original emotions through. This leads to eventual spontaneous healing
      images in the mind's eye and in the emotions that replace the original
      painful memories. As these healing images reveal  previously unrecognized
      underlying causes and situations surrounding emotionally wounding events,
      understanding and compassion replace victimization, anger, and hopelessness.
      The negative beliefs that the trauma caused about the nature of reality heal
      as well, and transform into positive life affirming beliefs.

      The other important thing to understand is that all feelings must be felt
      in order to heal, they can't be made to 'go away' through will or 'thought
      away' through reasoning, or medicated away etc. Attempts to bypass them
      simply make them go underground where they continue to work subconsciously.

      Healing the Divine Feminine Force of feeling and form.

      Eye Movement in Flowing Emotions

      Remember to use eye-movement exercise while letting emotions flow.
      If necessary,this can be done very privately in public situations by
      pretending to read a book or look at a monitor. Tune into your feelings and
      move the eyes left to right and back and forth over and over again at a
      speed, from very slow to fast, that is comfortable to you.

      This works with the eyes opened or closed. Pay attention to the feelings and
      let the feelings flow and go through their changes, while the memories and
      the insights come. Eye movement shifts the emotional energy back and forth
      from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, allowing the energy to process.
      This is the same technique that the body uses naturally every night in
      dreaming. By moving the eyes back and forth, right to left to right to left,
      etc., at any speed slow or fast, the emotional energy is shifted from one
      brain hemisphere to the other. This allows the psyche to create spontaneous
      insights and healing images that heal the painful memories as feelings are
      allowed to flow.


      Ten Minute Exercise:

      Get with your partner and agree on a time to do some emotional dialogue.
      Usually it is good to limit this to about thrity minutes, although whatever
      feels right is the best guide.

      First you do the ten minute exercise and then switch roles and let your
      partner do ten minutes.
      Your partner acts as a facilitator and you decide on the question
      you would like him or her to ask you, such as "what's bothering you today?"
      or "what is coming up for you today?" Its best to express your feelings using
      'juice'  words, or words relating to exactly how you feel, instead of an intellectual
      detached description of how you feel ( mentalising).

      An example of mentalizing would be, "The finances are in terrible shape and
      Junior is staying out too late." An example of using  'juice' words, which
      is more conducive to expressing feelings, [as in, "where's the feeling energy?"],
      would be, "I feel very anxious and worried about the finances. In fact, I am feeling
      overwhelmed and scared." "I am feeling a little anxious about Junior staying out too late."

      In any situation, there are usually a mixture of feelings, some positive and
      some negative. A good idea: Do a negative/positive question.  Your partner
      asks you, "What negative and positive feelings are up for you now?"
      First you say what it is that is negative that you are feeling and then you express any
      positive emotions. The partner says "Thank you for sharing" or "thanks" and keeps asking
      the question over again and you answer with first a negative and then a positive expression
       of your feelings using 'juice words' and staying with the feelings as they come up.
      The positive/negative exercise is especially balancing, opening up whatever
      you may be in denial about in both areas of what is troublesome in your life
      as well as what good is going on.
      Remember that feelings are just feelings, they do not have to be rational.

      The facilitator does not offer advice, interrupt, or try to "fix it" in any
      way. He/she just listens and then asks the question again when you are
      finished. It is a way of "peeling" the onion of your feelings. Emotional
      healing must come from inside, and the advice of another person, no matter
      how wise and well-intentioned, cannot substitute for your own inner
      revelations and healing.  If you are the one asking the question, do not
      interrupt the person answering if he or she goes silent, with a far away
      look in the eye....this is the most pregnant time for inner change and
      insights.  These long silent pauses are the most important time for deep
      inner work.

      As you continue this process you eventually arrive at the core feelings.
      Usually, just doing this much clears the air and brings you back to
      yourself. If it doesn't, even after repeating it a few times, you may need
      to do a trauma clearing.

      If you need to do emotional processing and do not have a partner, follow the
      directions exactly as if you did have one, carefully doing each step and
      perhaps writing them down.

      Reminder: Use Rapid Eye Movement [REM] while surfing the feelings. This is
      the eye movement that the body does automatically in dreaming. Emotional
      processing uses many of the same neurological states as dreaming, and could
      be termed "a waking dream". REM is moving the eyes back and forth, right to
      left and back again, over and over, at any speed that is comfortable, while
      reliving the memories or just feeling any feelings. This shifts the
      emotional-thought energy back and forth from one brain hemisphere to the
      other and allows it to process naturally.


      [This can take up to a few hours.  This presentation is a very brief
      description of the process. An entire book is being written with details of
      this method. If you are attempting this and have questions, please feel free
      to email and ask them.]

      When you are facilitating a trauma clearing for a partner who needs to do
      emotional processing, first do a ten minute exercise with him/her until
      he/she comes to the core feelings. Then ask the partner to list their
      feelings words [negative) and to list corresponding negative statements
      about the beliefs connected to these feeings.

      It is good to write these down, so that if the person doing the clearing
      gets stuck you can read the feeling words back. This will usually get them
      going again so that they can unearth more of their feelings.

      If a person is really triggered into powerful negative feelings, it is
      advisable to do a negative feeling word list, then the negative ideas
      associated with this list first. Negative feeling words may look like this:
      overwhelmed, betrayed, angry, dissapointed, sad, blindsided, hopeless,
      suicidal, etc.

      Negative statements: I feel overwhelmed and betrayed that this happened to
      me. I feel insecure because life is full of unexpected problems. I am angry and
      disappointed that every time I think things are going my way something bad

      [Often the feeling word lists are up to 20 feeling words long.]

      Now ask "When have you felt like this before?" The partner goes back to a
      previous time when they felt the same way. Usually this goes back to a
      childhood formative experience. If there are several memories, usually it is
      the earliest one. A way to make sure is to ask how they would feel if they
      could magically heal all the feelings connected to each memory. The one that
      gets the most emphatic answer of relief is the correct memory.

      Ask them to describe a mental picture of the trauma as if they had a
      photograph of the event. This is called the 'still photo'.

      Now the partner relives and describes the memory, saying what is happening
      using feeling words and staying with the feelings as they begin to come up
      into awareness.

      This is what you tell them to do: " First tell the story silently, then
      again outloud. Then you will relive the memory silently and follow that
      again outloud. We will do this until the memory begins to heal."

      Each time relive the memory from beginning to end. Remember that it usually
      takes approximately four to ten times of living and re-living the story
      before the healing image begins to emerge from the psyche.

      Each time you finish, go back to the beginning and remember it all the way
      through to the end, taking careful note of new impressions that emerge each
      time. Spend as much time in silent processing between sentences as you need.

      As in a dream, allow new information to present itself with each
      remembering. If at any point you wish that you had, or could, say or do
      something different in the memory, allow yourself to do so in your
      imagination. This is a part of the healing image developing........"

      At first, the emotions can be difficult and painful and it is important to
      STAY WITH THE FEELINGS as they come up. As the telling and retelling process
      continues, the emotions change and finally there are less and less painful
      feelings left that are attached to the trauma. By this time healing
      insights about the trauma have occured. Positive feelings are growing.

      As this is happening a new picture of the memory develops which is called
      the healing image. This image develops from the positive emotions that are

      Allow the healing images to mature up and develop. Eventually there will be
      a final strong healing image.

      Now the partner is asked to merge the still photo with the final healing
      image. Imagine pushing the old previous painful picture of the memory into
      the new healed picture.

      The resulting image is called the resolution image. When the resolution
      image is obtained, allow plenty of time for it to be integrated into the

      The trauma is cleared.

      The person clearing will know this because they feel a permanent weight
      lifted from their shoulders. Allow as long as they need to let the emotions
      integrate and re-align themselves. They are very sensitive and vulnerable at
      this time and it is necessary to be alone and in harmonious surroundings.
      Sometimes it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the psyche to
      integrate the change. During this time the person who has cleared is very
      sensitive and vulnerable. Like scar tissue, the newly healed subconscious
      needs time to firm up. Respect their space and let them stay in a "healing
      bubble" for as long as they need to. During this time, do not bring up
      loaded subjects or make demands.

      Note: If the emotions are too difficult to handle and do not respond to this
      method, it often means that there was an earlier wounding and traumatic
      memory that should have been processed instead of the one chosen. To avoid
      this, be sure to take time in the beginning to make the negative feeling
      word list carefully, and use this "constellation" of negative feelings as a
      map to help the person doing the clearing to remember previous times when
      they felt this way before.

      Usually it is the earliest memory. When you ask them how it would feel to
      clear each of the previous memories listed, the one that needs to be cleared
      will be the memory that will bring the most relief to be cleared. Often the
      person will say, when asked how it would feel to clear the right memory,"
      Oh my God! If I could clear the feelings associated with that event it
      would be a miracle!"



      To get into your heart try this with a partner:
      [This is what Michael and I would do .....It's an adaptation of a shamanic technique...]

      Your partner, let's call him Wayne, asks you,
      "What feelings are up for YOU now? what are you feeling?"

      Use feeling words.

      If you can, just list them. But you may need to vent first.

      You may need to vent for quite a while . In venting, use feeling words with
      an " I " statement as much as possible. Such as, "I am fed up to here with
      being over responsible for other people's problems when I need to be
      protecting my psychic space in order to heal." or "I am angry that I have to
      keep on giving out energy when I'm tired, just when I thought relief was in
      sight.", etc.

      While all of this is going on, Wayne writes down the key feeling words in a

      Possible feeling words:
      Frustrated, out of sorts, hasseled, worried, fed up, angry, had it, don't
      want to do it anymore, tired, angry [again], unhappy, drained, out of
      balance, hopeless, powerless, etc etc.

      When you feel like you have expressed every single feeling, have your
      facilitator read the list of feeling words back to you. A few more may pop
      up as you are listening to him.. Add those to the list. This list is a

      When the list is done, have him read it back to you one more time. As he is
      doing it try to remember when you have felt that way before. When have you
      felt this particular CONSTELLATION OF FEELINGS before?

      Were there earlier events in your life that felt like this? Take your time.

      You may remember many. Find the earliest and most painful memory.

      Don't worry if you don't remember it very well. Take what you do remember,
      even a brief picture, and describe it out loud while Wayne writes down what
      you are saying. Go back and relive this 'infected' memory a number of times
      from beginning to end, allowing it to change as it wants to with each
      reliving. Use eye movement when necessary. Alternate remembering it quietly
      to yourself with saying it outloud to Wayne so that he can write it
      down.Treat your remembering as a lucid dream, and intervene whenever you
      feel prompted to: things such as praying, invoking, communicating, etc. Stay
      with the process until you feel the memory heal.

      When the memory has finally completely changed and healed, describe what
      happened to Wayne and let him write it down. Finally, take a mental picture,
      a snapshot, of this finished healed version of the memory and merge it with
      the first mental picture of the original wounded memory. Describe to Wayne
      what happens when you do this so he can write it down. This is called the
      resolution image. How does your heart feel now?


      Angel Message on emotions:

      Healing the Divine Feminine Force.

      The magnetic Divine Feminine force expresses itself through emotions and
      through the physical plane.

      Feelings are intense now because great healing is underway.
      Some people are ending lifelong relationships, leaving projects that they
      have faithfully given their all to, experiencing death of loved ones, and
      facing uncertain futures. They may be feeling great fear and trepedation
      about politics, health, and the future of earth.

      Wounded feelings from childhood are coming up to be healed in everyone.
      There are feelings that need to be healed now. This is necessary for the
      transformation of consciousness in the physical body.

      In flowing into these feelings, sometimes memories surface that feel
      violent. They have so much pain associated with them that the programed
      instinctual reflex is to do everything to avoid feeling them. It feels like
      life itself is at stake...This is a true panic attack.

      Everyone has experienced panic and these feelings are surfacing now to be
      healed. Emotions heal through flowing. Use eye movement to relive the tragic
      event, if you can remember it. Relive the memory over and over until all the
      feelings associated with it have time to flow. If you cannot remember
      anything, but just have the feelings, flow with them using eye movement and
      deep breathing.

      These are times when overwhelming feelings are coming up to be healed. KEEP
      BREATHING. Deep rythmic breathing is the foundation of holotropic breath
      work. Just as a woman breathes while giving birth, keep breathing when panic
      feelings come up. In addition to deep breathing, use eye movement and stay
      focused on the feelings for as long as it takes for good feelings to return.
      Usually this happens quickly.

      Traditionally when panic attacks happen...... the old paradigm of shutting
      DOWN the feelings IMMEDIATELY takes over. This has been accomplished through

      medication, alcolhol, diversion, dissassociation, denial, magic, hynosis, etc.
      Break the habit and STAY WITH THE PANIC.

      The panic passes in SECONDS.... BREATHE and use EYE MOVEMENT, and use every
      bit of will power and mastery to stay with the feelings and to FEEL THE
      FEELINGS through. Conscious flowing is how feelings heal.

      This is important, everything depends on GETTING THROUGH THE FEELING and NOT
      AROUND IT. Flowing is how EMOTIONS heal, denial just makes them unconscious
      and the body stores them as tension and stress in the musculature. Use eye
      movement and breathing instead of giving into disassociation or destructive
      acting out.

      It is wonderful when panic comes up. By healing these emotions, the Divine
      Feminine Force is healed. By healing the emotions of the dark dark wounding,
      the body is healed. It is like having an emotional bowel movement. Whether
      it is fear, anger, hopelessness, suffocation, betrayal, shame, etc, this is
      the healing process at work.

      The next time feelings become unbearable, stay with the feelings no matter
      how painful they are, use eye movement and keep breathing. The feelings heal
      so fast it is amazing.


      The note at the end of this message may also be helpful....

      Note: A number of you have written about intense feelings of sadness,
      disconnection, pain, and anger coming up at this time. The feminine energy
      is the emotional energy and now is the time that the feminine energy is
      going through healing and balancing. Uncomfortable feelings must not be
      bottled up any longer, or suppressed by chemical means. Any attempt to
      "make them go away", or bypass them with "positive thinking", is just
      another way of refusing to FEEL the feelings that need to heal.
      Once they are healed, positive feeling and thinking comes naturally.
      The most difficult thing to do, and paradoxically the easiest, is to allow
      spontaneous feelings to come up and feel them. It is the only way they heal.

      Feelings are like water, they cleanse themselves the more they flow freely.
      Feelings stay the same only when they are not felt and they are bottled up.
      When they are expressed appropriately, they change quickly.

      The key to doing this is to allow any feeling that comes up to be felt with
      an accepting, unconditionally loving, and patient attitude. The creative
      aspect of expressing a feeling is to tune in to exactly how the feeling
      "wants" to come through. Then experiment with sounds and movements until
      you find the way that feels most releaseful. It hurts "good."
      The most important precaution is to find a way to express these feelings in
      a non-destructive way to property and to others. Screaming into a pillow,
      or beating up a pillow releases anger and pain in a safe way.

      Use eye movement like your body does in REM sleep. While feeling, move your
      eyes back and forth, left to right and back again, slow or fast, whatever is
      most natural. This shifts the energy from one brain hemisphere to the other
      in order to process the feeling energy on all levels in all brainwave
      patterns. When the feelings are strong, it's because they have re-awakened
      an earlier time in your life when you suffered a traumatic situation.
      Allow yourself to remember this time and relive it in your memory the best
      that you can, feeling the feelings that come up as you do so.

      Once you have done this, repeat it again, and remember the memory from the
      beginning, like a movie, all the way through to the end. Each time you relive
      the memory like this, more of the memory will come back, and more of the feelings
      will come back. By feeling the feelings, crying the tears, feeling the anger,
      reliving the pain, the emotions can release. The memory will go through changes,
      and some of the changes will be healing insights and desires. Follow these intuitive
      changes. When you have a desire to correct something, or if there is something you
      wish you could have said, imagine that you are doing it.

      The changes in t

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