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CosmicSense: [New post] Libra Full Moon 3.27.2013

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  • Ash
    New post on CosmicSense Libra Full Moon 3.27.2013by cosmicsense Change Full Moon Day: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 4:27 am, CDT: the Sun (conscious self) at
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      New post on CosmicSense

      Libra Full Moon 3.27.2013

      by cosmicsense
      Full Moon Day: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 4:27 am, CDT: the Sun (conscious self) at 6*52  fiery, self-oriented Aries is exactly opposite  6*52 airy, partner-oriented Libra Moon (emotional & instinctive self).  The Full Moon represents a blossoming of the seeds planted in the New Moon conception phase. Everyone feels the Full Moon increase in energy, even animals. Our cellular structure is absorbing different high-frequency electromagnetic waves & we are changing like never before.
      We have a stellium of 4 spheres, including Sun, together in the field of passionate, innovative Aries during this dynamic, forceful blast of cosmic power. New territory, bring it on!
      Our major luminous transmitter, Sun at 6*52 courageous, risk-taking Aries, is joined by harmonious Venus at 6*33 on one side & unpredictable, liberating Uranus at 8*24 on the other side along with fearless, enthusiastic Mars at 11*42 Aries. Quite a welcoming committee! This group is now intensely challenging our old friend, powerful, transforming Pluto (birth, death, rebirth), which is at 11*31 Capricorn. The infamous stressful contact (an exact 90*square aspect) between Uranus & Pluto is soon coming up on May 21st, 2013 (their 3rd square out of 7). Let go of your tight grip on reality as it is, or as you think it is, and roll with the changes...the ego part of us doesn't like it because it's used to being in control...does NOT want to give it up. The Soul & Spirit within us knows it is time.
      Moment in Time
      Moment in Time
      The Full Moon in Libra at 6*52 symbolizes our emphasized emotional/instinctual/feeling nature which includes others, the partner, the friends, the family, co-workers, the neighbors, all the animals...whoever the "other" is that makes up the " we" on this planet...the song " We are family" by Sister Sledge keeps popping into my head. Optimistic, expansive Jupiter is giving us a helping hand now with its bounty of hope, faith, trust, positiveness, idealism & good will. Thank you Jupe!
      Be Calm
      April 12, 2013: Pluto turns Direct at 11*35 Capricorn & starts moving forward once again. The few days either side of this date may bring pronounced Plutonion activities to the surface just like an active volcano...transformation, birth, death, regeneration. What is still hidden may now be revealed...memories from our unconscious depths rising up to be released & healed. On the larger scale established structures (world, governments, financial, corporate, religious, etc.) are going through the same deconstructing & reconstructing process too. I see evidence of positive new things  happening more & more often. Look at the cool new Pope! Adios, friends....
      If my left-brain faculties will cooperate I will be doing the usual New Moon, Full Moon blogs. We have Eclipses coming up...
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      cosmicsense | March 11, 2013 at 10:46 pm | Categories: astrology, Full Moons, Libra | URL: http://wp.me/pjwFn-VB
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