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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Sleeping Beauty

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  • Ash
    This morning s message emphasizes quiet contemplation. Often enough, in this world, when that is heard it there is the perception of stopping what you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2013
      This morning's message emphasizes quiet contemplation. Often enough, in this world, when that is heard it there is the perception of stopping what you are doing or where you are for an unknown period. While a peaceful surrounding certainly assists in a time of quiet contemplation that does not mean that we are ceasing in our activity. Quite the opposite as this is a reminder and encouragement to continue forward. It simply shows that as we are moving ahead we are taking the time to be mindful of not only our surroundings but to be mindful of our inner world that is unfolding. For this is birthed from our choices that take, the thoughts that can emanate from where we place our focus, etc. There is quiet growth and there are two key words there. Quiet is the first seen but also growth which is vibrant action.

      The message does touch upon that doing something externally is not always the answer. What we do outside of ourselves should come about through the choice and action that we take inside of ourselves first. That is where we begin and do transform just as the caterpillar enters the cocoon state to leave it as the butterfly. That is a metamorphosis of ourselves which can seem to be a difficult period. Keep to our hearts that the more receptive and patient we are with ourselves, we will find that we shed that covering to step forward and stretch our wings, expand our consciousness and are embracing a whole new level of existence with a deeper ease of mind, heart and spirit.

      Sleep could not be pointed toward more importantly. Many of us have had erratic periods of sleep whether it be through stress, health, or whatever the case may be. Most especially with this full moon period nearly upon us call upon those lunar energies to help bring a soothing balm to your mind and body so that you enter into that world where you spirit, your mind travels. The experiences there will be of enormous benefit as you. The fruits of those journeys that you return with shall be a vital foundation that you can, do and will build upon. Taking that time of the rest of the body your spirit is active and upon awakening, both are refreshed and rejuvenated together to see life continue to take on a sweeter, fuller and magical experience Moment by every Divine Moment that you are apart of creating. :)

      XIII Sleeping Beauty
      Your card is...

      XIII Sleeping Beauty

      When this card appears in your reading, along period of contemplation may be needed. Do not be afraid of the quiet growth occurring within. Enter the world of dreams, archetypes, and symbols with courage and emotional calm. Learn while you are in a receptive state. Doing something externally is not always an answer. Let go of the past. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, a magical process is underway in the depths of your being. Eventually, you will sprout wings and soar like an eagle over formerly uncharted realms of knowledge. The process of metamorphosis is dangerous, but every child must go through this incubation period before becoming an adult. The young person must leave the safety net of childhood, but the joys and sorrows of that time span will live on in the imagination. This card also suggests the healing power of sleep. Without enough rest, the cells of the body cannot function properly and the immune system is stretched to its limit. See the peace and quiet of sleep as an interlude of tranquil recuperation. During sleep, the soul loosens its grip on the physical body and roams the spiritual universe (while still maintaining its tie to the body through the \silver cord\ or thread of consciousness). Enjoy this nightly excursion into another realm of existence and bring back the fruits of those experiences in the forms of amazing dreams, visions and plans for the future.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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